3Go Earthquake Strategy

3Go EarthQuake is a nice strategy for you to deal with any Town Hall 8 base which is pretty spread out (not good for Hogs) and can be opened up by Earthquake Spells (It just has 2-3 remaining boxes after the Earthquake). Just go with this strategy If you are at mid-late Town Hall 8. If you are at early-mid TH8, just simply use Dragon attacks for getting all 6 stars in Clan Wars.
Many thanks to JTJ for this awesome strategy!

3Go EQ Attack Strategy

3Go Earthquake Army Composition

Army Camps: 3xgolem 14xwizardย pekka 2xWall Breaker 5xBarbarian 4xballoon

Clan Castle: 2xwitch Barbarian

Spells: 4xearthquake spell healing spell poison spell

You can you Hogs instead of Balloons.

When should I use 3Go EQ?

  • When you are at late TH8 with have Earthquake Spell, level 2 Golems, level 2 P.E.K.KAs and Clan Castle with 25 housing spaces.
  • The enemy base can be opened up by Earthquake Spells easily and just has 2-3 boxes after that.
    • If all Air Defenses are in the middle, you should use Balloons.
    • If all ADs are not in the middle, you can use Hog Riders.

The screenshots below are some kinds of bases you can easily overwhelm with this strategy. The white circles refers where you can drop the Earthquake Spells:

How to attack with 3Go EQ

Choosing the best place to drop the Earthquake Spells

Drop 4 Earthquake Spells on attack vector opening up maximum boxes. Usually you drop this behind first wall (Wall Breakers that off main attack). Note, if you need to drop Golem/Wizard teams on flanks before EQ to get cuts down (so main army flows to mid) before EQ delay EQ and do cuts then EQ after the next step.

Dealing with the Clan troops

  1. Use either 1 Hog Raider or 1 Balloon to lure the Clan troops out. If you know that they are all tier 1 troops, just skip this step and drop the Poison Spells on them later.
  2. Place your Clan Castle (2 Witches + 1 Barbarian). The enemy Clan troops will focus on your Skeletons immediately. Always make sure that you place the Clan Castle a bit far from the defenses.
  3. Once the enemy troops are clustered by your Skeletons, place your Golems.
  4. Drop 3-4 Wizards when the enemy troops are locked on your Golems. They will be taken down easily. Drop the Poison Spell If they are flying units.

The main attack

  1. After taking down the enemies, deploy your P.E.K.K.A and the 6-7 Wizards.
  2. Drop the Poison Spell on the enemy Skeletons If you still have it.
  3. Drop the Healing Spell in the middle to keep your main troops alive, you need them alive to reach the backside.
  4. As core team is clearing mid the buildings on outside parallel to them will be uncovered usually. Drop 1-2 wizards on each flank outside to start clearing. If needed use snipe units as blockers for them if there is a stray defense out there.
  5. If base has AD in/near mid such that core team takes out when in mid, use Baloons (3-4) to snipe backside defenses once AD overwatch is gone. If Air Defenses are spread such that mid team won’t get all down consider Hog Riders action for snipe (3-4) .
  6. Deploy your Cleanup troops for speeding up the raid speed.

Pretty simple right? Take a look at the video below from JTJ, the author of this strategy, for more details and you can see how easy it is!

Hopefully you can bring a lot of more stars for your Clans with this strategy!

  • Utkarsh Ryu

    Hello Will, IMO Baisc Gowipe is far more superior cause without EQ we will have 2 rage spells extra for a guaranteed 100%. No doubt 3Go is a great strategy but I will stick to regular gowipes at TH8.

    • Will Potter

      Hi Utkarsh,

      GoWiPe is a great strategy, undoubtedly, but depending on the enemy bases, there are plenty of better strategies, this one for example: http://cocland.com/strategies/gohogs-attack-strategy

      If I have to attack a base with lots of compartments, I’d like to avoid GoWiPe.

      • Utkarsh Ryu

        Yes you are right about compartments section though.Most of the times its a timeout if we use gowipes.

      • Edmar

        Hi! my th was done upgrading now it is lvl8 ,I’m in Master League, but it is very hard to push to champions,can you give me a great th8 base layout for trophy pushing? ^_^also the best army composition? Thanks!!!

        • Will Potter

          Hi Edmar,
          You can use all farming bases on cocland. I think that doesn’t matter at all because your base can be destroyed most times at Master regardless. Just place your Town Hall outside and you will be fine.

          We have couples of guides about trophy pushing but IMO the best ones for TH8 are finding bases with losts of buildings outside then snipe with Archers and finding TH for sniping.

          Hope you can reach the Champion league soon!

  • Ali

    I think we should use more pekka’s. 1 pekka cant do any thing special.
    thank you for sharing
    Hi will I have a problem. now I’m in crystal III league with 2014 trophies but i cant find any outside town halls. and with Barch I cant get 50% destruction. what strategy should I use to get to the core of th8 and 7 bases and get 1 star.
    and another thing what troops are good for me to have in my castle?

    • Joshua Lao

      First, what Town Hall lvl are you? If you are 7 or 8 I’d recommend having some giants ( maybe 8-12) and maybe 8 wall breakers. For cc some giants or a healer would help a lot.

      • Ali

        what about other troops?

        • Utkarsh Ryu

          If you are a th8. getting to a core of max th8 is not that tought task. You can use 10 giants with or without healer with 6-8 wallbreakers and rest archers.You can include goblins as well. And always take 2 healings and rage spell for extra power.

          • Ali

            I’m th 7.Thank you but my problem solved thanks to will. I just needed a way that help me to get 50%, and will solved my problem.

    • Will Potter

      In this strategy, P.E.K.K.A is not the main troop for dealing damage, Wizards are. If we use more than one P.E.K.K.A, we will not have enough Wizards to finish all the important steps, especially after taking down the core.


      I think you should take a look at this post, It shows you the easiest way for pushing trophy with Barch: http://cocland.com/guides/farming-dark-elixir-in-master-with-barch

      • Ali

        thank you very much.
        love you. love you. love you.
        you are the best.

        • Will Potter

          You are very welcome buddy. It is my please. Very glad to help you!

  • Abbas

    Hi as always this was a great guide! keep it up! and thank you.

    BTW will. i just wrote a comment in a base design for th9/10 called crux farming base so i will be very greatfull if you answer my question there will ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for visiting my blog Abbas!

  • Taquitos

    Nice suggestions –

    For me I use;

    Troops: 2 -lvl4Golems, 15 -lvl5Wizards, 6 -lvl5Wallbreakers, 1 -lvl6Archers, 1 -lvl6Barb, 3 -lvl2Witches and 2 -lvl3Pekkas. Request Max Golem

    Spells : 2 MaxHeal Spells. 4 Earthquake and 1 Haste Spell

    Doing Great, I’ve been able to get a lot of 3Stars during my attacks, even if the defenses are maxed out and walls are at least lvl9 or 10.

    The technique here is to make sure that your wizards are being shielded by your golems and pekkas and your witches are able to detonate those spring traps and giant bombs for your wizards to be able to do damage to the structures.

    Don’t have to Heal your Golems and Pekkas since it will only do little effect, just use those with your heroes, witch and wizards. Don’t deploy all your wizards up front since the will clean up those structures out side your base while Golems pekkas witches heroes and some of your wiz are doing the work inside so that your heroes and pekkas won’t go outside.

    Don’t have to lure cc troops, just deploy troops near Clan castle, archerqueen and xbow

    Lemme know your thoughts ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Taquitos

      With the strategy bellow, Don’t deploy your GOLEMS on just 1 are, you have to get them separated, 1 pekka per golem and the other golem with your bk. Archer queen would be at range with all 3 golems.

    • Will Potter

      Thank you for the great commend Tanquitos!

      • Taquitos

        Welcome ๐Ÿ™‚

        Also try tried a different strategy (GOWIWI)
        – 2 Golems – 60 spacing
        – 6 Witches – 72 spacing
        – 6 Wallbreakers – 12 spacing
        – 19 Wizards – 76 spacing
        – CC TROOP – Golem
        – 2 Heal Spells, 4 Earthquake Spells and 1 Haste

        Note: Only disadvantage of this is you have to use alot of Dark elixir, if you want to lessen the DE consumption you can deduct the # of Witches and Wizards and convert them to Pekkas instead but by doing this, you might wanna switch 1 heal spell to rage.

        — Lemme know your thoughts!

  • Daniel M. Ramos

    Cool! I really despise those stupid spread out bases. I have been looking for something like this.

    • Will Potter

      Hope it can help you in your next War Daniel!

  • Adam

    You can actually do 1 heal spell 1 rage and 4 earthquake at town hall 8 if you want btw, with one earthquake in cc.

    • Will Potter

      That’s right Adam, but truly you don’t need to use up to 3 Golems for dealing with Town Hall 8!

      • Adam

        Isn’t this a 3 golems strategy though… 3Go? I’m kinda confused.

        • Will Potter

          Yup, I meant you don’t need up to 3 Golems to defeat a TH8 base.

          • Adam

            This is a 3 Golem guide to attacking a TH8 base. Yet you actually don’t need 3 golems. Why did you make this guide if you only need 1 or 2? Btw I usually like 3 because I can spread my wizards out SO far and get the Pekka to go into the middle.

          • Will Potter

            LOL just a joke buddy! So sorry If you don’t like that :(.

          • Adam

            lol okay.