All Dragons in Clash of Clans come from a mystery land of the fire and the fury. With their horrible power, they destroy all small villages without mercy… They scare nothing. They are Dragons.

Clash of Clans Dragons

Clash of Clans Dragons Summary

  • You can unlock the Dragons once you have Barrack level 9.
  • The Dragons can attack both ground and air units. They do range splash damage.
  • Dragons have no preferred target, they attack everything which is the closest to them.
  • Like most other troops, Dragons can be lured by the enemy Clan troops.
  • At Town Hall 7 and 8, Dragon attack strategies are quite over-powered.

All Dragons in Clash of Clans

Important numbers about Dragons

Housing SpaceTraining TimeMovement SpeedAttack Speed
2030 Minutes161.5s
Dragon LevelDamage/SecDamage/AttackHPTraining Cost ElixirTown Hall Required

Dragons & Strategies

Offensive strategies:

Defensive strategies:

  • If you like Clan Wars and you are at Town Hall 7 or 8, upgrade your Air Defenses as soon as possible.
  • A spread out base layout works very well against Dragons, you can see some perfect ones at the Clash of Clans Base Designs section.

Do you have any ideas for attacking with Dragons?