Best Ranges for Farming in Clash of Clans

In Clash of Clans, you can buy everything with Gold and Elixir except some gem decorations. We fight for them. These resources is the whole purpose of Clash of Clans. One of the most valuable skills in this game is knowing the best places where can get loot easily. Each Town Hall level has individual trophy range.


Best Trophy Ranges for Farming:

There are hundreds Clash of Clans players and there are one hundred opinions for this topic. Maybe the trophy ranges in this post are not good as yours but they are the most popular ones. If you have any ideas, if you want to share your trophy ranges, please do a comment. That will be a favor for us!

  • Town Hall 4: Bronze I is the best place for you, new players.. Stay here, you can find loot and upgrade your buildings and troops easily. Don’t go too far from this place or you will be attacked by higher Town Halls.
  • Town Hall 5: Bronze I and II, the same as for Town Hall 4.
  • Town Hall 6: Silver III. You can find plenty of idle and Town Hall 6 villages with plenty of easy loot in this league.
  • Town Hall 7: Silver I and II. You are not newbie anymore. Farming now is harder than lower levels. But you still can easily find idle villages in these leagues. You can use Barch for farming because it is very cheap, effective and require just a few minutes for training troops.
    Don’t go too far to Gold leagues because you will face a lot of TH8 villages there and you can’t attack them easily.
  • Town Hall 8: Gold III and Gold II. These places are gold mines for you, you can always find TH7 villages with over 400k loot. When you have all upgraded farming troops and spells, you can also raid other TH8 players easily. These places also have a lot of rushed TH9 and 10. You will love them.
  • Town Hall 9: Gold I. Almost TH9 players live here. You can get level 6 at Town Hall 9, you can easily attack TH8 and rushed TH10 villages now.
  • Town Hall 10: From Crystal 2 to Champion. You are at the final stage of this game now. It is really hard to farm with TH10. At Crystal leagues, you can easily find TH9 villages with 400k loot and other TH10 guys.
    Go to Champion if you really want to try hard. All players want to go to this league because of the big bonus for every win match. But you need a good farming strategy to stay there as long as you can. GoArch and Archers are the best guides for you if you want to farm in Champion.

Good luck, have fun my friends!

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  • Havoc

    You have shit grammar bro.

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  • Rishabh saini

    i just upgraded to th9 and i used to get many inactive bases at 1090 to 1200 trophy range rest ranges were not good for me.

    • Will Potter

      Ya right, after the Air Sweeper update, Silver leagues became much more popular :D.

      • Talha Islam

        Yea but still its easy when your almost MaX

        • Talha Islam

          On Th6

          • Talha Islam

            Its much more harder to max everything out now!

          • Will Potter

            The game will be much harder when you at Town Hall 9 and 10 lol

    • #YOLO

      Just dropped down to silver got 6 mil. Alot of dead bases

  • Shubhkarman singh

    I just got to th8 I m level57…. I raid well in silver 2 but the problem is th9 players easily loot
    whatever I have looted… What can I do??

    • Will Potter

      You can’t do anything. You can’t stop them. Try to go to Gold III or II but I think Silver 1-2 are the best places for you!

  • allanski

    Hey guys, here is a video showing the BARCH strategy, troop composition, trophy range and replays !

  • Talha Islam

    ty dude now i know wt to say to my cousin she is a Th6

    • Will Potter

      Thank for visiting my blog Talha!

  • Prashant

    I am a TH6 and I am in Gold III, before that I was in Gold II. I have more loot but the higher TH levels always go for the trophy in my case, they always end after 50%.

  • Prashant

    I am a TH6 and I am in Gold III, before that I was in Gold II. Whenever higher TH players attack me, they take away only my trophies. The leave the loot and end the battle at 50%.

    • Will Potter

      So If you place your Town Hall outside, far from your base, they will just attack the Town Hall and leave you with free shield!

  • tyler

    I just got to th9 and need to find elixir quick to upgrade my archers, where should I go? 6,000,000 elixir seems impossible

  • Whoo

    Im a th6 and iam in silver2-3 with 991 trophies and i still cant find the loot that i usually find at gold 3 any tips?

  • Dustin Chambers

    I’m Th7 I’m in Gold 3 I’m finding loot here. And I don’t even get raided that often. Th7 people this is the place to go

    • Dibyajyoti Parida

      Yup guyz me too I am in goldII and I balance it between goldiii and ii.I get good loots and when someone attacks trophies decrease but loot taken is very low as many are th8 there(unless your storages and collectors are full).

  • arpan

    i am th 8..can u plzz help that where i stay fr the good loot of gold and elixir

    • Will Potter

      You can stay at either Silver or Gold I league. I think they are all okay!

  • Ahmed Elsioufy

    Iam th 8 and I still not find any loot at silver and gold 1 help plz

  • ThePieguy321

    I am a th8 in gold league. I have been to silver 2, then I pushed with barch and now I am in gold 1. I have not found good loot anywhere.

  • Ahmed Elsioufy

    Will potter I am th8 which league should i stay for dead bases ?

    • Will Potter

      You can stay at Silver and Gold leagues. I am sure that there are a lot of inactive bases there.

  • Sukhman Hayer

    hey, I’m sure ranges change all the time but like as of now whats th best for th9 i just got it today!! thanks love your guides ! dead and inactive bases pls!

    • Will Potter

      You are very welcome buddy. Enjoy farming!

  • ThInK

    I’m a TH9, and I’m trynna use that Barching strategy but I can’t find people with lotta gold in their collectors, I find people who have like 100,000 maybe at most. My friend’s a TH8, and he’s making bank from Barching, gets an average of 250,000 gold per attack or so. Should I get to a higher league and then try or what?

    • Will Potter

      Where are you now buddy?
      I have a TH9 account at Gold leagues and I always can find 300k-400k loot for each raid!

      • matztr

        What do you attack with when you get that loot Will Potter? Only dead bases? Barch?

        • Will Potter

          Barch and BAM, very easy, right?

          • matztr

            Okey, i farm with barch only when i look for gold and elixir. When i look for dark elixir i use giants, wb, arch and goblins.

            I must just keep looking so i can get the same amount as you get, i only got 300k a very few times. 🙂

          • Will Potter

            It is very easy to find bases with 300-400k loot, for sure.
            You can take a look at this:

            Hope it can help you!


    I’m TH9, farming in Gold 1 using BAM.Average based are like 220K UP and some DE also. So far loot up here is pretty sweet. I haven’t tried farming in the upper Crydtal 1 or 2 league yet. NE1 tried other leagues for farming gold and elixir? How about you, Will? Where did you usually farm when you were a TH9 back then. Please share me some updates. Okies, Thx ^_^

  • Avionax

    Hey Will, nice guide i was wondering if it was worth it going down to gold im currently in masters 1 (demoted from champions today :c ) im a almost max th8 except walls, traps and the leafblower. A lot of people in my clan are in masters with a th9 and finding good loot, so is it worth it to go down?

    • Will Potter

      IMO farming in Master 1 is really amazing. You don’t need to care about your defenses too much because you are farming well as a TH8 and you will do that better when you are at TH9.
      Just place your TH outside and you will be fine!

  • Ahmed Elsioufy

    Will potter iam th8 which league should I stay for dead bases ?

    • Will Potter

      I think you can take a look at Gold III/Silver I

  • Fitry Fahmi

    hahah nice. this is pretty much acurate.

    im a TH8

    when in Gold III- II find easily 200k-400k total raid. but when either I go down to silver one or push up to Gold I , ALWAYS GOT REKT BY th9

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for the quick review buddy xD

  • Ahmed Elsioufy

    Will potter I am th8 which league should I stay for dead base

    • Will Potter

      I think you will like Silver I and Gold III.

  • Rishi Raj

    Should i stay in silver 2 for farming in town hall5 or i should go to bronze 2?

    • Will Potter

      Just stay at Silver League buddy!

  • Rishi Raj

    I am now at TH6 which league should i stay.. I am currently at Silver 2 …should i go to silver 3 or stay in silver 2?

  • michael

    Hi will. I just upgraded to th9 and had maxed out everything at th8 prior to moving up. I’m finding it very difficult to raid for resources so far. I also keep getting raided and crushed pretty bad a lot more than when I was at th8. I’m currently working on upgrading my cc, army camps, and lab. Any tips as far as raiding for resources as a brand new th9. And any tips on protecting my resources? I’m trying the the 8.5 approach so I’m not planning to purchase any new defenses any time soon

    • Will Potter

      Hi Micheal,
      The reason you get attacked more than before because now TH10 players can also find your base.
      If you want to protect your resources, please don’t save more than 1 resource at a time. You can take a look at here for more information:

      Also, you should try this strategy:

      • michael

        Thanks. This was helpful. I actually started using the BAM method after I made my last post and was having decent success gathering resources with it. I did lose a lot of trophies, which actually helped out for farming purposes. I think my trophy count was really hurting me when I went to level 9

        • Will Potter

          Nice. Good luck further mate!

  • Umais Bin Sajjad

    This guide really helped, Im at TH7 and looted plenty of Gold from silver league bases. Thanks!

    • Will Potter

      Awesome. Thanks for the feedback buddy. I am very glad to hear this!

  • anoop

    Which league is best for th8.5 players…. pls help me…..

    • Will Potter

      You should give Silver Leagues a try man!

  • Jishu

    I am a almost maxed up th7. Which league will be best for getting bases with loots in collectors & mines?

    • Will Potter

      It is the Silver league! xD

  • Nur Shifat

    i am a new rushed th9 my exp is 89 and i have 1 xbow and lvl1 archer queen.can you plz tell me in which league should i go for lots of elixir and dark elixir.

    • Will Potter

      You will want to give Crystal Leagues a try buddy!

  • Moshe Auguztyn

    well written article …
    im at TH9 (early), at exp lv92, and thropy 3029, tried to champion league but i guess it’s impossible to climb up anymore,

  • Swaroop COC techniques

    Best trophy ranges th5 to th11(for farming use only archers if you are th6 and above)
    th9- 1600-1900
    th11-3000+ or remain in 1400- 1600 (for more dark e)
    This really helps cuz when you’re th6,7 or 8 then archers are very benificial
    Barch is also preferable
    th6 and th7 ranges should attack th7 and th8 bases with uncollected mines, collectors and drills and dead bases respectively
    th7 staying in silver league 1 can look for max th6 bases which have loads elixir and gold (I have found many as a th7)
    th9 should farm more for dark cuz it is more important
    at this trophy range, th8 players should not use any 3 star strategies as it will exceed their trophies and this league is very good for farming dark elixir
    at th9 and th10 use mass goblin or goblin+ archer