Poison Spell Guide

Poison Spell is the best way to take down the enemy Clan Castle troops. Once you drop this spell, an orange toxic cloud will appear, slows and drains the enemy troops’ health rapidly.

Poison Spell Guide

Poison Spell Summary

poison spell

  • This is one of 3 new spells in Clash of Clans which have been added since the July 1st update.
  • Once you have the Dark Spell Factory, you can brew this spell.
  • This spell deals damage too all enemy troops, Heroes and Skeletons trap and slows them as long as they are not staying idle.
  • This spell doesn’t damage buildings inside its area.
RadiusHousing SpaceBrewing TimeAffectDark Spell Factory Level Required
4 tiles115 minutesGround & Air Units1
LevelMaximum Damage per SecondSpeed DecreaseAttack Rate DecreaseCostResearch CostResearch TimeLaboratory Level Required
211530%40%11025,0004 days6
314534%45%12550,0006 days7
418038%50%14075,00010 days8

Using Poison Spell for dealing with Clan troops

Tips and tricks for using Poison Spell

  • This spell just takes 1 spell housing space while 1 Lightning Spell takes 2. If you can lure Clan troops all out and want to choose a spell for dealing with Clan troops, this one is the best!
  • This spell just works effectively in a circular area while the Lightning Spell has certain patterns. You need to choose the right spells for specific attacks. This one is not always the best.
  • Poison Spell doesn’t drain the enemies’ health immediately but progressively. Make sure that you have enough time to complete the attack. Do the killing Clan troops step quickly.
  • You can use multiple Poisons at the same time. There is no damage penalty here.
  • 1 level 1 Poison Spell can kill all Barbarians, Goblins, Archers, Wizards, Witches and Minions.
  • 7 level 1 bottles of this spell can take down the level 5 Barbarian King.

If you have any tips and tricks about the Poison Spell, or you have any suggestions, questions about it, please comment!

  • Edan Hilario’us Other Side

    so what is the best cc troops now for cw knowing that opponent will always bring poison spell? tnx for d reply 🙂

    • Will Potter

      Just use Clan troops as normal. Not all players bring Poison Spells into the War. It depends on their attack strategies.

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  • Andy

    Archer tower and wizard tower should be affected by this spell and wont shoot because the troops inside die 😛

    • Will Potter

      Yep you are right. I think Supercell should update this lol

  • Riccardo Nieri

    hi will, i’ve a question for you about poison spell.
    if i drop 2 spell in the same time in the same place i multiply global effect or not? i know if i use 2 rage spell follow this method i trash second spell because the result global effect is the same of one rage spell. thanks for your reply

    • Will Potter

      Hi Riccardo,
      Yes, you can use more than 1 Poison at the same time. I have mentioned this above xD.

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  • Sam

    I dont understand the total damage given in the above chart. According to it more than 4 lvl3 poison spell should b requiered for killing a lvl3 dragon

    But in our clan war, in a replay i saw dragon’s hp to drop more than half its total hp when a lvl3 poison was dropped on a lvl3 drag. Later another lvl2 poison killed the drag
    According to d chart damage of lvl2 and lvl3 poison spell should b 810
    But a lvl3 dragon’s hp is 2300.
    Can somebody explain…

    • Will Potter

      Hi Sam
      The way it works was changed a bit in the last update. I have just updated the chart above. Thank you very much for letting me know this!

      • Sam

        So its now maximum damage per second
        Can u plz add another chart for d various combo of different lvl poison spell required to kill war troops, perticularly dragons of different lvl..
        Np will! At ur service ??