Cyanide: TH9 War Base, Anti GoWiWi/GoWiPe/GiWiPe/Air

While surfing on Clash of Clans forum, I saw this Cyanide Town Hall 9 base design, which was made by Dejavux98. This base can defend your base against some most useful attack strategies like Dragons, GoWiPe and GoWiWi,… With 3 years experience of playing Clash of Clans, I think the author has done his best to design this base!


Cyanide War Base was created to stop 2 star wins from:

How does Cyanide work?

Note: In these screenshots, there are:

  • Multicolored ‘X’ = Where the troops enter the base
  • Purple Area = Defenses area that it covers
  • Yellow Arrow = Pointing out a noteworthy defense
  • Red Arrow = Troops path through the base
  • Blue = Outlining the Walls

The defense method

Theย defense method of this base is getting troops to go around your base in circles, prevent them from touching your core. This is channeling, one of the most effective defense methods for Town Hall 8 and 9. You can see exactly how it works in this screenshot:


No matter where the attackers’ troops come from, they will go around your base in a circle.

Cyanide and attack strategies:

GoWiPe: If the attacker uses GoWiPe, he will deploy the Golems first then Wall Breakers for destroying the walls to begin the battle. After clearing an area with Wizards, he will deploy his P.E.K.K.As. Like Golems, P.E.K.K.As will easily distracted the defenses in this channel and won’t come into the core, like this screenshot:


While PEKKAs and Golems are going around, the Teslas in the core will hit them till the end. Teslas will do 2x damage to the PEKKA, there are no chance for them!

Giant-Healer: With this classic strategy, the Giants will go around the outside channel and the Healer will be taken down by your Air Defenses.ย  Besides the middle compartment, With the mortars are on the outer edge, they can cover almost your base.


Air Attacks: This base does a great job with almost air attacks. The best way to stop air troops from destroying your base is spreading them out.

Almost attackers will brings some Lightning Spells to clear an Air Defense. With two Air Defenses on the opposite sides, take all them down is not easy because they will hate the ADs in the core. The Wizards Towers beside will also do a great If the attackers use Balloonion or Lavaloonion.


I will update the defense logs and the video ofย Cyanide from the Author as soon as they are ready.

  • DxN

    Jump spell, gg.

    • Will Potter

      Maybe. And I think this base doesn’t works well against hogs.

      • Ryan Neumann

        Hogs will die against almost any Th9 base, they are way too weak since double nerf. No need to worry about hogs.

        • Will Potter

          You are right!

          • Alej

            Jump spell will kill that base bro

          • Will Potter

            Why you don’t apply it on your next Clan War and see what will happen? hehe

  • goholo wouldn’t be bad against this as the NE and SW corner AD are easily accessible via hogs, which will also lure your CC and leave you with your lavaloon army vs. 2ad and the WT’s definitely doable.

    Another weakness that would help the lavaloon is how easy it is to take out the queen. Sacrifice your king and you’ve got the queen no problem.

    Also, channeling isn’t all that much of a problem if you’re trying to get into the core as all you have to do is drop your attackers in waves, and funnel your troops into the middle. Also, if you can get wall breakers into the middle it would screw up the channeling you’re going for.

    • Will Potter

      I almost agree with you!
      Thanks for the great comment mate!

    • Shubham Satav

      Hey bro plz give me base for th9 and best war strategy for 3 star attack in war vs th9 thanx

  • Ryan Neumann

    This base… One jump spell will easily get all golems and pekkas into the center of this base and I rareley see a gowipe without jump. There is no reason they will circle, they will attack anywhere, get to center, and jump into the center No Problem.

    • Will Potter

      That is for an elite player. I have been facing a lot of guys who don’t know how to do that lol.

  • Wahyu Rizky Ardiansyah

    i will try this base ๐Ÿ™‚ ,

    • Will Potter

      I am waiting for your feedback mate!

  • Steve Arquiza

    Hi there! After copying your base, I get 2 unused/extra wall.. Is it the base design or I had It all wrong??

    • Will Potter

      Really? LOL
      Can you try to clear the base then try again?

      • Steve Arquiza

        This is my base now

        • Will Potter

          Great one.
          I am looking for the result after this Clan War of you :D.

          • Steve Arquiza

            Hey will. I tried to clear my base and redo everything but still I ended up with 2 unused wall.. Why o why?

          • Mc Prince Abraham

            original have extra walls… check the pink wall on the upper side… maybe its 2 pink walls ^_^

        • Kapinha

          hi Steve, where can we learn with you the best way to farm, plz. I’m TH9 15 min ago. ๐Ÿ™‚ that would really help. tks

  • Clammerous

    They WILL NOT go around. Even at Max TH 9, Giant WB Wiz + rage spell break through and attack the center with hardly 51%. below is the proof

    • Will Potter

      1 star is quite small, isn’t it?

      • Sandy Ocniel Christanto

        51%+Town Hall destroyed is 2 Stars

    • jose

      this happened to me too. a lot.

  • asdasd asdasdasd

    just 3 starred this base using gowivalavaloon. drop 1 golem, drop wizards to clean outside structures, drop wb, drop valks and heroes, once they get into the “ring” use jump, use the opp CC to pull your valks+heroes+wiz inside. once the valks get in the core drop 1 heal 1 rage, once the 3 ads are toast, proceed with 1 lava followed by 3 balloons behind to clear the ad and last at. then proceed to droprest of balloons in pairs and singles to clear the remaining defenses.

    • Will Potter

      Great one. It’s pretty sure that we can 3 stars all bases with a wise strategy.
      Can you share the replay please?

    • inder

      plz. share the replay

  • asdasd asdasdasd

    troop count 1 golem, lava cc, 4 wb, 8 wizards, 10 valks, 14 loons

  • I’m trying this design next war… My problem is that my defense isn’t strong enough to stop anything yet… I will consider posting a replay ๐Ÿ™‚ thank u so much for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Will Potter

      Great one.
      Thank you mate!

      • Hey,

        Check out video here:

        Just as a side note, my base has not even TH8 cannons or archer towers, and have been 3 starred by strong players who know how to approach it…

        I have tried different designs, most work fine against th9 attacks but crumble against strong th10.

        So i’m positive…

        • Will Potter

          Nice replay. Thanks for sharing mate.
          With those defensive buildings, you are farming with a super mega speed mate!

          • I’m born to farm… Hehhe…. And yes, I’m in the billionaire club :p

            I will keep you updated ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Will Potter

            Can you write a guide about farming? ๐Ÿ˜€

        • Kapinha

          hi Selina, where can we learn with you the best way to farm, plz. I’m TH9 15 min ago. ๐Ÿ™‚ that would really help. tks

  • jose

    i used this for a while and i got hogged a lot for 3 stars. lots of golem attacks for 2 stars as well

    • jose

      not being mean or anything. it just didn’t work well. they didn’t go around the core. lots of 50-65% for 2 stars.

  • Second war, and second attack… ๐Ÿ˜€

    Se here:

    A lvl 93 player with normal th9 troops got two stars with no problem at all…

    • Will Potter

      Hmmm I think level 4 Golems is quite a big deal with your defenses…
      By the way, thanks for your video mate!

      • I know I have some work too do when it comes to cannons and archers towers ๐Ÿ™‚

        I’m not finished testing this just yet ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Ohh well.. i decided to test another design, to get an comparison before my defense changes…

        It dosn’t look good for your design atm.

        Se here:

        • Will Potter

          Thank you for the great video!

  • Its game over for this design….

    it doesnโ€™t even work when you have maxed
    out your defense :/

    Se here:

    Sorry, it just donโ€™t work as intended at
    all…. :/

    • Will Potter

      Sad. Thank you so much for the videos mate!

    • Braden Coombs

      please notice that those are max troops… most town hall 10s with max troops can destroy any town hall 9 easy…

  • Raino Bawono

    the key is jump spell

  • Cedric De Vos

    Where would you place the air sweeper here?

    • Will Potter

      You can replace a Giant Bomb with it!

  • hoyako

    i beat this cyanide base 3 times using Quatrolavaloon and even Hogowi. its just a matter of how you drop the troops and spells.

    • Will Potter

      That’s right. You can 3 stars every base, just about how well you can attack!

      • Salamander17

        This also doesn’t look like a max th9

        • Will Potter

          Ya, hope that he is maxed now.

  • kesbe

    I have taken 3 stars many times from this base using hogs . 3 wiz n 8 archrs to clear cc troops

    • kesbe

      Clearing cc troops near archer queen will do easily as bk engage with her n then hogs n heal near giant bomb holes

  • Bruce White

    I copied for latest war base, been attacked 4 times and gave up 2 stars. I’m #8: attackers in order, #8 ballonion for 0 stars, #7 gowipe for 1 star, #6 lavaloonion for 0 stars and #3 gowipe for 2 stars. #9 of enemy used same base but swapped wizard towers with mortars lost one star by our #7 doing lavadrag attack. So far loving base, thanks for sharing.

    • Will Potter

      Ya this is one of my favorite war base. Really glad to hear that you love it!

  • KingDiablo23

    This base is easily 3 starred with GoHoWiWi did it a couple wars back. I did so efficiently that I had 18/24 hogs left and 1 gole m not even popped yet. It was an almost max th9 too.

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for your share KingDiablo.
      There is always plenty of ways to defeat a base as long as you know how ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Popoy Pototoy

    been using this design since I upgraded to TH9 and nobody 3 stars it…well, Th10 with a 4 lava and balloons or max hogs can 3 stars this base…no TH9 has ever 3 stars this base so far…it’s been 5months already. anybody tried to squeeze the 2 air sweepers? trying to max it by putting it inside with the TH but can’t seem to perfect it…thanks again for the design…^_^

    • Will Potter

      Awesome. Thanks for your sharing mate!
      I have set this comment as feature ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Popoy Pototoy

        no problem…I’ll share my design with the air sweepers inside if ever it is succesfull against the lavaloons…^_^

        • Will Potter

          Wow… I can’t wait to see it!

  • Braden Coombs

    will try it out and let you know how it goes! sadly i am very rushed, but that means the lower (less experienced) players attack me, so i hope it goes well! war is in 2 hours so im hoping this will ruin the other teams attack strategy on me! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Will Potter

      hmmm If you use it in War, I think players with the same position as you will attack you. I hope they are also rushed! Good luck!

  • Chris Smith (Inquisitor)
  • Chris Smith (Inquisitor)

    HEY , I switched my war base last war, to try out the base u guys recommended, although I was hit with a useless attack I like the look of this base so thanks,, I did make 2 slight alterations just to include my sweepers but, yeah I’m happy , so thanks, there’s a link below to the replay,, thnx again, I’ll run this for a little longer
    ..Keep Clashing..

    • Will Potter

      Awesome, thanks for your sharing Chris!

  • Ian Del Mundo
    • Ian Del Mundo

      I made a little tweek to squeeze the 2 air sweeper in the core and have a 2 double giant bomb in between 2 def tower ao it can somehow defend against hog riders.

      • Will Potter

        Wow it looks pretty solid.
        Thanks for sharing Ian! I will take a look and test it!

  • JB

    jump spells will also kill this base, as well as the new quake spells

  • wpd270

    this base sucks. I three star it every time i see it. So many people use it too. A simple GoHoWi destroys it no questions asked. take out the queen and cc troops with a golem wiz king and queen with a rage from the SW side and drop the hogs on either the NW or SE side with three heals. by the end of the attack there will still be a giant herd of hogs almost every time.

    • Will Potter

      You’d be an awesome player wpd270!
      I was using this base couples of weeks ago and couldn’t get 3 starred.
      Thanks for sharing buddy!

  • Peavey

    It’s useless strategy when the enemy using the jump spell, I’ve been through this for many times no matter how many the layer of the wall….

  • Alex Frye

    it got 3-starred, by Th-10 GoWiWiPe, used earthquake to break a corner to the center, then rekt it.

    • Will Potter

      This base was created a long time ago, before the Earthquake Spell so it doesn’t have the anti-Earthquake feature of course. Also, IMO a Town Hall 10 always can 3 stars a Town Hall 9, not like TH9 Vs. Town Hall 9. Your defenses are also pretty weak as a Town Hall 9.

  • Alex Frye

    not exactly same base, but close

  • akhil nair

    This base can be easily 2 starred by gowipe by using jump spell to enter the th way

    • Will Potter

      Yep, right. And I think all TH9 layouts can be easily 2 starred. The point of all base layouts is the last star IMO.
      Thank you very much buddy!

  • Jimmy Bennett

    yes the 2 air fit

  • Jay

    Hate to say it but there are tons of YouTube videos on this being 3* by various types of troops. I love seeing this base in war. Always a 3

    • Will Potter

      That’s right. They always can find the way to 3 star any base. I have no idea about this!

  • Connor Colorado

    Horrible base setup. Got one starred once and the rest of the times it was 2 stars or 3. Exactly same layout as pictured above. Do yourself and your clan a favor and skip this base.

  • Ira John Marie Angeles

    I actually love these bases…as an attacker. Goho using (semi)asian wall can certainly 3 star these bases. Logowipe and govalo can also 3(if queen doesn’t mess up) but if not they can still be reliable (80%>destruction).

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for the great share Ira!

  • Abhimanyu Yadav

    luckly i got this base in my last war. my clan as well as the enemies clan is lvl8 , and the guy who used this so called ‘CYANIDE’ was 3 stared not only once, but actually twice. firstly i 3 stared it with GOHO(2 golem, 20 hogs, 12wiz) and later another of my clan mate also 3 stared it, he was learning how to do goho, and still he managed to get 3 stars…… so all people out there don’t go on this base if you want your clan to win wars.

  • Helo guys! Please watch my best GoWiPe attacks on th9 and subscribe to my YouTube channel!
    It will be updated with new videos downloded.

    Write comments and give your suggestions on YouTube.
    Thanks to all.

  • Sumit Singh Sam

    Hi will..pls send me your best farming th9 base as well war base….English is not my first language…๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

    • Sumit Singh Sam

      Will please help me out….