Clash of Clans September 2015 Update: Lightning Spell lvl7

So Supercell has just noticed on their social network pages that a new update would be out soon.

We had 3 new Dark Spells, the second Air Sweeper, the level 5 Dragon and plenty of other amazing stuffs in the last update. What do you expect in this new Clash of Clans Update?


I saw a sneak peak couples of days ago from spAnser about Spell Donations and Tiebreakers for Clan Wars but I think Supercell will give us more than that…

Clash of Clans September Update

I will do my best to update everything about this new update as soon as possible at here.

Sneak Peak #1: Lightning Spell Level 7

Lightning Spell Level 7

Okay so here is the first news we get about the new September 2015 update – the Lightning level 7.

After watching the video below, I can see that:

  • The bolts from lightning spell are now much tighter.
  • 2 Lightning lvl 7 + the Earthquake Spell can take out level 8 Air Defenses easily.
  • The Lightning lvl 6 will be moved down to Town Hall 9.

Sneak Peak #2: Reworked Dark Spells


I really don’t know why Supercell want to increase the damage of Poison Spell. Now with a Posion Spell level 4, you can nearly take out a Dragon level 3.
The Earthquake Spell won’t based on the % remaining HP anymore. The damage of it will be based on how many Earthquake Spells have hit a building.
The Freeze Spell will affect air troops after this update. Town Hall 10 players will really love this new change!

Sneak Peak #3: More Walls will be added

So finally Supercell has confirmed that Town Hall 10 would be added 25 more Walls in the next update = 275 walls total. I am pretty sure that the Earthquake Spell will be used much more than before.


Also, in this new update, Walls level 11 will have a new fiery look like the screenshot below!


Sneak Peak #3: Clan War Tirebreaker

Total destruction is now a Clan Wars tiebreaker. If the score is even at the end of the war, the Clan with more destruction percentage in their best attacks will be the winner!

Other new changes

  • Defensive Lava Hounds will not target air troops anymore but Lava Pups will still act like Minions.
  • Attacking troops will engage defending troops from further away.
  • Players at Titan III and II leagues can buy 1 week shields from now.
  • Added Army overview button on the Clan War map.

Let’s discuss about this new update here! What do you think about it?

  • jayden

    a new dark elixir or elixir troop would be nice. Also being able to upgrade walls to 8 with elixir

    • Will Potter

      That will be great If we can upgrade walls to level 8 with Elixir. Agree!

  • Bagas Bhagawanta (TheSagab)

    Where did you find the sneak peeks?

    • Will Potter

      On all Clash of Clans channels buddy!


    When is the update suppose to come out????

    • Will Potter

      I think it will be out next week.

  • Aly Silvasky

    I think that is new troop and competision.. because that begin bored right now..actually for war

    • Will Potter

      ya, really really want to see a new troop!

  • sumit

    waiting eagerly…thnx 4 the info… Hope they reduce n readjust some of the ridiculous cost jumps for upgrades…

  • Google++

    I want to add Tajikistan national flag. It will be cool if thay add donating spell and new troops. I i hope that thay add new dark spell.

    • Will Potter

      Hope your country flag will join the game soon!

  • Firoz Hassan

    Your site is very fast, where your site has been hosted and which company.? However, I am a big fan of clans of clans and wait for next update

    • Will Potter

      It is just using a normal hosting buddy.

      • Firoz Hassan

        Can you please tell me, which companies hosting you are using as I am going open a site. Thanks for your help

        • Will Potter

          You can try to use Vultr/Stable Host. They are pretty good.

  • Bilal Miran

    well i think it`s about the dark troops or new levels

    • Will Potter

      I hope we can use Heroes in Clan Wars when they are being upgraded.

      • Bilal Miran

        ya it would be great

  • Naj Yusof Ngoh

    So still no news about new troop huh? Its been a while since the last time they introduce lava hound.

    • Will Potter

      Ya, almost 1 year.
      Really really want to see a new troop.

  • Gun Rob Key


  • jay

    Iwant to use xmod in ZenFone 5 plz any 1 help

  • Wouter

    lvl 7 hero’s in war while upgrading
    CW tournaments

    • Will Potter

      New Balloon level?
      I think Balloon level 6 is pretty good enough.

      • Jergens

        The troops that can be max at th9.. I’m pretty sure that its not there true form

    • Daniel M. Ramos

      What about a balloon that parachuted down skeletons with bombs that targeted buildings instead of walls or some other troop? Wouldn’t it be cool to see a balloon wander out over a base and suddenly parachute down a bunch of troops? How about a balloon that acted as a carrier for point air defense or had rockets?

  • Krazynewf

    Lol are lightning spells still relevant after th 7 or early th 8 mass drag attacks,,, lol

    • Will Potter

      I am trying to use Dragons at TH9 by taking down 4 Air Defenses. Gonna post the idea on cocland as soon as possible!

    • Jergens

      NO, mass drag is only for th7 lol

      • Will Potter

        At early Town Hall 8 they are still pretty overpowered IMO 😀

  • Khan Aadil

    I think witches are evil characters so they should not be affected by poison spells.

  • Mister Takarin

    Good update! And a new challenge for all COC players! 😀 Thanks for your news!

    • Will Potter

      Happy farming with 25 more pieces of walls! LOL

  • jay

    Halloween theme that’s correct right?
    And new dark spell

    • Will Potter

      ya I hope we will have a special theme for the Halloween!

  • Jergens

    Perfect for me because i just upgrade my th to th10

  • wouter okkerse

    You forget tot mention the buy A shiel in Titan 3/2 leage now available

    • Will Potter

      Thank you buddy. Gonna update the full changelog now!

  • sumit

    kind of disappointing that nothing much or new for TH9 n below…

    • Will Potter

      We have a big update next month!

      • Nirmit Patil

        u know any of the content of that update ??

        • Will Potter

          Properly not but I hope we will have a new dark troop!

      • sumit

        will it be part of Halloween update ?

        • Will Potter

          Ya I think it will be!

      • Wei2Zone

        looking forward for your sneak peak post 🙂

        • Will Potter

          I will do my best buddy!. I will come with the ClashCon contest.

  • Phallkasy

    When new update day release, please?

    • Will Potter

      It will be released tomorrow!

  • Bally Kung Channel

    What time update?

    • Will Potter

      Next 2-3 days buddy!

  • Daniel M. Ramos

    Here’s a bit of a strange idea I just came up with. What if a freeze spell not only froze troops in place but had the additional effect of extinguishing the flames of lava pups thus turning them into regular minions. At the very least it would be a cool visual effect.

    • Will Potter

      I think Lava Pups are small Lava Hounds lol. Nice idea, want to see this one!

  • Daniel M. Ramos

    Here is another idea. What if you could booby trap buildings. That is you could hide some wall breakers in a builder hut and they would run out and blow up some troops as a suicide bomber. That would be fun to watch and it would make builders huts interesting and more valuable since you have to pay for them in actual gems. I once saw a video where a guy filled his CC with wall breakers. Watching them run out and blow up troops was lots of fun.

  • Jonathan Fields

    its ok dont really care about light spell the freeze should b nice if it can freeze air

    • Will Potter

      Luckily they added 25 more walls for TH10 lol.

  • alvando nongsiej

    how to update clash of clan game on my mobile

    • Will Potter

      What device are you using buddy?
      Normally It requires immediately when you open the game.

  • Daniel M. Ramos

    I have a question y’all may be able to answer. Are lava pups also unable to attack air troops since they come from lava hounds, or do the pups get to attack air troops once the lava hound blows up?

    • Will Potter

      Hi Daniel,
      The Lava Pups can attack both ground and air troops.

  • shrey

    new dark troop idea: YETI a troop with high health like golems but it doesnt attack it freezes every building it touches for like 2 seconds so support troops can attack it. and when they die, they burst and freeze every thing in 4 tile radius as u upgrade the troop the duration for which the building is freezed increases.
    fav target= defences
    troop space=20

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