Clash of Clans Treasury

Clash of Clans Treasury is the safest place where you can store your loot from Star Bonus and Clan War Loot Bonus. I’m going to use this post for posting more information about the Clash of Clans Treasury in the future.

Clash of Clans Treasury

What is Clash of Clans Treasury?

  • From now on, the Clan Castle is going to house an extremely well protected resource bank named the Treasury.
  • The Treasury is used for safeguarding Clan War Bonus Loot and Star Bonus Loot. It is much greater than the War Loot Storage before.
  • Attackers just can get 3% loot of the Treasury.
  • Clash of Clans Treasury is the safest place for you to save up loot.
  • Clan Castle level doesn’t affect the capacity of The Treasury, it is determined by Town Hall level and Clan Perks level.
  • The War Loot Storage in the Clan Castle info screen has been removed.
  • The Clan Castle model in game has been reworked with the removal of the Storages on the roof.

Treasury Resource Capacity

Town HallGoldElixirDark Elixir


  • Justasillyname

    Ohh i already love the thought of treasury.
    Hope to learn more about it from your amazing site. 🙂

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for visiting my blog xD.

  • Kevin

    So any idea on WHEN this update is happening. I’m thinking this will be a while new dynamic and a good thing

    • Will Potter

      It will be out next couples of days Kevin! Exactly early next week!

      • Kevin


      • Ultimit☆Cuest

        So, this upcoming monday or tuesday? What is the date specifiaclly?

        • Will Potter

          They just said it would be out early this week. There is no exact date yet :(.

  • Nakshatra Bhatt

    do u hav a video on it please
    v would like to c it

    thxs in advance

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  • Wendell Lanphear

    so if they can only take 3% is it a good idea to save up loot in there for an upgrade since it cant be taken easily.

    • Will Potter

      Yup. That’s right!

  • Rebecca Tow

    What happens if your treasury is maxed with loot? If I win this war and I’m maxed out do I lose that war loot, which would force me to collect before that happens?

    • Will Potter

      If your Treasury is maxed out, you can’t add loot anymore.
      Yes, you will lose that war loot.

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  • Ira John Marie Angeles

    I’d like to point out that it is misleading to say that it is the safest place to store loot. Yes, it is the safest in the sense only 3% of the loot can be taken as opposed to the 10% of the storages and 50% of the collectors. However, the storages have cap of about 100k each. That means that the 10% is actually the maximum and it can actually go down. Also the treasury is counted separately from the storages so it doesn’t matter if you hit the cap from the storages, you will still lose your loot from the treasury . Therefore, if you hit the cap, it is safer to collect your war/star bonus loot.

    • Will Potter

      According to Supercell, It’s the safest place to store loot LOL xD.
      Thank you Ira!

      • Ira John Marie Angeles

        I hate it when devs give out misleading information and the players have to find out themselves the hard way.

        • Will Potter

          yea, me too!