New Clash of Clans Update: Dragon level 5 – July 1st 2015

Hey guys! I am very happy to bring to you this awesome good news: We are going to have a new Clash of Clans update next couples of days with plenty of new stunning features.

I will keep this page update every hour so bookmark this page and we will explore this superb update!

Dragon Level 5 at the new update

Clash of Clans Update with Dragon level 5 and new Spells

The main features of this update

  • New Dark Spell Factory with 3 new spells: Poison, Earth Quake and Haste. poison spell earthquake spell haste spell
    New Spell Factory
  • Dragon level 5 is available at Town Hall 10 because Dragon level 4 is quite weak at TH10. Town Hall 9 players now can unlock Dragon level 4.
  • Another Air Sweeper will be available at Town Hall 9.
  • Two new main league: Titan league (4100 – 5000 trophies) and Legend league (>5000 trophies).
  • New AI improvements.

New Clash of Clans Leagues in the June 2015 Update

Game Balancing Changes:

  • Spell training times have been reduced.
    Lightning Spell and Healing Spell now just take 20 minutes for brewing.
    Rage, Jump and Freeze Spell now just take 30 minutes for brewing.
  • Now you can put your Spells in queue when your Spell Storage is full. This helps farming faster a lot.
  • Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir Storages are now immune to all Spells in game.
  • Clan Tournaments last for 1 month instead of 2 weeks with more bonus Gems.
  • Adjusted Barbarian, Archer, P.E.K.KA and Dragon training cost at some levels.
  • Increased HP of couples of buildings.
  • Inferno Tower in Single-Target mode charges to full power a bit faster
New training costs

Spells and Storages

Some new AI improvements

  • Barbarian King, Archer Queen and all other troops don’t attack unnecessary Walls.
  • Troops won’t attack the walls anymore If the target behind those walls is destroyed.
  • Wall Breakers are now smarter, they don’t break unnecessary walls anymore.
  • Fixed Heroes get stuck problem.

New Interface improvements

  1. There will be new interface for the Barracks and Spell Factory:
    New Barrack Interface
  2. New troop/spell menu in the battle:
    New troop menu in the battle
  3. New training army button above the Attack! button, you don’t have to find your Barracks on the screen anymore.
    New Army Button above the Attack button
  4. Plenty of new possible objects for Town Hall 10 (see the Build button in the video). I bet they are 10 walls + 1 Dark Spell Factory + 1 new Air Sweeper!
  5. The text “Create” above Spell Factory when it is not full will be changed to “Brew”.
  6. Updating…

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