Clash of Clans Logo and Icons

This media pack contains Clash of Clans Clans Logo and All Clan Icons in game. Use can use them for your own designs or whatever you want!

Supercell had shared this pack on the community forum before. I have just repacked it and share here so more people can see it.

If you have any higher quality images, please share here!

This pack contains:

1 2 3 4 Clash of Clans Logo

If you are looking for the font, you can download it at: Clash of Clans Font.

Enjoy my friends!

  • DestroeR

    How we can add our own flag to game??

    • Will Potter

      What is your country mate?

    • [TIX]

      What I think he means is a personalized clan badge…

  • chrizztine neilson

    this is greats ..! i can add icon to my video ^_^

    • Will Potter

      Hope your videos will have lots of views buddy!

  • Nireu

    Link doesnt work 🙁

  • Joseph Odom

    Link still not working ???

  • Francisco Leiton

    Link not working… -.-