How to get the lost Clash of Clans village back

Do you beware of losing your Clash of Clans account? If you haven’t linked your account for backing up yet, I strongly recommend you read this tutorial first: Backup and restore Clash of Clans so if you lose your village, you can back it up whenever you want.

But unfortunately, sometimes that we have troubles with our devices or even our accounts, we can’t get our village back by using common ways. What should we do? In this case, there is just one way to do, It is contacting with the Clash of Clans Player Support.

How to get the your Clash of Clans village back step-by-step

You need to do this as soon as you can to recover your village. The more time you delay, the harder the recovery will be.

  1. Open Clash of Clans, tap on the Settings icon then tap on the Help and Support button:
    help and support menu Clash of Clans
  2. Tap on the top right Send icon to write a message to the support.
    Enter these information (about your current village and your lost village) in the message for locating your village exactly:

    • Name of your two villages.
    • Name of your Clans.
    • Level of your two villages.
    • Level of your two village’s Town Halls.
    • When did you start playing your old account? (Which month?)
    • Attach a screenshot of your lost village if you can.
      get lost Clash of Clans account back
  3. Send!

Note: If your device dones’t show the Send Message icon, you can easily open the contact form by tapping on the Search icon and scroll down to the bottom.

After the submitting, it will depend how much information you’ve given to the support to get your Clash of Clans village back. Just keep calm, doing somethings or play other video games in a few days without your village. After couples of days, the Clash of Clans support team will give you a code, copy that code into the Settings/Link a device to load your village!

If you forget your Google account/password, and your Clash of Clans village has been linked to it, here is the best way to get it back:

  1. Go to the Google Password Assistance page at here.
  2. Choose I‘m having other problems signing in.
  3. Follow all steps and verify your identity.
  4. Fill out the form.

You will get your Google account along with your Clash of Clans village back shortly. Normally, it just takes about 2 days.

  • aswin

    How can i get my village th

  • Syaba Ang Dahilan

    hello ..guys how are u? ok i give my advice people to all diqus know very semple guys all question any question about coc clash of clan people goo youtube any problems about clash of clan search just like my village is lost after that you watching how return your village thats ryt guys thank you..

  • Abhinav Anand

    hi. i need some help. i accidentally deleted my google play games profile which also losing my gamer ID, XP, achievements, progress etc. im back to level 1 in google play.. i opened clash of clan game, trying to connect to google.. google asked me to create new gamer id. so i created new… re-link my coc to google with the same gmail account, there’s loading happening and gone… google sign-in still mark “disconnected”, it did not link.. i use another mobile and download coc game, continue the tutorial until it end. having th2 from tutorial,, i’m trying to connect to google to see if my th8 village still there in the same gmail acct but no longer there. what happened is that th2 connect to my gmail. this is not what i have expected.. i went to google play games deleting that new gamer ID so that the connected th2 will be delete and wanting my th8 back save to google . it says it takes a minute to delete all data, i wait and then back to coc and re-link my th9 back google with the same account but th2 still not deleted. Every time i tried to sign-in google in the game, th2 still there and seems my th8 data in google replace to th2…… i really need help in connecting my th8 back to google so that when uninstalling the app my data is save….. i can still play my th8 coc, the problem is if i uninstall the game i will be losing my whole village… .

  • Rahul

    Sir.. I forget my email for game… What should i do??

  • Forhad Hossain

    Hello sir
    My village not loading
    Email – [email protected]
    Village – MD SAZID
    level 120
    Town hall 10
    Clan – Was Winners
    Kindly help me to get my account back sir

  • Owais Azam Gondal

    Sir Will. my account was connected to Gmail
    Mistakenly I cleared the App data Now it remains disconnected i tried several times to connect..!!!

  • iwan saputra saputra

    I lost the village I because of the data profiles in google play games erased

    sir will please help me

  • Toyolman P’punk

    How if i forgot the unlock code that given to me

  • abhay

    hi sir I lost my village how I know my mail address by using my village name it is possible ?

    • Hal Kun

      ok chek your acount gmail like do you remember your passward acount your google my be not working go to suport clash of clan capture your village and after that wt the renpo… of suport clash of clan

  • Damcho Thinley

    Sir I also need help as I tried contacting support team but I could not give them creation moth of my village

    • Hal Kun

      how lost your village give your explayn my your acount goole do you remember your gmail acount connnecting your village like passward?

      • Damcho Thinley

        They recovered my village but told me to do Google clearing history and I did it but I am confused to where from I will get the code and where to enter. I uninstalled and re installed the game also

  • Damcho Thinley

    My village name is nakpo. I lost on february 2017. My xp level is 94 and is still 94. Town hall is 9

  • Damcho Thinley
  • Damcho Thinley
  • Damcho Thinley

    I lost my village too. It’s name is nakpo with 94xp level and th 9. I contacted support team but I could not remember my creation month and I did not get help. Help me sir

  • Sujan

    Someone hacked my gmail account changed password and recovery email address. I can’t recover my gmail account. I previously played from android but later I was playing in iPhone may be that’s why I can login through iPhone. He changed my coc name, and he is playing my game with my gmail id. He has joined in some other clan. What can I do since gmail can’t verify me now due to changed password and recovery email address.

  • Nelson

    Hi sir. I played coc in blue stack. Thn I deleted the bluestack. Now I forget google play account. My village has been linked to that account. And also I hv been playing coc on my phone(iOS). I can’t connect to koplayer in laptop. It shows only you can activate for 2 accounts. Please help me . How to unlink from that forgotten account

  • Muhammad Taqi

    My I’d can’t working clash of clan gmail I’d

  • Mir Shabir

    I also lost my game clash of clan I need back now because I forget my email nd password… plz help how I can back my village

  • Shiny Rajesh

    sir will is it a problem if we do not send when i started playing

  • Prakashraj

    The code will be given in gmail or

  • Josh Yee

    how get back my village?when I open my account my gamer ID and level is still there but when I confirmed it ,a th3 village comes this happened?

  • Josh Yee

    please help me,my village is th11,I played this game fairly..and I’m loyal to this game.thank you

  • arvind gawad

    I am lost my TH8 village
    How to do I am back

  • Sonia Cuttie Ningthwja

    i can.t back my acount coc

  • Bitt Vizack

    I lost my village, here are some of my details:
    google account: [email protected]
    Clan name: ‘Namsarang
    Village name:bitt vizack
    Clan xp:86

  • Aman

    I lost my village without signing in google account,can I get it back by facebook account,I connect my villege with facebook

  • Rahimboy Rahimov


  • Ali

    Hi how do I recover my village I don’t remember it’s Id
    or level

  • Sohan Naik

    sir i got a reply from supercell that my priblem has been acknowleged bt tge problem is that i have to do it from the app i habe done it sir will i get my account back


    Pls help me

  • Tormented Flint

    i lost my account i dont know the gmail i used and i dont know my village infos.. i forgot it na.. how would i retrieve it pa ba? or where can i search villages using my village name?

  • Madushanka Ekanayaka

    Any one is my gmail account hack ,, I coudn’t login my coc base and my gmail account
    Please help me quickly

  • Mahfuzur Rahman

    I lost my phone and for security reason i change my google password and unlink all the account from my laptop which connect to my mobile…after this i lost my do i recover my village please help me…
    my village name: Last Fighter
    Clan name: GAINT KILLER
    TownHall: 5

  • Suresh

    Code send by supercell valid for how much time?

  • Deepanshu Jain Bokadia

    How do I send screenshot to them they are asking to send a screenshot plzz reply

  • chharis

    Sir will potter please get back my old village
    Please reply me

  • Newaz Sharif Khan

    I can’t sign up my id in Google play store. How can I get my id

  • Shubham Bhardwaj

    Sir i can reset my phone then I lost my coc account how to get back

  • Tamim Khan

    dear sir plz tell me how can I get my villege before I played I phone but now I cant that coc that villege was TH9 xp102 now that phone broke, I will play Android phone so plz say to me how can I get that I phone clash of clans plz

  • Nipu Poon

    Hi… Last 8 months ago my gmail account was been hack so I lost my village. How can I get my village back coz i really don’t remember what month I create but I know which year so plz can I have some suggest…

    • Shamad Khan

      Hiii i help u

  • Rafi King

    I lost my village plzz help sir

  • Kai

    is there any way for me to recover my base from a lost yahoo account? the email i used is a yahoo email for my game center account however i hav forgotton my password for it and i dont hav the phone thats linked to it. i hav another game center account linked to my brothers coc account but my base is with the other account.

  • Vijayakrishnan Rockzz Jr.

    Can I use the recovery code after two weeks from the received date?

  • StrifeThepure

    Well i can’t remember what month it was but probably around 2-3 years? Maybe 4 but i doubt it so what should i do?

  • Rachael Theoneandonly

    i had 2 villages on one account. I cant get the one village to show up anymore but its still in my clan as a leader how do I get back to it

    • Rachael Theoneandonly

      they both were under same email account and it use to ask me which one do I want to play but a year ago it quit

  • sagar

    my second gmail i don’t remember but my coc account steel load in my phone and i want change my gmail what can i do

  • Tanya kumari

    I have a easy way to recover lost village of clash of clans

    Watch this video

  • Shafin

    Sir, i forgot my gmail account and password and my coc account is missing. But i remember the # of coc.
    Clan name: join for troups
    Clan location: Bangladesh
    User name:SaMiul AliM
    Town Hall:6
    Please help me…

  • Brock Lesner

    Sir please help i lost my village my one year hardwork now its deleted i have sent all information 2 days are done please reply

  • Jung Min Seul

    I already get my village back but I am trying to log in my old village in my device but it says “progress in the current game will be lost”

    • Jung Min Seul

      Sir please help me what should I do?

  • Rushabh shah

    Can i get updated COC for blackberry Z10?

  • Sulaiman Khan

    hello sir will potter
    I lost my account someone hacked and then put 2 step verification
    now what i do i didnt know what will happen in my account i didnt use for a long to afyer hack sir plz help me
    my email is [email protected]
    and i think its password before hack was
    Plz sir I cried alot
    bcz my townhall was 9 and half upgraded
    plz sir help me
    1-My townhall name is sultan suliaman or sultan sulaiman may be
    2-my clan tag is #cvvyurv
    and sir i didnt remember anything else plz help.