War Focused Upgrade Priority

A few days ago, I posted a quick guide about upgrade order for both farming and Clan Wars at a time but these days I also have received couples of questions about upgrade priority for players who are focusing on just Clan Wars. After reading the suggestion from wuxbustah8, I’ve just decided to write this little guide!

Clash of Clans War Focused Upgrade Priority

Upgrade Priority for Clan Wars

Small note: This guide is based on the Clan War matchmaking system in game and for optimizing your base weight, help you always can 3 stars the enemy base which has the same position as you (your mirror in Clan Wars).

Early and new progression Upgrades

Laboratory, Spell Factory and Dark Spell Factory:
I think we all know why we should upgrade these 3 buildings at first. Upgrading our current troops to their new max levels should always be the highest priority. By upgrading 2 Spell Factories, you can bring more and new spells into the attacks, especially very essential for Clan Wars, where just one more Spell can change everything. At Town Hall 8, you can get the Poison Spell, which helps you deal with the Clan troops much easier, and the Earthquake Spell, which helps you finish off most Town Hall 8 war base with the Zapquake Combo.

Upgrading Heroes to level 5 (TH7/9)
Who doesn’t like new impressive weapon for both farming and Clan Wars? Get the level 5 Queen If you are at TH9 and the level 5 Barbarian King If you are at TH7 as soon as possible. For TH7 players, we have an individual guide about farming DE at Town Hall 7 at here.

Army Camps
The more troops you have, the much stronger your army is. Get them done as soon as possible.

Clan Castle
Undoubtable, Clan Castle is the strongest defensive building in Clash of Clans. Moreover, with high level Clan Castle, you can bring more strong units for raiding, especially the troops you haven’t owned yet.

After upgrading all those above, I think you should start working on your Heroes. Because this is a long term job so just do it whenever you have the opportunity. Lots of players like upgrading Barbarian King before the Archer Queen and vice versa because he can take damage and protect the Archer Queen. Let’s discuss about this late. For now, just upgrade the Hero you like and follow this guide for upgrading your Heroes effectively.

Upgrading new Walls

You don’t need to upgrade your walls to their maximum level at the previous Town Hall, but you should upgrade them to a certain level which can’t be destroyed by just 1 Wall Breaker (see more at Wall Breakers Vs. Walls). Mix them up, upgrade your walls when you have loot and also want to keep your Builder free.

Build new Air Defense and Giant Bombs
Build these new stuffs If you’ve just hit Town Hall 8/9 and upgrade them to the level of other current ones. With the 3rd Air Defense at Town Hall 8, you don’t need to worry about Dragon attacks anymore. Giant Bombs are critical at all Town Hall levels for dealing with either Hog Rider attacks or Barch variations.

Normal buildings
Clash of Clans is not just about attacking and defending, non-defensive buildings also play a role in game.
IMO we should upgrade Dark Elixir Drills at first because the amount of DE we need it is unlimited. In addition, high level Dark Elixir Drills have an insane producing speed. By having them, you can upgrade your troops much easier. While your Drills are being upgraded, the next building you should upgrade is Barrack. With new troops, especially at TH7 (Dragons) and TH9 (Lava Hound), you can have new stronger attack strategies and have lots of advantages in both Clan Wars and farming.
After that, you can start working on Storages and other Collectors.

You can either upgrade trap to the level as other ones’ at last or mix them with the Collectors/Storages, which suits you the best. Upgrade them when you don’t want to hoard too much loot for a long time.

Upgrade new defensive buildings
Upgrade them to the max levels at the previous Town Hall, like other current defenses. You can do this and upgrade your traps at the same time. Remember: Just upgrade them to the previous TH max level.

Maxing defensive buildings and walls
This depends on what loot you focus on. Let’s assume that we are normal players and focus on both 3 resources at the same time.
If you want to get 3 stars from the base which has the same progression as you, you need to be maxed out your troops at first.
Based on the match making system, you should upgrade your walls until you max out all your War troops. With the same amount of Gold, If you work on defensive structures before walls, your defensive buildings will be maxed out before your War troops, for sure. Although all walls cost much war weight than defenses but you need less time to work on defenses than walls. If you focus on upgrading your troops at first, you will always face easier bases than If you focus on defensive building

Defensive upgrades

For the best results in Clan Wars, I recommend this upgrade order:

  1. Air Defenses: The best defensive building which help you survive all air attacks, which are always extremely strong at all Town Hall levels.
  2. Hidden Teslas: Undoubtable, Hidden Teslas work amazing against P.E.K.K.As and pretty nice against air attacks. Also, they can work as traps and give the enemies difficulty by luring their tankers for pathing. Because GoWiPe attacks are pretty popular, I’d like to place Hidden Teslas at the second position at this upgrade order.
  3. Archer Towers/Wizard Towers/Cannons: I’d like to recommend upgrading Archer Towers and Wizard Towers before Cannons as they have a nice attack range and also can hit flying units.
  4. X-Bows /Inferno Towers: Deal damage to the enemies with insane DPS and attack speed. The reason we shouldn’t upgrade them sooner because they can hurt your base weight so bad. Upgrading them while you are working one the last upgrade of your War troops.
  5. Mortars/Air Sweeper/Traps: Although Mortars are really great for farming but they are the worst choice for Clan Wars.

Laboratory Upgrades

Laboratory Upgrades

Assuming that your troops are maxed from the previous TH level.

As this page is just for Clan Wars, so these recommendations is for the quickest way to get 3 stars in Clan Wars. Feel free to upgrade your farming troops at fist as needed.

Town Hall 7

dragon rage spell

Town Hall 8

dragon lightning spell hog healing spell wizard balloon giant golem pekka

Town Hall 9

hog balloon healing spell lava golem jump spell haste spell witch

Town Hall 10

freeze spell lava golem haste spell wizard

All troops above are mentioned as just for Clan Wars, after upgrading them, you can upgrade which troops you like.

If you have any suggestion/recommendation, don’t hesitate to show us your opinion!

  • Adham El Abd

    Interesting, why do you recommend the haste spell to max for town hall 9? As an alternative rage for balloons?

    • Will Potter

      That’s right. Haste Spells are much more effective for Balloons that Rage Spells!

    • Gabriel Benassi

      Probably because, the faster the balloons go, the faster they destroy the defenses. Their movement speed its kind of slow…

  • Daniel M. Ramos

    In my opinion when you get to at least Masters league actual farming becomes less of a priority due to the league bonus.

    It seems to me that raids outside of clan wars are treated as practice for clan wars. Of course you can still farm in Masters and greater, but there is less incentive to do so with something such as barch. Maxed TH 8 bases will start acting like TH 9 raiders as they get bolder.

    Take a Master II league bonus of 700 DE. It makes practicing with a 30x lvl 4 hog rider raid not a big deal because you only have to find a base that gives up 1040 DE to cover your cost. A DE offer of that amount is very common at that league level. In fact I would say it is downright difficult to find a DE offer much below that most of the time.

    So in the end I believe at a certain league level clashers exist in a clan war state of mind. Proof of this is how you see fewer and fewer clashers placing their town halls outside of their walls. It is all just a big war and the little guys get eaten by the sharks.

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for sharing Daniel. I really appreciate it!
      Yep you are absolutely right and I totally agree with that. But the fact is not much players want to go there. I always recommend they going to higher leagues, the real game is there!

  • Tev Milli

    Soo glad I found this site again this time I won’t forget to bookmark it lol great article btw

    • Will Potter

      LOL thank you buddy. You should visit my blog daily LMAO.

    • Daniel M. Ramos

      Not only is it a great web page. It has an unforgettable name. Lucky for me the filters at work don’t block it. 🙂

  • Hafíd

    Nice guide mate. Here my question, I’m done grinding legos, my wiztow, tesla, air defs has been maxed, what I should upgrade next. All other defs & traps still in th8 cap. Appreciated for your suggestion. =)

    • Will Potter

      Have you bought X-Bows buddy? I think you should just follow my order above.

      • Hafíd

        Yes, both I keep in lvl 1. I will lvl up to 2 when heroes 15/15. My plan was after grinding legos done, I’ll go cannon, AT, mortar, sweeper then traps.

      • John James

        mornin will i see you are saying something about x bows are you saying to get those for th 8.5 or ?. I am confused

        • Will Potter

          No, don’t buy any new Defense at TH8.5 mate!

  • Lear

    Hey nice guide! I am planning on following the th8.75 route(everything except xbows) Do you think that is a viable strategy for a warring person? And do you have a farming/war base design for a th9 without xbows?

    • JJ_G4M3R “Joseph”

      if u r moving out of th8.5 GET YOUR XBOWS they r going to be very good for defending

  • Muhammad Syahril

    @windmm:disqus can u suggest what i must to DO., im th 7.5 now.,
    and i need base hybrid too 😀

    • Will Potter

      Truly I think you should just play as a normal Town Hall 8. If you do Town Hall 7.5, other TH7 players can still destroy your base easily with Dragons!

  • Clash On

    https://youtu.be/rm2Eki_DxpI Look what an attack ?

  • essaion

    Too bad I stumble on this post only now! 🙂
    I reached TH9 about 2 months ago and upgraded in that order : healer to L4 (to go the “Farming Queen” way 8) ), jump to L2, witches to L2, healing to L6, golems to L3, then to L4 (17 hours to go 😛 ). Although I do understand that hogs are powerful, I find them very difficult to manage, much more than GoWiPe/GoWiWi. OK, at least upgrading the hogs makes it so that they are useful, waiting for GoWiPe/GoWiWi to be truly efficient.
    Also, I was under the impression that Loons were much less interesting since the Air Sweepers came out… I saw very few attacks involving Loons in the CW my clan participated to, and their results varied a lot, ranging from 0 to 3 stars. So… is it really worth it, upgrading those that early?
    Lastly, with Dragon and Lightning Spell being upgradable at TH9 (to L4 and L6, since 01/07 and 17/09, respectively), is there any modification to your Lab upgrade order suggestions?

    Thanks a ton in advance for your answers!! 🙂

    • Will Potter

      If you use Balloons for farming, just upgrade them. Otherwise, you can upgrade them at the late TH9, when LavaLoon is pretty effective.
      I’d like to upgrade the Lightning Spell and Dragon at last. We don’t use them really much at TH9.

  • Rizky Hadi

    i am at TH8 now for only 1 week, and already undergo upgrades on BK lv6 . (labs and CC upgrade are done first of course as i’m now upgrading dragon lv3).

    now i am planning on upgrading BK all the way to lv10 first before the other DE troops upgrade, what do you think? is that a wrong move?

    or lv6 is just fine then i must upgrade hogs to level 4(?) my hog is still lv1
    thanks by the way

    • Will Potter

      It’s not a wrong move at all buddy.
      If you don’t use dark troops much, just do that.
      If you focus on Clan Wars, upgrade your Hogs along with your Barbarian King!

      • Rizky Hadi

        hey mate i just figured how to look at your answer since i got no emails xD.
        thanks by the way.

        but i modified the upgrade order, i want to have your advice for this wheter my order is right or wrong.

        2 months after i post my last question, my progress is = all maxed TH8 traps,all maxed TH8 air defenses, 3 level 4 teslas, still 2 lv9 archer towers and planned to upgrade them to level 10 first then i moved to tesla again until lv6, next i maxed the cannon to level 10, maxed the mortars, and last wizard tower to level 6 and walls to level 8. i dont loot very often, but my clan is having war everyday so that is my upgrade priority.

        for the troops = lv8 BK, already opened golem and pekkas, level 5 archer, wizard, baloon, and rage, level 2 hogs, and level 3 minion, opened earthquake spell. already going on lv2 poison spell and planned to upgrade wall breakers, giants, heal, pekka, and golem consecutively.

        i am eager to see your answer, thank you very much !

        sorry for the long post ! xD

        • Rizky Hadi

          i am concerned if i should get all level 9 archer tower and cannon first with maxed mortar then i progress to level 10 archer tower and cannon? with tesla and wizard tower to level 6 at the last order of upgrades.

          or should i maxed the tesla first since my war opponent often use gowipe instead of mass drags

  • Frans Adenan

    im a really new th8 player.. my first lab upgradeis the lightning spell to lvl5.. and i build my dark spell fact to lvl2.. and now, even with my lvl2 dragon I still can get 3 star on mid th8 base.. 2lightning spell and 1 earthquake on 1 air defense and still get 1 spell slot.. I usually take heal spell and fill my cc with hog to destroy 1 other air defense.. and the other air defense will destroyed by my dragon..

    • Will Potter

      Thank you very much for sharing this Frans! We even have a page for this strategy on cocland!

    • Zurn

      2 bolt 1 eq 1 rage and 1 haste in cc and you destroy th8 max with 9 drag 9 loonsor 8 drag 13 loons

  • Jeremy Jones

    I have read several guides on upgrade priorities and I must say that this guide is by far the best. Thank you for taking the time to make this guide and share your experience with us!

    • Will Potter

      You are very welcome Jeremy!

  • Wendell Lanphear

    will can u design a farming th7 base with th inside for me.

  • Nick Carter

    Hello sir i’m th9 and i’m facing him in clan war and i want to ask you that which troops composition n spells can deal with this base??

    • Ira John Marie Angeles

      Alright, first you need to know how will you attack. Do you prefer ground or air? Next, what troops should you make? Can you do a hybrid attack? Remember that hybrid attacks are risky but it will reward you immensely with a 3 star if you pull it off. After determining what troops you will bring, what levels are your troops. Sometimes, bringing the correct troops might not be enough if your troops can’t kill defenses quick;y or die too easily.

      With that, I can suggest you some strategies that might work on that base.
      Goho: There’s little to no 4×2 spots that might be hiding double bombs. Infernos are set to sing target which is not a threat to hogs. It is symmetrical and defenses are sufficiently close together that you can predict the pathing of the hogs.

      Logowipe/Govalo: Now you’re bringing high hp troops, so the inferno might roast them, pun intended. However, if you can bring a freeze spell and a rage and a heal to the core, the pekkas/valkyries might be able to destroy everything before they take too much damage. Also, since air defenses are in core or near the core, you can destroy them and drop the loons for easy clean up. You can also replace the golem with giants so you can exploit the inferno.

      Golava/Lavaloon: He has weak air defenses and wiz towers are close to air defense so your lava can tank for your balloons for a while The only problem is the inferno and eagle artillery that can quickly kill your hound so i suggest bringing a freeze.

      Whatever your attack will be, always have a well thought out plan before you actually attack. Things like priority, order of troop drop, timing of spells can go a long way.

      • Will Potter


    • AJ Brown

      I 3 starred a base like that in a raid with Giants and wiz lol

  • markim187

    Is it true that coc will close on feb 29?

    • Will Potter

      What the hell is that markim?

      • Oupal

        There’s a site that said so, Although i didn’t visit it i think that was joke/try to lure visitor because if you think carefully date Feb 29 2016 doesn’t exist.

        • Will Potter

          It’s a joke. I have no idea why Supercell need to close COC while it gives them millions Dollars everyday, right?

          • Sudhanv Apte

            Day coc closes is the day of 3rd world war….

          • Will Potter

            or maybe the xxxxth Wold War?

        • Will Potter

          Oh yea LOL. Nice Joke!

  • Nakshatra Bhatt

    i m in
    silver 2
    mortar maxed
    cannons maxed
    wiz tower max
    storage max
    camp max
    BK 1
    i get very less loot and abandoned bases
    while my friend wolf legend is 2 days to th8 gold 3 maxed out gets 6 00 000 loot

    • Will Potter

      That’s because you was unlucky :(.

      • Nakshatra Bhatt


  • Nakshatra Bhatt

    i use barching

  • Ben

    thanks for the guide its the best been using from the day i started playing coc 🙂

  • max

    Will. I just upgrade to th8 and now i am facing a problem. Most of the time i just do war but now i have to face th8 player. Now it is hard to farm elixir to upgrade my troops. Can you give me advise for new th8 players.

  • Ira John Marie Angeles

    For me I prioritize loons over hogs simply because loons cost only elixer while hogs cost de. That way I won’t slow down hero upgrade (until I get my queen to lvl5). Also your jump is way too late. 20 seconds more for jump is better than 200 hp for heal. It’s not that significant now since the earthquake spell can be unlocked in th8 but back then 20 seconds more for jump seemed like forever. Also lvl4 golem > lvl 2 hound. Since ground attacks are more versatile (in a sense that there are more variations)and therefore golems are used more, the 1k increase in hp for golems is better than the 500 hp increase for hounds. Honorary mention to the witch, since lvl3 witches now exist upgrading them to lvl2 makes your clan happy 😀

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for sharing Ira :D.

    • Andrew

      Goho is the strongest th9 and th8 attack if you use it wisely…my clan is goho focused and we are on a 17 war win streak.

    • Lamont Collins

      I agree on the jump, I would put that ahead or after Heal

  • PhilB

    For Town Hall 10, I would recommend taking Pekka to level 5 above Golem and Wizrd upgrade. The percentage increase in both DPS and hit points is substantially higher for Pekka.

    • Will Potter

      but do you even use him in Clan Wars?

      • Kabir Raj Singh

        Shes a her mate

        • Will Potter

          Yea I know. I just forgot that LOL

          • Kabir Raj Singh

            Haha Np Mate..i Was Just Kidding…

  • Indranil Chowdhury

    there’s a mistake, no lightning upgrade is possible at th7 if you max th6, also you should do your lightning right after drags in th8

    • Will Potter

      My bad. I somehow placed the Lightning Spell at the TH8 section. Thank you dude!

  • Rafael Abrera

    Brooooo, can you help me? What should I do next and what should I upgrade next? Is BAM a good attack strat for me right now? I know my base sucks. Haha. What’s a good farming base? Thanks

    • Will Potter

      Ewww I have no idea. LOL. You should follow my guide above.
      Yea I think BAM is good for you, otherwise HogGiBarch is not bad at all.

      • Rafael Abrera

        Okay dude. Thanks

  • Kabir Raj Singh

    I havent unlocked Golem yet So I am using GIWIPE instead of GOWIPE..it gives you the loot but you have to be careful for the traps..I upgraded wiz to lvl 5 for that purpose,,,,

  • SmartfoneArena

    Any anti 3 star TH-9 base yet??

  • Simon

    Hi all, I’m considering moving to th 8 but.. As much as it may sound crazy I’m thinking of so called th7.5. plan is to upgrade/build following: lab, dark spell factory, tesla (max all three), max air def, upgrade existing dark barracks to golem lvl, upgrade one barrack to pekka lvl, max walls. It’s a war only base (3rd account) does it make any sense or will I just stay maxed th7? Would appreciate your suggestions.
    Ps. Would be maxing my troops there too

    • Will Potter

      Hello simon,
      that doesn’t make much sense since TH7 players still can somehow 3 star your base. I think it’s better to play as a TH8.5 account!

    • Oupal

      well actually I have th7.5 smurf and it works well, just use dovakhiin base and you’re safe from 3 starred by any dragon level 2 attack. but dragon level 3 can rip your base easily.

  • Oupal

    will I’m 7 days old th8.5. When is the right time to unlock witch and lava hound? sooner or later I will face th9 and I need lava hound (the most reliable 3 stars strategy imo), but I’m afraid my war weight increasing.

    • Will Potter

      It’s too soon. Why do you need them buddy?
      If you are a decent Town Hall 8.5, GoHo or GoVaHo is great enough to 3 star any early-mid Town Hall 9 base!

      • Oupal

        thanks buddy, gonna try that

        • Will Potter


  • Sourav Datta

    hii will.. i have th 7 base with archer towers(lvl 7), canons(lvl 7), wizard towers(lvl3) and mortars(lvl 4) with teslas and air defenses maxed to th 7… Should I move on to th 8 or consider maxing out the defensive buildings? Armies are to their maximum level..

    • Will Potter

      Don’t hesitate to go to Town Hall 7 buddy!

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  • Jeremy

    great guide. for th8 i’d suggest valk level 2 (50k de) at the 3rd spot before hogs, as hogs to lvl 3 then lvl 4 (30 + 40k de) is needed before hogs are a serious threat at th8, and valk lvl 2 opens up the govawi, govaho and govalo strats which can 3 star most max th8s and low th9s.

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for the suggestion Jeremy!

      • Jeremy

        I was wrong – I tried this with my 3rd th8 and found the de storage couldn’t fit more than 45k de after the first upgrade after reachin th8. So valks lvl2 has to wait. Instead, I’ve brought forward loons lvl 5, so I can have a full strength zapquake dragoon, while I upgrade de storage and ug valks, wiz, hogs …etc

  • Order of defensive towers for TH7? AD first, and then I think archer tower -> wizard tower -> tesla -> traps -> cannon. BK along with them.

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  • Mustafa Ariwala

    Hi Will, I am currently upgrading to th9. I have completely filled my storages and I’m wondering what to upgrade as soon as I reach th9. Pls help me out on what to get first. P.S. My dark elixir storage is also filled. So tell me ASAP what to get pls. Thank u in advance!

  • Craig Zabell

    You left out where barracks (regular and dark) place in this upgrade order. Clearly very high since they unlock your new troops

    • Dominic Angelus

      Barracks upgrade is discussed under NORMAL BUILDINGS