All about Walls

In Clash of Clans, Walls are the most popular object. Walls are the most important defense building in Clash of Clans, prevent the enemies from going further into your village, keep your loot safe from their hands. Wall is the key for designing all base layouts in game.

Walls in Clash of Clans

Things you need to know about Clash of Clans Walls:

  • There are 11 levels of Walls in Clash of Clans in total, as you see in the image below.
    Clash of Clans Walls
  • All air troops (Dragons, Balloons, Minions, Healers and Lava Hounds) can bypass the walls without breaking them.
  • Ground troops can jump over the walls with the help of Jump Spell. Hog Riders bypass the walls innately without using anything.
  • Walls are the favorite target of Wall Breakers (their name says all about that). The attackers use them to easily break the walls then other ground units can go inside through there.
  • Using either 2 or 3 layers of walls in Clash of Clans are mostly useless because Wall Breakers have a small radius as they can break 2 layers of walls at a time.
  • Archers, Wizards and all other ranged units can hit buildings over the walls because they have a certain attack range.
  • From walls level 8, you can upgrade them by using both Elixir and Gold. With lower levels, you just can use Gold to do that.

The number of walls you can build

Town Hall Level12345678910
wall breakers and walls

This table shows you all about the walls in Clash of Clans: Upgrading Cost, Hit Points, TH level required,…

LevelCost GoldCost ElixirHitpointsTown Hall Level Required

And the tablet below shows you the minimum number of Wall Breaker and their levels to break certain levels of walls:

Wall Breakers vs Walls

By manipulating the table above, you will know when you should upgrade your Wall Breakers and decide the best time to upgrade your Town Hall. For example, with 2 level 5 Wall Breakers, you can break any wall from level 1 to level 8. If at your farming range there are just a bit players have level 9 walls, so you can upgrade them later.

If you have any ideas, if you want to share your opinions, your experiences about using and upgrading Clash of Clans walls please comment, we will listen to you!

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  • amir

    Amir ekant

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  • Han77

    should the earthquake spell reveal the spring traps as it tears the ground,
    where you place the spell

    • Will Potter

      I can see that the Earthquake Spells can’t reveal the Spring Traps. I usually place the spells for opening 3-4 compartments at a time and of course the core.

      • Han77

        i think supercell should do that in their next updates

        • Boris Bogojevic

          Did ti happend?

          • Will Potter

            Of course no, Boris!

  • B Carlos

    I was looting and I ran across a base that had Orange walls. They looked like lava lvl10 walls but they were Orange on the sides. What did I see???

    • Will Potter

      It is the new level 11 walls from the new update buddy!

      • B Carlos

        I see thanks! I did some digging after I posted and read all about it..

  • Yoga raj

    to upgrade lvl 8 wall to lvl 9 do i need both gold and elixer the same time or can do it separately.??

    • Will Potter

      You can do that separately because it don’t require both resources to upgrade buddy.

      • Yoga raj

        Thank you

    • Will J.

      No you only need one resource

  • Austin Duggan

    It said it added 25 new wall pieces so there are 35 walls

  • Hamza Hassan


  • Mike

    As I am upgrading is alternating wall levels for example level 7 then level 8 then lvl 7 A good strategy to spread the stronger walls capabilities or should I keep all my strong wall together? Wondering if an attacker goes toward the closest wall segment or would seek the lower level wall piece if it was next to a stronger piece?

  • Sam

    Um… Is there a better way to upgrade walls faster?
    They r really resource intensive.

    • Will Potter

      There isn’t any other way. Just use your loot for upgrading walls If you really want to do that :D.

      • Sam

        Thnx will! Trying to farm like ash
        He is d best farmer!!

        • Will Potter

          You are very welcome dude :D.

  • Trevor

    If im a th7, is it worth it to max out walls before going to th8?

    • Will Potter

      Truly you don’t need to care about that much. Level 6 walls are okay. You can upgrade them later!

  • Pranjal Pandey

    My xp lv is 88 and I maxed my th 8 but my wall are lv 7 about 40 wall are are lv8 should I upgrade my th to lv 9?

    • Will Potter

      Why not? Just upgrade to Town Hall 9 mates!

  • Abhi Main

    i am full rushed th 10 what can i do now?

    • Dyllbar10

      Star with barracks maybe go to lvl 7-8 then work on upgrading troops then work on defences the after all that is done work on collectors etc. But maybe get your collectors to lvl 6-7

      • Abhi Main


  • Dyllbar10

    Star with barracks maybe go to lvl 7-8 then work on upgrading troops then work on defences the after all that is done work on collectors etc. But maybe get your collectors to lvl 6-7

  • faraz ahmed

    hello guys, i am facing a problem in my clan, can your guys please help me out through this problem, when i created my clan we won 5 wars continuously then we lost the 6th war. and then it begins, after winning 5 wars we lost 6th war, because every time we started 6th war it was started against mismatch bases,for example we have 5 th9 players but our enemy have 12 th9 2-3 th10 players, bases are rush but armies are full max, so they clear our bases with a huge smile on their faces. and we lost with 2-3 stars always. we have won many tough wars but we lost every 6th war, my clan is now lvl7 but still we are facing problem from day 1. can you guys please tell what is the exact problem what should i do…???

    • vipin

      it is for balancing game..

  • Scott

    Are wall breakers the only troops that can break through double walls instantly?

  • B. Vella

    What about how much distance weight do walls have? As in if a barbarian chooses to walk around a wall or attack the one in front of him, which does he choose? Will they walk 10 steps, 20 steps, 50 steps around a wall? What’s the cutoff – any info?