HoGoWiWi – Best 3 Stars Attack Strategy for Early TH9

Because of the low level troops and Heroes, finding a decent army composition for getting 3 stars in Clan War at early Town Hall 9 is not easy at all. Using Mass Hog Rider is not a bad choice but we can’t use it on all bases. Lots of new TH9 players are using GoWiPe for Clan Wars but with low level Golem and Heroes, getting the last start is pretty touch. You also can’t use air attacks at the early stage. So what is the best and easiest way to get 3 stars from most bases as an early Town Hall 9? I’d like to say it is HoGoWiWi.

HoGoWiWi Attack Strategy

HoGoWiWi Army Composition

Depending on the base you are going to attack, you can adjust the army composition yourself. Below is the one that I usually use:

23xhog 1xgolem 2xwitch 8xwizard 3xWall Breaker 2xgiant 1xArcher 2xBarbarian

Clan Castle: 1xgolem

Spells: 3xhealing spell 1xjump spell 1xpoison spell

Attack with HoGoWiWi

Step 1: Scouting

There are 2 things you should care about before doing the attack: The enemy Clan Castle and Archer Queen. We should attack from the Archer Queen’s side otherwise she will hurt your troops so bad. She is always one of the most dangerous threats for all Hog Rider variants.

Step 2: Dealing with Clan troops

Regardless of the Clan Castle placement, you always can lure the Clan troops out:

  • If the Clan Castle is lureable, drop your Giant for luring the enemy Clan troops out.
  • If the Clan Castle is not lureable, deploy 4-5 Hog Riders. While your Hog Riders is taking down 1 defensive building, the enemy Clan troops is always being lured out.

Dealing with Clan Troops

After that, pull those troops to the corner by using your Archer. When they are close enough, drop your 2 Witches at the corner for calling Skeletons and taking damage. Drop the Poison Spell and then your Archer Queen for dealing with those Clan troops. If your Skeletons are taken down quickly, you should drop 2 Barbarians for replacing them. When your Barbarians are taking damage, the Witches will have time for re-calling those Skeletons again.

Step 3: Start attacking

You should drop your Golems when dealing with the Clan troops to avoid wasting time. As we’ve discussed above, let’s attack from the Archer Queen’s side.

Just drop your Golems as usual. Don’t place them too close, spread them out a bit so they can distract more defensive buildings. Drop your Wizards right after your Golems, normally 4-5 Wizards are enough.

You should send your Wall Breakers to open a pretty big compartment, so you can reach the core easier later with just 1 Jump Spell. Send your Barbarian King into the War once the Walls are down. Without buildings outside, your King will come directly inside the base. If you are not really good at this, you should take a look at the example for funneling your Heroes.

Dropping Golems

Once your Golems and Heroes are get into the core, you can start deploying your Hog Riders at the opposite side. Deploy 3-4 Hog Riders for each defensive buildings (this is called Surgical Hogs Strategy) for minimizing the loss If they face the Spring Traps or Giant Bombs. Focus on the attack and drop the Healing Spells once their healthbars turn to yellow.

Don’t forget your unused Wizards. Deploy them once the Hog Riders have taken down the defensive buildings nearby.


Due to the number of troops, You may think this HoGoWiWi is a bit hard to do but no, it is totally not hard. In short, this attack strategy can be split into just 2 parts: Dropping Golems and Sending Hog Riders. No one can do it well at the first time. Practicing makes perfect! Doing the attacks outside the War couples of times and I am sure that you will love this strategy!

  • Marc Kevin Javellana

    This is my favorite attack strategy, 3* on TH8, and early TH9, 2* on Mid and High TH9. Still upgrading hogs and witches to max and Golem to level 4. I hope to 3* them once the troops gets stronger.

  • Abbas

    Hi, first of all this site is the best site for coc that i ever seen and have a lot of super Amazing guides that helped me alot and i need to give you my MASSIVE thanks ;D well i have a question about this guide . do this strategy work with pekka instead of witch? (HoGoWiPe)

    • Will Potter

      Hi Abbas.
      I’d like to say it depends on the base you attack but basically P.E.K.K.A and Witch are totally different. In this strategy, Witches can be the tanker at the starting so you don’t need to spend many troops for dealing with the Clan Castle troops.

  • Parvez Dipto

    Hello there ?. Could you help me with attacking these bases? It would be helpful if you also tell me about the strategies… I want to 3 star these bases if possible. Thanks in advance! My army is also included.

  • IranClash

    Hi , Is it impossible for level 2 of hogs and one of golems ?

    • Will Potter

      I’d like to recommend doing this strategy with at least level 4 Hogs and level 2 Golems as a Town Hall 9.
      Level 2 Hogs are quite weak buddy!

    • Taquitos

      yeah, even with just 1 giant bomb and some hits from Wizard towers would surely wipe your hogs out. Like Roast them, literally 🙂

  • Allex

    a note you forgot : When a player early of th 9 ! he don’t have 30 spaces for a golem in CC

    • Will Potter

      I always recommend upgrading the Clan Castle at very beginning of each Town Hall level buddy!

      • Niimbus

        Yeah you should max out th8 before moving on to th9. and theres a great th9 guide at warglory.wix.com that helps prioritize upgrades for th9s interested in maximizing their time and not being a burden to their clan in wars. one note to consider is the addition of a second air sweeper after the guide was made. you can do this sweeper imo sometime between your new AD and Tesla. you will have a good feeling of when by the time your ready for it anyway. good luck guys.

    • Taquitos

      yes buddy, you can try to check this post by will about upgrade order…


  • MwAbonanza

    Or make it a hogowiwipe by replacing 10 hog riders for 2 pekkas

    • Will Potter

      I don’t really think that 2 P.E.K.K.As are more useful than 10 Hog Riders at here. But ya, it also depends on the base you attack!

  • Ricardo

    I use this attack against max th9 in clan wars with 3 stars result, but when I practice it out of war I change 2 golem for 6 giants and 2 witches for 6 wizards and it works too, because sometimes there is one or none heros and clan castle is empty or it is not a max th9. So I can save some dark elixir.
    I change the jump spell by a range one to kill de clan castle and break the walls to get to the core, if there insn’t level 10 walls.

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for the great sharing Ricardo.
      Training it outside the Clan Wars is pretty amazing. I do it couples of times everyday.

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  • Taquitos

    wow great strategy, a must try for next war will post about result. Thanks!

    • Will Potter

      You will love it!

      • Taquitos

        Loving it already!

  • Parvez Dipto

    Thanks! This strategy makes it easy to 3 star a max th9… Any other strategies you recommend against max th9s?

  • aat

    Can say the level of troops for the strategies?

    • Will Potter

      I recommend using at least Golem level 2 and Hogs level 4.

      • marcus

        Can i use lvl 3 hogs?

        • Will Potter

          Of course yes but they are really weak. You should go with at least level 4 Hogs.

  • Rjay Ursal

    Can i use this attack without a max golem? Because my friend say’s you cant use hogowiwi without a max golem.

    • Will Potter

      Of cours Rjay, it also depends on the base you are going to attack.
      I recommend using Golem at lest level 2.

  • Taquitos

    Nice suggestion! I was inspired by this channel with the HoGoWiWi strategy, currently getting 3 Stars on every attack consistently! But I Modified it a bit Focused more on protecting the Hogs Since, once they are safe even when other troops die, they do all the cleaning up.

    NOTE: This Troop composition would only be effective for bases with out double giant bombs

    Here’s what I have ( 220 Troop Total Capacity);
    > 22 Hogs – 110 Capacity
    > 9 Wizards – 36 Capacity
    > 1 Golem – 30 Capacity
    > 2 Witches – 24 Capacity
    > 6 Wallbreakers – 12 Capacity
    > 1 Giant – 5 Capacity
    > 2 Barbarians – 2 Capacity
    > 1 Archer – 1 Capacity

    Spells: (9 Total Spell Capacity);
    > 4 Heal spells
    > 1 Haste spell

    Of course you’ll have to lure out the cc troops since aside from DoubleGiantBombs, CC troops are the reason why hogs are easily wiped out. If the Clan Castle is at the center of the base and inside the external wall, you can try to deploy 1 or 2 hogs to let those cc troops out of the clan castle. But if you Clan castle range is outside the wall, you can deploy 1 or 2 barbarians. Deploy the archer to any structure at the side where the Archer Queen and Nearest Xbow is located (since ArchQueen will damage big time to your hogs),

    Once you’ve lured out the cc troops that’s deploy the giant to get the attention of the CC Troops, then drop your archer queen and 2 witches with at least 3 or 4 wizards. Once the giant dies, drop the remaining barbarian to regain the attention of the CC Troops. Note: you have to make the ArcherQueen live, if you think that the CC Troop will attack your queen active her skill right away and as soon as you’ve killed the cc troops deploy the 2 golems and and bk. with the remaining wizards and wallbreakers with the haste spell right away to kill the Enemy’s Arch Queen.

    Deploy the GOLEMS separately to absorb most of the attacks from the defensive structures. Once the archerqueen is dead, Deploy your 22 HOGS at left or right side of where you deployed your troops, this is to assist your GOWIWI on taking down the defensive structures. Note: Don’t Deploy all hogs to attack just 1 structure, the other hogs would be useless since by 1 hit from 5-6 hogs will surely destroy 1 defensive structure. At least with the swarm try to hit 3 defensive structure and assist your hogs with the heal spells.

    Note: The technique with the heal spell is not to target the Hogs but to target the defensive structures that the hogs may go to, Hogs are fast so if you’ll target them chances are your going to miss them.

    As long as you have your HOGS alive through out the attack chances are you’ll have them and some of your Golems, wizards, witches and even your archer queen still alive to finish off the attack and get the Glorious 3 STAR attack!

    Lemme know your thoughts!
    Clash on!

    • Taquitos

      Apologies for the lengthy explanation, I can’t help but share these to you guys since based on experience with attacking TH9, you’ll have to get your hogs to survive crossing the whole map and the only way to do that is by getting them all the support that you can, and in this case heal spell would be the best option, so for me I guess the 4 heal spells would be most applicable.If you’ll be able to get your golems to the center of the base the lesser chances of your hogs getting hit by most of the defensive structures.

      = Clash on!

    • Taquitos

      If your going to ask, why haste Spell instead of Poison spell? you can easily kill CC troops even without the Poison spell when luring as indicated above and the Haste spell is to Boost your Golems to rush the the center to absorb the Xbows, Archer queen, other defensive structures’ attacks and even to detonate While your archer queen and wizards are have free hit 🙂

  • Abdul Kohar

    tq buddy i used your strategy and it work :D.
    now im mastered 3 stars in th 9 😀

  • Abdul Rahim

    Hogs is my favourite troop but i am still learning to master it. Let me try this strategy.

    • Will Potter

      Good luck with this strategies buddy. Looking for your great results!

  • hassan jawaid

    guys whats the best attack for new th9’s if you havent got witches yet…i have a new th9 and have maxed out th8 troops lvl3 drag, lvl4 hog etc..i am currently using gowipe but can only get 2 stars max..please can you help me out. Thank you.

    • Will Potter

      Hi Hassan,
      Please take a look at this strategy, easy 3 stars for early-mid TH9!


      • hassan jawaid

        Hi Will thanks for the reply but currently i havent got witches tho im close to saving up for them, il give this strategy a try once i unlock witches.

        • Will Potter

          You can use Wizards instead of Witches If you want.

  • Raizel

    for replacing 2 witch bc i havne’t upgraded my dark barracks until now, should i replace it with 4 wiz, 1 pull hog and rest with barbs?

    • Will Potter

      Of course, you can use GoHogs (without Witches). Buy 1-2 more Hogs and add a few more troops and you will be fine!

      • Raizel

        as you state in step 2-3, dropping golem + AQ is what you called as KS right? i usually take out cc with double poison but it takes 30s for cc troops to got depleted. i should tried this as my 2nd war bc i haven’t get a grasp of it

  • Raizel

    i should try this strat more intensively. i failed miserably after trying this attack after had so much gowipe from th 8 till now. i cri

    • Will Potter

      LOL. I hope you can farm 1 billion Gold with this strategy!

  • Matt Ward

    Massive thank you for this followed your guide to the letter got 3 stars my first attack and never looked back awesome

    • Will Potter

      Awesome Matt! I am very glad to hear this! You rock!

  • Heisenberg.

    Wow that really works! Do some changes and it will do wonders. Take MAXED BOWLERS IN CC AND TAKE YOUR OWN GOLEM INSTEAD! give it a try!!