How Lightning Spells Actually Work

Undoubtedly, Lightning Spells are a big part of Clash of Clans as we use them everyday. We use them most for cleaning Clan troops and ravaging Air Defenses but do you know how it actually works? Most players though that It was random, but no…

By understanding how actually they works, you will know when is the best time to use them, how to place them and take their best advantages in your attacks!

We can bring maximum 5 Lightning Spells and 1 Dark Spell into an attack. Every time we drop a lightning spell Lightning Spell, there are 6 lightnings in total hit the ground and they have certain patterns. These screenshots will show you how they work:

Note: The first bolt always hit the spot where you drop the spell.

Lightning Spell Patterns

lightning-spell-pattern-1 lightning-spell-pattern-2 lightning-spell-pattern-3 lightning-spell-pattern-4 lightning-spell-pattern-5

It is not really hard to remember these strike patterns. By remembering them, you can know what is the best place to drop the Lightning Spell. If you use the Lightning Spell as the first drop, it will have pattern like the first screenshot. If you use it as the second spell (Assuming you used the Healing Spell at first), it will be like the second screenshot…

From now, you will never miss a single Clan Castle troop again and by taking this advantage, you can easily take out more than 1 Air Defense.

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  • adit

    i did think that it is random, nice info mate

    • Will Potter

      Yep. Most players don’t know that until they read this post 😀

  • Xentagia

    Has this changed since the update, as there are now up to 11 spells, so a lightning can be used as spells 1-10, does the pattern above repeat itself? or is it difference from 6-10?

    • Will Potter

      I have found it!
      Gonna update into this guide right now, thank you so much Xentagia!

  • Mikoi Geroy

    Nice one 🙂

  • hilarious yesterday with me. I had worked my spell. to only have my neighbors feel the lightning. Laughing at them all the way too. That was funny as hell. Turned out Lightning did hit their trailer. But not enough to cause a Fire. I was Doing Dishes. when it started to rain, Thunder and Lightning.Like I said. I worked my spell to target them. They would not tell the truth. Therefore I cased a spell on them. one of the spells is Working with Weather, Including Lightning.

    I’ll give you a simple one. I am mowing the lawn. When I stop. The Mower wouldn’t. I just turn my Index Finger in the Opposite Direction to stop it. But their is some instances where My finger gets tired. that is enough to have the mower’s engine run again. It will be close to stopping. But My finger will get tired. then it will speed up. I then Look, and use my finger to stop it, making circular motion to stop the mower. It will then stop.

    By the way. Yes I am a Witch.

  • Josh

    Lightning spell have 6 strikes.. for a single strike how many tiles were affected? Is it 2×2?? Please answer this asap.. ty

    • Will Potter

      Hi Josh.
      There is no exact information about this, but ya I think it is 2×2!

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  • Joe Kaufman

    So this may be ridiculous. But for science right?! What are the patterns if you drop 5 dark spells first and then 3 lightning? 6,7,8?

    • Will Potter

      Hmm why is it ridiculous buddy?
      If you drop 5 Dark Spells first, the next Lightning Spell will be first pattern.

      • Rhealyn Salipada

        Nah, I don’t think so. The maximum number of spells you can carry for now is 5.

        • Will Potter

          You missed Dark Spells buddy.

  • Reuben Carlos Cruz

    Could you also add in the picture where you dropped it? Thanks

  • Bhavya

    Nice to know this I will try in next clan war

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  • Linda Drum

    I am confused as to where the first drop is. Is it at the 1 arrow? Is it one of the blast marks? Or is it not marked?

    • Will Potter

      Do you mean the first bolt? It will be set onto the place where you drop the Spell!

      • Linda Drum

        I know but where is the first drop in the picture

        • Will Potter

          It is the first image with the text “The First One”. Can you see it?

  • Miller

    I just tried this in a war and this pattern was not followed in any way shape or form. Maybe since the th11 update things have changed but thanks anyway. It was a much more condensed strike pattern.

    • Will Potter

      Hi Miller,
      Hmm I don’t know why but I was testing with couples of Lightning Spells yesterday and everything seemed to be okay :(.

      • Miller

        I tested it after the war and there was certainly a different set of patterns. Maybe it’s the same and I’m losing it but this is what I got. I’m centering on that totem thing to the right. I’ve only got 4 spells and these pics aren’t the best but by the 4th it’s pretty clear.

  • Shahil Shrestha

    Hi there!! I have attached one pic of two lvl 6 ad placed between 2 gaps ( i think) ..can i destroy them with 2 lvl 5 lighting and 1 or 2 eq spell…….?? If yes should i drop the spell in middle or how should it be done?? Image is attached in first comment.Thanks in advace

    • Shahil Shrestha

      Here is the picture.

    • Will Potter

      Hello mate! Yes, you can do that for sure!

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