New Training Times and Hero Regen Times

As we have known, Supercell has released the new balance update! We now can train our strong armies much faster and farming becomes more interesting.


In order to see the differences easier, I decided to create this small page!

New Brew Times

TypeOld TimeNew Time
Elixir20 m10 m
Dark Elixir10 m5 m
New Troop Training Times
TroopOld TimeNew Time
Golem45 m15 m
Balloon8 m5 m
Wizard8 m5 m
Lava Hound45 m15 m
Witch20 m10 m
Bowler8 m5 m
Dragon30 m15 m
Wall Breaker2 m1 m
P.E.K.K.A.45 m15 m
Valkyrie8 m5 m
Healer15 m10 m
New Hero Regen Times
Barbarian King130 m10 m
Barbarian King232 m11 m
Barbarian King334 m12 m
Barbarian King436 m13 m
Barbarian King538 m14 m
Barbarian King640 m15 m
Barbarian King742 m16 m
Barbarian King844 m17 m
Barbarian King946 m18 m
Barbarian King1048 m19 m
Barbarian King1150 m20 m
Barbarian King1252 m21 m
Barbarian King1354 m22 m
Barbarian King1456 m23 m
Barbarian King1558 m24 m
Barbarian King1660 m25 m
Barbarian King1762 m26 m
Barbarian King1864 m27 m
Barbarian King1966 m28 m
Barbarian King2068 m29 m
Barbarian King2170 m30 m
Barbarian King2272 m31 m
Barbarian King2374 m32 m
Barbarian King2476 m33 m
Barbarian King2578 m34 m
Barbarian King2680 m35 m
Barbarian King2782 m36 m
Barbarian King2884 m37 m
Barbarian King2986 m38 m
Barbarian King3088 m39 m
Barbarian King3190 m40 m
Barbarian King3292 m41 m
Barbarian King3394 m42 m
Barbarian King3496 m43 m
Barbarian King3598 m44 m
Barbarian King36100 m45 m
Barbarian King37102 m46 m
Barbarian King38104 m47 m
Barbarian King39106 m48 m
Barbarian King40108 m49 m
Archer Queen130 m10 m
Archer Queen232 m11 m
Archer Queen334 m12 m
Archer Queen436 m13 m
Archer Queen538 m14 m
Archer Queen640 m15 m
Archer Queen742 m16 m
Archer Queen844 m17 m
Archer Queen946 m18 m
Archer Queen1048 m19 m
Archer Queen1150 m20 m
Archer Queen1252 m21 m
Archer Queen1354 m22 m
Archer Queen1456 m23 m
Archer Queen1558 m24 m
Archer Queen1660 m25 m
Archer Queen1762 m26 m
Archer Queen1864 m27 m
Archer Queen1966 m28 m
Archer Queen2068 m29 m
Archer Queen2170 m30 m
Archer Queen2272 m31 m
Archer Queen2374 m32 m
Archer Queen2476 m33 m
Archer Queen2578 m34 m
Archer Queen2680 m35 m
Archer Queen2782 m36 m
Archer Queen2884 m37 m
Archer Queen2986 m38 m
Archer Queen3088 m39 m
Archer Queen3190 m40 m
Archer Queen3292 m41 m
Archer Queen3394 m42 m
Archer Queen3496 m43 m
Archer Queen3598 m44 m
Archer Queen36100 m45 m
Archer Queen37102 m46 m
Archer Queen38104 m47 m
Archer Queen39106 m48 m
Archer Queen40108 m49 m
Grand Warden130 m30 m
Grand Warden232 m31 m
Grand Warden334 m32 m
Grand Warden436 m33 m
Grand Warden538 m34 m
Grand Warden640 m35 m
Grand Warden742 m36 m
Grand Warden844 m37 m
Grand Warden946 m38 m
Grand Warden1048 m39 m
Grand Warden1150 m40 m
Grand Warden1252 m41 m
Grand Warden1354 m42 m
Grand Warden1456 m43 m
Grand Warden1558 m44 m
Grand Warden1660 m45 m
Grand Warden1762 m46 m
Grand Warden1864 m47 m
Grand Warden1966 m48 m
Grand Warden2068 m49 m

Keep clashing my friends! See you in game!