How to play Collectors with Alt Accounts

I have 2 Town Hall 9 alternative accounts which are usually used for donating troops but after the new update, their collectors and mines usually get exhausted and don’t have enough loot for training troops. After 1 week, I have found a small tip for maintaining loot of these alt accounts.

How to play Collectors with Alt Accounts

Maybe you don’t know, SuperCell has removed all inactive villages which haven’t been logged in for 24 hours. That’s why inactive bases are very rare these days.

If you want to play collectors with your alt accounts, you need to stay offline 24 hours + the length of time it takes to fill up your Collectors/Mines/Drills.

  • At Town Hall 8 and above, it takes 2 days 9 hours 8 minutes and 34 seconds to fill up all maxed collectors.
  • It takes 2 days 2 hours to fill up all Collectors level 11 and 1 day 16 hours to fill up all Collectors level 10.

Thus, you can sign in to empty those Collectors every 3 days 9 hours and get 200kElixir/Gold without worrying about getting attacked.


Also, you can take advantage of this while pushing trophy. Instead of buying shields, just stay offline for about 24 hours and you still maintain your trophies when you are busy.