Obstacles don’t drop Gems randomly

As we all know, we can get Gems in Clash of Clans by removing obstacles like trees, trunks and bushes.

I found a gem in the tree!

Sometimes we can find 5 gems from the tree and even 6 gems from the trunk but sometimes we just earn EXP. Is that random? No! It follows this certain sequence:


No matter what obstacles you remove, the number of Gems drop from them will always follow the sequence above.

We can get new obstacle after every 8 hours, It means there are total 21 obstacles respawn on your land per week. So you can get up to 45 Gems every week. Normally, we have a Gem Box (25 Gems) every 2 weeks. It means you can earn up to 45×4 + 25×2 = 230 Gems every month.

  • Tev Milli

    Nice never knew this

    • Will Potter

      Me too, just knew about it few days ago 😀

  • Des316

    If I don’t clear and let it stay there, will I get more than 1 gem box?

    • Will Potter

      No, you just can have 1 Gem Box at a time!

      • Braden Salazar

        that’s not true I have had 5 at a time and waited to do them all together

        • Will Potter

          I haven’t seen this before. It’s very cool to see it!
          Can you post the screenshot here buddy?

  • aboodkeswani

    Yesterday I just remove 15 trees and this things and 1 gem box I get 102 gems!! The next day I get another gem box , so I don’t think gem box shows up every to weeks

    • Will Potter

      Wow really?
      You are a super lucky guy.
      I have been playing Clash of Clans for years and I and almost other players usually have a Gem Box every 2-week.

      • kick

        aboodkeswani also got 2 gems boxes in a difference of 2 dyas but what u must remmeber in the whole month you will only get 2 no matter how much time difference u got them! per season u get only 2

  • Cathal shiels


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  • CoC

    Well actually it’s an average two weeks wait for a gem box so you can actually get them earlier

    • Will Potter

      Ya right. Sometimes I can see a new Gem Box after just 1 week.

      • Cliffhanger9


        • joe mama


  • Aniket

    From one month I am not having a gem box

    • Will Potter

      Are other obstacles still respawning?

  • kikolas3

    I just wondering how much free gems i have winning along this times and i find this post. Thank you!

    • Will Potter

      You are very welcome buddy!

  • Deddy Romnan

    cool dude

  • Wait, so that’s about 9 months of removing obstacles for the 5th builder, not counting achievments? >.>

    • Will Potter

      9 months are acceptable IMO. I have been playing this game for a few years, so… xD