Anti-AQ Walk Clan Troop Combination

Hello guys, This is going to be another Queen Walk related topic! And today, I am going to show you the best Clan troop combinations in order to deal with Queen Walk, one of the most popular strategy in Clash of Clans right now!


I used a level 30 Archer Queen and 4 level 4 Healers to do the Queen Walk tests. Assuming that there isn’t any defensive building nearby and the Poison Spell is well placed.

I used these Clan troop combinations to deal with the Queen Walk and only 2 of them work well against Queen Walk:

CombinationDid it work?
Lava HoundNO
Witch + Baby Dragon + ValkyrieNO
Baby Dragon + DragonNO
Baby DragonsNO
Baby Dragon + 2 Valkyries + WizardYES

All in all, both P.E.K.K.A and Baby Dragon + 2 Valkyries + Wizard work, but, If you use P.E.K.K.A, it will give other weakness in an attack. Attacker can use small troops to distract the P.E.K.K.A and protect the Queen.

Using Baby Dragon + 2 Valkyries + Wizard is an easy way to make the Queen Walk Clan Troop kill more expensive. This troop combination can easily force your opponent to use either the Rage Spell or her ability, the Royal Cloak. In addition, during the tests, I didn’t use any single defensive building to hit the Queen, which means, in real attacks, If the attacker doesn’t pay enough attention to his Queen, she can be absolutely killed anytime. Also, dealing with this Clan troop combination without using some tanky units is not easy at all!

Shared by Sumac.