Treasury is not always the safest place

As far as we know, attackers just can get 3% from the Treasury, but is it always wise to storage your loot in the Treasury all the time? Is there any safer place than it?

Clash of Clans Treasury

As I mentioned in a post before, you can’t raid all the loot from the enemy Storages, there is a cap (maximum raidable loot) at every Town Hall level:

Town Hall % available loot can be stolenMaximumReal loot for maximum available loot
1 to 620%200,0001,000,000

For example, as you can see at the table above, at Town Hall 9

  • If you have more than 2,5 million Gold in Storages and nothing in the Treasury, the attacker can’t take more than 350k Gold from your Storages.
  • If you have more than 2,5 million Gold in Storages and 1 million Gold in the Treasury, the attacker can take 350k Gold from your Storages and 30k Gold from the Treasury.

Thus, it’s better to collect the Treasury when your amount of loot reaches the cap.

Hope you won’t be angry since this is pretty stupid LOL (most players don’t care about 30k loot each much).

I just want to share this small tip that I have just noticed and we can have a funny topic to discuss. Clash on!