Skeleton Spell

Skeleton Spell is the new Dark Spell which was released in the latest Clash of Clans update – the May 2016 update! Let’s take a look and see guys!


Clash of Clans Skeleton Spell

Basically, this spell spawns a skeleton squad from where you dropped it down.

Skeleton Spell Summary

  • The Skeleton Spell is the new dark spell, which can be unlocked from Town Hall 9 via Dark Spell Factory level 4.
  • Although Skeletons are very weak but they can give you lots of value If you use them the right way.
  • Skeletons don’t trigger traps.
  • Skeletons can lure Clan troops out.

Spell Basic Stats

RadiusHousing SpaceBrewing TimeTargetsDark Spell Factory Level Required
Updating…15 minutesGround4
LevelSkeletons generatedCost Research Cost Research TimeLaboratory Level Required
27120500008 days7
381307500010 days8
41014010000012 days9

Skeleton Basic Stats

Preferred TargetAttack TypeMovement SpeedAttack SpeedRangeDamage each SkeletonHitpoints each Skeleton
NoneMelee (Ground Only)241s0.4 tiles2430

Some great ways to use the Skeleton Spell

  • In Valkyrie raids, it’s pretty common to have at least 1 compartment at the end with defenses inside that could take down your troops! Once those defenses are distracted by your troops, drop your Skeleton Spell right on top of them.
  • In Balloon raids, If your Balloons usually get clump up and your Lava Hounds don’t get bursted, it will take a lot of time to finish off non-defensive buildings. Skeleton Army will help you!
  • In GoHo attacks, you usually face a pack of Skeletons following your Hog Riders. Dropping a pack of Skeletons would be great in this situation! Just wait until your Hogs run into a Healing Spell then drop your Skeleton Spell!
  • Skeleton Spell can be effectively used to deal with single-target Inferno Tower. A pack of Skeletons can keep the Inferno Tower busy while other troops are hitting it. Don’t use it against a multi-target Inferno Tower otherwise our Skeletons will be taken out very quickly due to their HP.
  • Some players like using Skeleton Spell with Poison Spell to deal with defensive Clan troops which have low HP (Archers, Minions,…). You will want to use the Skeleton Spell first, then use the Poison Spell.
  • For distracting Heroes, especially while using Queen Walk.
  • To check Hidden Tesla, especially for Hog Rider and Balloon attacks.

Do you have any great use of this amazing spell? Please share your opinions guys!

  • Jayce429

    Never mind.

  • Franck Dissard


  • Oupal

    if your queen about to be targeted by defense, you already use her ability, deploy them can give queen additional time that maybe needed for her to reach that defense.

    • Will Potter

      Great share! Thank you so much buddy!

      • Oupal

        hehehe no problem ?

  • Jergens

    new troop?

    • Mr Jee

      looks like musketeer hat on clash royale

      • Jergens


      • Will Potter

        Yea xD

        • Ishmam

          I want the miner! 🙁

          • Will Potter

            As you wish man! xD

      • Francesco Vitali

        The shovel reminds me this guy

        • Will Potter

          xD You was right man!

    • Will Potter

      New Barrack level = new troop level. I don’t think we are going to have new troops in this update but who knows. Right?

      • Sunrit Roy Karmakar

        we have miner and baby drag in this update

  • Deddy Romnan

    when will the update released?

    • Will Potter

      Just next few days buddy XD

  • Aung

    we can use hogs attack without killing enemy queen.when enemy queen start shooting your hogs distract with skelly buy some time your hog finally kill AQ.

  • Francesco Vitali

    Uhm.. i would try freeze skeleton combo to take out inferno towers
    or freeze + fury + over nine thousand scheletons to take out the DE storage plus town hall 😀

    • Will Potter

      But outside buildings can take our your Skeletons quickly. There are loads of uses are waiting for us to be discovered :D.

  • Ace 22

    I’m tempted to rush to th9 ?

    • Will Potter

      xD xD

  • rohit

    i dont think its a good idea of this spell….. if the spell can get deployed anywhere then they can also trigger the giant bombs …. and will have an 3* Hog attack ….

    • They can’t trigger traps

      • Rohit Koli

        kkk thanks buddy

    • Will Potter

      Skeletons don’t trigger traps buddy.

  • Guess bases with ‘an unlurable cc’ at higher TH levels no longer exist!

    • Will Potter

      Anti-Skeleton bases wil be released soon!

      • Polemicist

        Skelton Traps will not trigger cc…

        • Oupal

          it is

        • Indeed, sad. 🙁

          • Polemicist

            Having that feature would have been op… Big bases with deep Queen and CC would have become pointless. The new spring traps are quite enjoyable though. 🙂

          • Low priority for me – my clanmate says they’ll only spring upto 19 housing spaces – not even 4 giants, but 3 giants and a wiz if times right >.<

          • Polemicist

            Ya must be TH8 or lower if the spring traps aren’t useful at level 2. 16 housing spaces means two Valks. And if you ain’t getting hit by Valks then ya must not be TH9 or higher. Love facing a GoWiPers clan and knowing my spring traps will take out 4 wizards and then smash them to a pulp with a GoVaHo or mass Valk. Lol

          • BGunsgu

            The big deal is that they spring 2 valks now.

          • But not 4 giants

  • Moin Kasmani

    I would use heals and skeleton spells to take out Dark elixir

    • Basel Alaa

      They will get one shot

    • Will Potter

      I wish your Skeletons could take more than 1 hit mate!

  • Sunrit Roy Karmakar

    hahaha. my clan mate was boasting of a perfect cc . “nobody can lure his cc troops.” guess he got screwed by this update. lol

    • Will Potter


  • Sunrit Roy Karmakar

    dark elixir just got easier to loot

    • Will Potter


  • Gian Mante

    Am i the only one having problems against SkeletonSpell+Rage&Heal targeting my DE ? 🙁 they’ve been targeting my DE since this morning and two attacks are these bastards . used about 6 Skeleton Spell and they always get 5000-6000 of my DE . :<

  • Crystal

    Can th8.5 upgrade spells to get this?

    • Will Potter

      Don’t do that at this time!

  • Krazynewf

    Anyone know what upgrade levels for skeleton spells in th9 lab?

    Cheers ?

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  • Tux Baru

    post not updated ?
    Skeleton spell level 2 require laboratory lv.2
    Can not trigger clan castle troop, yes but can lure it after they come out..

  • It can’t trigger traps, but can trigger Hidden Tesla?

    Also, it’s like a skeleton army. 😛

    • Will Potter

      Yes of course it can trigger Hidden Tesla man!
      Yea, they are basically the same xD

      • But don’t teslas count as traps?

  • Daniel M. Ramos

    Does anybody know how Larry lost his jaw? ?

    • Skellies from skeleton spells are incomplete – only witches can spawn true skellies, and thus true Larrys.

  • Papayou

    Can the skeleton spell trigger the clan castle?

    • Will Potter

      Yes of course, it does buddy!


    Skeleton Spells+Rage Spells+Freeze Spells= Great way to farm DE!

    • Will Potter

      I think I will give it a try xD. Thanks a lot mate!

  • Lovepreet Channay

    see my base