How much loot you can steal

In Clash of Clans, you can steal loot (Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir) from other players by destroying their Storages, Gold Mines, Elixir Collectors, Dark Elixir Drills, Clans Castle and Town Hall.

The amount of loot you can raid in each match depends on the Town Hall level of your village and the village you want to attack. Also, the percentage of loot which is available for stealing of each building is different. In this guide, I will give you everything that you need to know about Available Loot number in Clash of Clans!

Clash of Clans available loot

Available Loot of Gold/Elixir Storages

Until Town Hall 7, the percentage of loot that you can steal from other villages is 20% and the maximum number of loot that you can get is 200,000. From Town Hall 7, the percentage drops by 2% after every higher Town Hall level and the maximum number of loot increases by 50k at each higher Town Hall level. This table tells you all the information:

Town Hall % available loot can be stolenMaximumReal loot for maximum available loot
1 to 620%200,0001,000,000

Available Loot of Gold Mines and Collectors

The percentage of available loot you can steal form these buildings is 50% of the real number which they are storing. For example, If you can collect 400k loot from your Mines and Collectors, the attackers just can take 200k from them. This percentage doesn’t change at any Town Hall level.

Available Loot of Town Hall

After the Town Hall 11 update, the Town Hall is used as a Storage which contains a part of loot equal to 1 Gold Storage, 1 Elixir Storage and 1/4 the Dark Elixir Storage. The attacker can only get the loot from Town Hall after completely destroying it. % available loot can be stolen of TH is just like Storage:

TH LevelMaximumGold can storeMaximumElixir can storeMaximumDark Elixir can store % available loot can be stolen

Available Loot of Clan Castle

The loot you can steal from the Clan Castle is stored inside the Treasury. Regardless of the Clan Castle level, you just can take 3% of the available loot in the Treasury. For more details, please take a look at here.

Town Hall Level Difference in Raids

After a few minutes of working with these figures, I have this loot penalty table.

Town Hall LevelsAvailable loot
1 level lower80%
2 levels lower50%
3 levels lower25%
4 or more levels lower5%

What about Dark Elixir?

As we all know, we can steal Dark Elixir from Storages, Drills and Clan Castle. For Clan Castle, you can see at the above section.

  • Storages: The percentage (and cap) of Dark Elixir you can steal from Storage and before TH9 is 6% (2000 Dark Elixir). At Town Hall 9, it is 5% (2500 DE), it is 4% (3000 DE) at Town Hall 10 and 4% (3500 DE) at Town Hall 11.
  • Drills: For all Town Hall levels, you can steal 75% of capacity from the opponent Drills.

Hopefully you find this small guide helpful. If you have any suggestions, your comments are always welcome!

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  • Monca

    Thanks a lot 🙂

    • Will Potter

      It’s my pleasure :D/

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  • Kaleb Miller

    how come at town hall seven ive gotten over 300,000 loot before?

    • Will Potter

      I really don’t know, maybe something were changed after an update.

    • Dylan Encinias

      You gotta count the elixir pumps and gold mines too.

      • Will Potter

        Oh you are right. I thought he just said about Storage.

  • B0$$ @$$ B!t<H

    im new 2 dis blog and its awesome realy helps me know more about CoC

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for visiting my blog buddy!

  • Crazy Dude Nine

    For clarification purposes, does the cap for storages pertain to max loot per storage, or max loot per raid?

    • Will Potter

      Both. The bigger Storages you have, the more loot you can hold, the more loot attacker can raid.

  • Creeperclan

    Does th8 to ten hold dark elixir?

    • Will Potter

      No, they just hold Gold and Elixir!

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  • Viswesh Sparks

    is it true for the updated version too

    • Will Potter

      It is a bit changed in the new version. I’m updating this right now Viswesh!

  • stvntal

    Can you include images of what Full/Half-Full/Empty Mines and Storages look like?

  • Minhaz Sourav

    What the hell U have done SC..??!!
    Peak-Offpeak all the times its very struggling to find loot..! Almost all are empty collector/drill :/ :/

    And the f***** PB system..! U r forcing people to play lesser time..! Kidding us..!?

    *Almost no dead bases
    *Disgusting PB system
    *Shield system should be more simple
    *Few glitches in the update should be fixed :/

    We don’t want to quit the amazing game but why SC is making many of us..!

    • Daniel M. Ramos

      Yup, the three hour personal break is stupid.

  • essaion

    Good grief, you just grabbed the figures out of the “Raids” page on the wikia, thinking those were accurate, don’t you?
    Unless it changed in some update and I did not see this in the release notes, the Clan Castle is lootable for a flat 5% of its content, no matter the level of the defender nor the difference between the level of the attacker and the level of the defender. I indicated this in a comment to that very same “Raids” page, on last February (look for “Auressaion” 🙂 ). MagmaHound acknowledged and so did another person.
    No one cared to fix the page, I just realized – so I did it, a few minutes ago.
    Cheers 🙂

    • Will Potter

      Hi essasion,
      I created this page myself couples of months ago. I am trying to collect new data about the new update day by day for updating this.
      My friend is helping me dig data from the game but still miss some figures.
      Thank you very much for the help!

  • Hadipurnama Ktp88

    I am at th9, when all my colector empty and i just have 2,3 million elixir, why the available loot for mewas 404.000, and my de 50.000 but the available loot was almost 3.000. I have 1 more question, why when i have shield someone can attack me after the change? Thanks for your answer

  • robin lambregts

    I find it pretty hard to farm after the th11 update. There are not that many good loot bases anymore.

    When i find a good number of loot and i plan my attack i look at the storages and collectors and notice they look like empty, like completly empty, but the ammount of loot i could raid says like 200-300k gold and/or elixer available. Same as the other way around, storage and collectors look full but the number of available loot says like 30k.

    • Hadipurnama Ktp88

      I agree, sometimes it looks full, but when we attack the stoprage, it just a littlr, maybe supercell has to fix this, and i almost never have the dead base anymore, what’s going on with coc

    • Daniel M. Ramos

      I believe you have to treat every raid like a war raid to get anywhere in the game at the present time. The fact that the storage containers offer protection against lightning zaps encourages people to leave all of their collectors bone dry and move their loot to their central storage containers.

  • Nakshatra Bhatt


  • hassan jawaid

    Guys il be honest before the update i was optimistic…now a week or so after the update i dont like it one bit…im a th9 and its sooo much more difficult to farm..exampl i had 2.5mil elixir..i got smushed and the guy(solid th9 too) took like 350 elixir..i got a 16hr shield and i let that whole shield stay..when i recollected i had storages of 2.4mil…so even with a 16hr shield im making a going to give the game time and maybe the developers will make changes…but im not the only person with these i also find bases where storages empty and it shows i can get 250k but when i attack i get nothing…at the minute unless you have money to spend you cant really progress in the game…

    • Daniel M. Ramos

      I fear you are correct Hassan. I feel that many of us are going to be stuck. If it continues to be epidemic SC will lose players.

      • hassan jawaid

        there are quite a few people who i have spoken with and many people will stay loyal for a short period to see if the developers will make changes/revert update to some degree..only last week on appstore the game had a 5star review average score…now within a few days its droppped to 3 star average..The only way i really feel i can save up loot is to have a week shield with gems…but i dont want to spend real money for gems..also i have a ps4 and play various other games of many genres and cant be expected to be playing coc all the time and not to mention people have work and families…and daniel you’re above comment soo takes atleast 1-2 hours to cook troops so you cant attack realistically more than twicw in three hours unless you gem it…i really hope some changes are made..even a longer shield to help you gain all your lost loot after an attack would be a good start…

      • Hadipurnama Ktp88

        That s right Daniel, almost half of my clan friend says if there is no change they will quit playing coc soon

    • Chris Perena

      Lets give clash of clans time, there are a lot of factors that affect the loot scarcity right now, maybe a month or so the loots will be back to normal

    • Lean

      I hate the new update 🙁

    • I’ll give my expirience from this update

      I’m in TH8, I admit it that seeking for great loot with BarCher is harder than ever. So I must raid with GoWiPe that cost ±250k elixir (spell include) so when I go attacking, I already had target that I must get ±300k elixir + loot league bonus 50k. So for one attack I got 100k. And then I can attack 4 village without being attacked (because now using shield period reduction)

      It’s hard i guess :v

      • Will Potter

        Yup. It’s much harder now but we always can find the best way for farming!

        • Daniel M. Ramos

          Will, I didn’t know where else to post this. It seems to fit into the subject of this page the best. Did you hear about the update preview from Super Cell? They officially posted it on their official forum.

          It seems like they are trying to address the fact that average people are getting utterly raped on just about every defense and can’t seem to keep up with the losses. I am sure experienced players have learned to deal with the new system; however, it is the casual inexperienced players they will be targeting with that new storage update.

          • Will Potter

            Yea, they are trying to fix the game but I don’t know why they like complicating that much lol. If they want to fix the game, just simply increase the loot bonus and fix the Town Hall issue/

          • Daniel M. Ramos

            That is a good point. It is like they refuse to take a step back. Now we will have more things complicating the play when a better and simpler solution that addressed the root cause could have been implemented. Sounds like a solid strategy towards feature glut.

          • Will Potter

            Hope they will do something before people hate this game :(.

        • RPM13

          What I used to do when I was th8 was that I would attack bases that had loads of loot in the collectors, especially farming bases where I could destroy the town hall and gain trophies as well as LOADS of loot. I would also use a really cheap army, for example loads of Lvl 5 barbs, goblins and archers.

          • mic mandey

            You still can at 1400-1700trophie range

        • Suman

          early TH8 is most difficult to farm, as the troops are of lvl4

          • mic mandey

            Farming is easy after th7 troops are max. Pushing gets harder early th8.

      • Kevam

        Man, gowipe isn’t good for multiplier battles. I am town hall 7 player and use 200 archers and 3 lighting spells plus BK. I get around atleast 200 000 gold and elixir total. I also get 350 000 many times. My storages have atleast 1.5 million stored in them Just use archers and destroy the ones with mines and collectors full of loot. Thats it. Gowipe is for war. Still, it’s just my own opinion, and anyone can use any method to loot. But one thing, people with most loot are in Silver 3 and 1 leagues.

        • I’ve met 350k of collector loot recently. Biggest regret bringing gowipe if met those village. I’m in Crystal 1 League then.

          I’ve figured out that why I met many “collector’s loot” are there’s lot of clasher that stop clashing because TH11 update hahaha

    • Rockwell

      Looks like the purpose of this upgrade was to push the free players into paying to play. Low loot, increased costs for defence upgrades and my level 6 DE storage dropped from 200k to 180k. It still costs 200k to upgrade the queen to L40. I will be stuck at L36 unless I starts paying to get ahead. It is a pay or wait game. They have added a whole lot of “wait” to encourage people to pay up. You can’t even get to a top level hero anymore without paying. They likely added the extra levels to generate more $ from the top players.

      • Sharat Vallurupalli

        When Halo 2 came out I remember my mom took me and my brother to the midnight release and we got our copy that night. We paid $60 dollars for it I think. We played the hell out of that game. The amount of entertainment we got from playing that game made the $60 seem like a bargain. I’ve been playing Clash of clans everyday for the last year. Its the only game I have time to play now. For some reason we all think its a bad idea to pay money to play. I love supercell for making this game. I’ve been on the fence about starting to pay money for this game. Why? I don’t know. I SHOULD pay money. Atleast $60 may over the course of a year. They made an outstanding product. I should pay. That’s how its supposed to work.

        • Jason

          I would say Halo 2 has a fun factor of a 9.5/10 while this game is more
          of a time wasting but still fun 6/10 fun factor… So, if you pay for
          quality, I would say you owe money to Halo 2 yet if you feel the need to
          pay $60 for CoC.

        • mic mandey

          Yep but most most people just buy there builders and no more spending.I got all mine from achievmdnts so no spending.

      • mic mandey

        Did you forgot about how much loot is in the clan castle?

  • 1hentho

    In My oppinion farming has been much better after update. I’m a TH9 and use mainly barch to farm full collectors between 1000-1500 trophies. Works a charm. Also TH snipe everyone you can and your Dark Elixer will fly up. I raided 100K DE in one evening when the update first landed due to everyone still having TH outside in the lower leagues.

  • MaLdiTo

    my best solution is to go masters league…dead bases are gone..supercell forced us to use full troops with this update…like i said before this update will favor higher leagues for bonuses…

    • Daniel M. Ramos

      Maldito, I believe the bad predictions that people made about this update are coming true. There very few TH 8 and TH 7 bases in Masters and Champions league because it is so difficult. Up in Masters league it seems like it has become a resting place for TH 9 players that generally have very similar base layouts. In my opinion this update is making the game very boring as everything has become seriously stratified as the different TH levels settle out into the league levels the update forces them to occupy. I am currently using a maxed TH 8 base that is upgrading to TH 9, so I am able to see this effect quite well. The biggest problem that I see is that you only have three hours to raid before you are forced to take a defense, but the army you have to cook took keep your trophy count up is a war army that takes almost an hour to cook. That means that in the three hour time span I am only able to conduct what amounts to only three or maybe four effective raids. My hope is that during those few raids I collect enough trophies to keep me in the league I am or perhaps climb a bit. The bummer is that after I am forced to log off I am almost certainly going to be destroyed for a loss of anywhere from 15-29 trophies. Most of the time it is a loss in the twenties as I am a 30-32 trophy fish for most raiders from what I can see. Sometimes I get lucky and only get hit for 3-6 trophies, but that is rare. I don’t know what it will be like when I go full on TH 9, but I am hoping things improve. Currently I see no hope for TH 7 and 8 players in upper level leagues.

      • Raw Mess

        agreed , i am in the same situation as u Daniel . its now extremely hard to maintain league and loot at the same time and with the introduction of the shitty bonus% update , before , it the cost of expensive troops and nexting was covered by bonus loot but now its trophies or loot in high leagues for low town halls . iam finding it hard to even maintain the cost of nexting in champs as a th8 . they have now extended the PBT to 4hours but i doubt thats gonna make a difference . Another thing in higher league that needs attention is trophies . I still get a 4-5 trophy offer and since iam a th8 and can only 1 star a th9 in most cases even when using full army , i have to be satisfied with 1 trophy . it was alright until 2-3 days of update with some townhalls still outside and finding so,e th8’s . thats where i was a bit optimistic abt it but now its really getting frustrating !

        • Daniel M. Ramos

          Gosh, what really messed us up was the fact that they require 70% damage to get your full loot bonus. If they had kept it at 100% bonus for even a 50% victory it would have been much better. I mean what is the reason to require 70% damage for 100% loot bonus anyway? All it does is punish lower town hall types that are fighting stronger opponents. They totally broke the loot system. It used to be THE reason to climb up to masters league as a TH 8, but this is VERY frustrating. My only hope now is that I am upgrading to TH 9 in three days. I feel I was forced to upgrade to TH 9 a bit early because I wanted to max out my wall, but now I am having
          to settle for only having my external walls maxed out. The extra hour to attack will make a little bit of a difference, but it won’t be substantial . In the long run almost all TH 8 and below bases will fall out of the upper leagues naturally.

    • Will Potter

      It’s still good If you have enough time for using boosted Barracks. Still lots of inactive base in Gold leagues.

  • GODofCOC

    Not true. I’m at th8 and I raided another th8 and got 500k gold and 600k elixir and here is my proof

    • GODofCOC

      The proof

      • Harikiran Cm

        thats d loot from collectors mate 🙂 u can get more loot if d collectors are full

      • Kevam

        They are the collectors and mines. Even I get that much loot by just archers and lightning spells. The maximum loot in this guide is about storages not mines and collectors.

    • Will Potter

      Hi, you got it wrong buddy.
      By summing up all figures in the guide above, you will get the maximum amount of loot you can raid!

  • Vijay Kumar

    got fed up with the update…thought of leaving the game, although i reached th9 in coc…no farming environment…it realy drained my anxiety and game. but what abt thousands i spent on gems! worst update by supercell

    • Will Potter

      Keep rating 1 star and they will listen to us!

  • I have a question guys pls answer

    It told that available loot for TH8 are 16% so if i had 3 milions of elixir attackers can steal 480k of mine?

    • PocketHoosier

      No, there are caps placed on the maximums that other players can steal from your stores. As a th8, the maximum that can be stolen from your stores is 300k; however, 75% of everything you have in the collectors and gold mines at the time of the attack is still vulnerable and does not count towards the cap. So if you have 100k resources across all of your collectors and your stores are full enough for you to hit the cap, you can be hit for 375k. Add in the fact that your war loot does not count towards the storage cap and you can be hit for an additional 8% from it.

    • Will Potter

      Hi Ivan,
      That’s 16% figure is for Storages only.

  • Xcurior

    It’s easy with the update, at least under 2,000 trophies with an unmaxed base. I’m a new TH 8 and having no problems, after just getting level 5 wizards it’s become incredibly easy to loot max TH 8’s and 9’s. They tend to carry a lot more loot on them, and it’s not hard to escape with 600k total + 1-2k DE per attack. The occasional time I win 500k of each if collectors happen to be full. I have to drop a whole army, but I’d rather play the game in intervals anyway. Being able to get DE and loot from townhalls makes farming so much easier 🙂 I hated micro-farming collectors; time is money and searching and constantly hitting them up is boring AF. Much more fun to go all out on bases and aim for collectors and townhalls.

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  • Praxis

    Clasher – Do you mind updating the available loot in the storages without figuring in the available loot from the Town Hall for the chart under the heading “Available Loot of Gold/Elixir Storages”?

    For example: A single Gold/Elixir Storage for a TH9 caps out at 70,000 available loot (500,000 to reach cap) for a total of 280,000 (2,000,000)

  • Rick Hearn

    So although a DE storage is only 5% lootable at TH9, the DE stored in the TH is 14% lootable?

  • RPM13

    I hate it when people attack you at night and set you back by a whole lot of elixir

  • Suman

    Example, if I am at TH8 and as per data 16% resources is available for loot. is this minus the loot cart, or loot cart is separate

  • Joe Mitrovic

    You think that’s bad… I had 2.3m purple and got smashed for 4.3m. HAD… 3.8m gold and got smashed for 5.2m. Making an official complaint cause I dont see NOONE with over 5m except me obviously… and ones that do are SO much more higher than me…. I’m the idiot I think, for playing the game