Everything about Clan Levels and Clan Perks

Clan is a very large part of Clash of Clans, where you meet other players, help each other, fight together and then fall in love… or sorry. Everything in game circles the Clan system. Even the name of this game says everything it! The level of is the soul, represents the growth and prestige of a Clan!

Clan Perks

Clan Levels and Perks Summary

  • Your Clan receive a certain amount of  EXP after every attack in Clan Wars. Just like your level, once your Clan hits the threshold, It will go to the next level and earn perks, new fancy badges, new border options for the clan symbol and the prestige!
  • The higher level your Clan is, the more valuable perks it has.
  • The Perks of a Clan only will not apply to you anymore If you leave that Clan.

How to earn Clan EXP?

By getting at least 1 star from enemy base in Clan Wars, you can earn a certain amount of EXP for your Clan which is based on the table below

Targeted base rankEXP per win

Bonus EXP

  • 10 bonus Clan EXP If your Clan can get more than 40% possible stars.
  • 25 bonus Clan EXP If your Clan can get more than 60% possible stars.
  • +50 for the Winner.

A 10 vs. 10 war can give your Clan a maximum 130 EXP, while 50 vs. 50 can bring up to 230 EXP for your Clan.
The table below shows you possible amounts of  EXP your Clan can receive after a Clan War

War SizeDefeat All BasesGetting at least 40% starsGetting at least 60% starsWin the War
10 Vs. 10+45 EXP+10/55 EXP+25/80 EXP+50/130 EXP
15 Vs. 15+65 EXP+10/75 EXP+25/100 EXP+50/150 EXP
20 Vs. 20+80 EXP+10/90 EXP+25/115 EXP+50/165 EXP
25 Vs. 25+95 EXP+10/105 EXP+25/130 EXP+50/180 EXP
30 Vs. 30+105 EXP+10/115 EXP+25/140 EXP+50/190 EXP
35 Vs. 35+115 EXP+10/125 EXP+25/150 EXP+50/200 EXP
40 Vs. 40+125 EXP+10/135 EXP+25/160 EXP+50/210 EXP
45 Vs. 45+135 EXP+10/145 EXP+25/170 EXP+50/220 EXP
50 Vs. 50+145 EXP+10/155 EXP+25/180 EXP+50/230 EXP

Clan Levels

The table below shows you the numbers of XP your Clan needs to reach new level

Clan LevelClan EXP required

Everything about Clan Perks

Once your Clan reaches new levels, new Clan Perks will be unlocked for improving plenty of aspects of a Clan.
There are total 6 types of Perks in Clash of Clans:

  1. Reducing the wait time between each request. Your Clan can unlock this perk at level 2 and level 7.
  2. Increasing the troop limit each donation. This Perk can be unlocked once Clan hits level 4 and 8.
  3. Refunding the donator a certain amount of Elixir Elixir which is based on the donated troops. This Perk can be unlocked by Clan level 3, 6 and 9.
  4. Upgrading level of every donated troop automatically. For example, If you give a level 2 Golem to your clanmate, they will receive it as a level 3 Golem. This Perk can be unlocked by Clan level 5 and 10.
  5. Increasing the storage capacity of Clan castle for every member in Clan. This Perk can be unlocked by Clan level 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10.
  6. Increasing the bonus loot after every Clan War. Clan level 3, 5, 7 and 9 can unlock this Perk.
Clan Perk Details

Above are everything I know about Clan Perks in Clash of Clans. If you have any suggestion, please comment to help me improve this page. If you have any question, feel free to ask and I will try my best to help you!


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    Something is confusing me, do i need (1900) of experience to reach level 4 or 5? Because my clan got (1680) of exp. and it’s lvl 4.