3 New Spells: Earthquake, Poison and Haste

As we all know, the next Clash of Clans update is going out on June 30th. There are tons of new outstanding features and one of them is the new Spell Factory, which comes with 3 new Spells are Earthquake, Poison and Haste. I think new units/spells always have the highest attention from players, so I’ve just decided to create this individual topic to talk about them

New Clash of Clans Poison Spell

Couples of things you need to know about the new Spells

  • There are 3 new spells are Earthquake, Poison and Haste.
  • Players can buy the new Spell Factory from Town Hall 8.
  • You can bring 7 new spell slots at TH8, 9 slots at TH9 and it will be 11 at TH10.
    New spells = 1 slot/bottle.
    Old spells = 2 slots/bottle.

Here are 2 screenshots of this new magical constructor in game. You can read more details about it at the Dark Spell Factory page.

New Spell Factory in game Dark Spell Factory and the new poison

Poison Spell

This poison spell spell can create exotic smoke and deals up to 500 damage in a certain ring, perfect for killing Clan troops or Heroes inside the base. In the video below, you can see that it takes up to 4 Poison spells to kill a level 3 Dragon.

LevelCostBrew TimeUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeLaboratory Level
195 Dark Elixir15 minutesN/AN/AN/A
2110 Dark Elixir15 minutes25,000 Dark Elixir4 days6
3125 Dark Elixir15 minutes50,000 Dark Elixir6 Days7
4140 Dark Elixir15 minutes75,000 Dark Elixir10 Days8
LevelRadiusSpeedDamageHitsTotal Damage

Earthquake Spell

Like its name, this spell earthquake spell can do a small earthquake on a certain area and damage all buildings inside the ring, lose a portion of their remaining HP. Your loot in storages can’t be affected by not only this spell but also all other ones in game.

Walls are vulnerable to Earthquake spell!

New Earthquake Spell

LevelCostBrew TimeUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeLaboratory Level
1125 Dark Elixir15 minutesN/AN/AN/A
2140 Dark Elixir15 minutes30,000 Dark Elixir6 days6
3160 Dark Elixir15 minutes60,000 Dark Elixir8 Days7
4180 Dark Elixir15 minutes90,000 Dark Elixir12 Days8

You can see more details in this video:

Haste Spell

Haste Spell haste spell is the best spell for boosting your army speed, works with all troops and doesn’t boost damage as the Rage Spells but it costs half spell space of the Rage Spell.

Haste and Rage Spell

LevelCostBrew TimeUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeLaboratory Level
180 Dark Elixir15 minutesN/AN/A7
285 Dark Elixir15 minutes40,000 Dark Elixir6 days8
390 Dark Elixir15 minutes80,000 Dark Elixir8 Days8
14002810 seconds
24003415 seconds
34004020 seconds
44004625 seconds

If you want to read more about other stunning features of this new update, please visit the main update page.

Currently there is just news about the Poison spell. I will always keep updating this page to give you the newest information!

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  • CoC

    Wow 11 spaces for spells talk about OP!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Chicken Bird

      Elixir spells take up 2 spaces, dark elixir spells take up one, so even maxed out at th10 you’ll only be able to have 5 elixir spells(like now) but one additional dark spell.

      • Will Potter

        That’s right. And we need to control the balance of spells!

  • Nemi Chand Jain

    Any detailed info of earthquake and haste spell?

    • Will Potter

      Not have details for those spells yet but we will know tomorrow!

      • @Li$ToN feRnanDeZ

        and 2mmro is the update right

  • @Li$ToN feRnanDeZ

    wht does the spell do??i cant see the video caz i dont hav much internet

    • Will Potter

      It deals damage in a certain ring.

      • @Li$ToN feRnanDeZ

        kk thx

    • Fulioso skys

      Deal damage only on troops not on buildings

  • @Li$ToN feRnanDeZ

    hey then giv me an th9 farming and war base afterwards plz,caz new sweeper(maybe more deffence things)r cuming

  • Fulioso skys

    Dam 11 spell spaces dat gonna hurt

    • Will Potter

      Ya but old spells = 2 slots/bottle.

      • Fulioso skys

        What do u mean ??

        • Chicken Bird

          Elixir spells take up 2 spaces, dark elixir spells take up one.


        so u get 11 spaces even if u dont haave a dark spell factory

  • leon

    What do you mean about buy new spell?!! we should buy it with gems,or elxir?!!!plz answer to me fast!!!

    • Chicken Bird

      You need to buy the dark spell factory, its like the normal spell factory but uses dark elixir to make spells, costs 1 million normal elixir to build

  • Travis Wilson

    You moron…it works on heros…

  • sellwynn monteleone

    cant wait anyone need gems get them free from http://hackforclashofclans.com


    so anyway u can checkout my base by username and clan? if yes my clan name is assault mode. and my username is PALANCAR VALLEY. I need some help on how to make my base better.

  • Superjason56

    Anybody know what the haste spell does?

    • Shady Lutfy

      Speeds up ur troops it’s gr8 for combating the air sweeper

      • Will Potter

        Ya, with It you can deal with the 2nd Air Sweeper.

      • Superjason56

        Ok great thx!

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  • Zephyr

    But we only have one lab..i think supercell need to build dark lab for dark troop and dark spell

    • Will Potter

      Why we need to have a new Lab?

      • SuFiYaN

        I think that it will now be a good idea for Supercell to introduce a Dark Laboratory to upgrade Dark Troops and Dark Spells separately than the regular troops.

      • Andy

        to speed up army upgrade 😀

        • Will Potter

          lol I think we will have the new Laboratory at Town Hall 11 xD

  • Joshua Greame Willia

    Hey guyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyys!

    • Will Potter


  • Tyler Bridgmon

    Hey potter do u know the time the update will be tonight? and someone said it won’t be tonight is that true???

    • Will Potter

      Hi Tyler, We all don’t know when exactly it will be out but I am sure that It will be out on July 1st.

      • Tyler Bridgmon

        OK thanks

  • Yuu Narukami

    I have a good question
    Does the rage and haste adds their both speed to the troop if they`re place both on each other? Like rage and heal

    • Will Potter

      Nice question Yuu!.
      The troop will have the speed of the Haste spell (because it is faster than Rage) and have the bonus damage of the Rage Spell!

  • Sarah

    Just FYI, it’s 8 slots for th9, not 9.

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for supporting Sarah!

    • Taquitos

      its 9 slots since getting the Darkspell factory adds 1 slot to the total spell slots available 🙂
      2 slots per regular spell
      1 slot per dark spell

      mix and match spells to suite your attack and troops

  • Salam Mangila Real

    does the haste spell increases damage to the troops? or just the speed will be affected..??

    • Will Potter

      It just skyrocket their speed, not damage!

  • Mohit S.

    Nice Information. Thank you @windmm:disqus

    • Will Potter

      You are very welcome buddy!

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  • Heon Seok Kim

    OK i think i might want some of these Android