TH7 Farming Base – Knoxx – Anti-Giant

It’s couples of months since the last time I posted a good TH7 farming base. Luckily, today I have found a new stunning hybrid layout for Town Hall 7 from TheUnfazed. Hopefully you guys will like it!

TH7 Farming Base - Knoxx

How this TH7 Farming Base – Knoxx – Maximum DE Protection

How does it work?

  • No matter where attackers drop their Giants, they will always go around the inner ring of the base instead of breaking inside the core and get wiped out by the point defenses. Spring Traps are well placed between defense, always waiting for Giants in the funnels and easily dismantle any Giant attacks (Giant-Healer is one of the most popular strategies at Town Hall 7).
  • It is pretty hard to lure Clan troops out of the centralized Clan Castle, and If the attacker can’t do that. Clan troops will easily distract and destroy Giants.
  • Because of the semi-exposed Town Hall, most attacks get started from the South and most of them just can’t get anything except the Town Hall. Giants and Healers will meet traps and the Air Defenses immediately.

Pros and Cons


  • Maximum Protection for the Dark Elixir Storage.
  • Giants will always get funneled around the base and get taken out by the Traps and Point Defenses..
  • All Collectors and Mines are protected by defenses. Attackers can’t take them all without spending a decent number of troops.
  • Anti-Wall Breakers: T-Junctions around the base prevent WBs from opening more than 1 compartment at a time.
  • Attackers can’t get both DE Storage and TH at a time.
  • Unlurable Barbarian King: He just can’t be lured out from the base.
  • Centralized Clan Castle.


  • Not really good Giant Bomb and Seeking Air Mine protections.
  • Very weak against air attacks. (Truly you don’t need to worry about this because we rarely get attacked by Dragons and Minions are really weak at TH7)
  • Relatively exposed Town Hall and semi-protected. However that’s the way this TH7 farming base works!

Defense Logs

Finally here are some recent defense logs of this TH7 farming baseĀ  (pay attention to the troop and spell levels):

Don’t hesitate to comment If you either need any help or have any suggestion to help us improve the base!

  • Kabir Raj Singh

    It is real nice base I will also try it and post the replays.

    • Will Potter

      Looking for your replays buddy! Thank you very much!

  • Kabir Raj Singh

    By the way you use some real thinking skills to make such bases. Thank You for helping us.

    • Will Potter

      You are very welcome mate! Hopefully the author of this layout can see your comment!

      • Kabir Raj Singh

        Thats great to hear!!

  • Eni

    Where do we put the Dark Barracks ?

    • Will Potter

      Hi Eni, Just place them outside the base since they are not important!

  • Kabir Raj Singh

    Copied you base buddy!! Eagerly Waiting for the replays. And Yeah I replaced the gold storage with the elixir storage as i need to protect Elixir very distinctly now.

    • Will Potter

      Cool! Good luck with it mate!

  • Andrew

    Dang it was a great base but in the beggining I noticed it had 2 air defense instead of 3.

    • Will Potter

      Hi Andrew,
      Yea, this base is for the previous game version. You can replace the Barbarian King with the 3rd Air Defense.

  • Frost Doulo

    Hello will, I’m trying to push to master Leaque and i can’t seem to find any good throphy Pushing base For Th7 and the one available on Google seems to be outdated So it would be awesome if you Make a Guide.
    P.s Your Throphy Pushing tip about placing Gold storage outside was indeed effective.

    • Will Potter

      Hello mate,
      simply use any War Base I posted on cocland! Pushing to Master at Town Hall 7 is extremely hard for sure since you always get wreaked by Town Hall 8 and 9 players :(.

  • NathNath Morales

    Hello! I am a new TH7 player and I already have all of the newer pieces gained. I was wondering where do I place the 3rd Air Defense and the Barbarian king? Thanks and keep up with this really helpfull site.

  • Chadlee Leroux

    A base that protects against giant, wizard and barb kimg attack?