How to upgrade Heroes effectively

In Clash of Clans, Heroes are one of the most important parts in Clash of Clans, especially at Town Hall 10. With their super power, your army will be much stronger. You can have a 3-stars win easily with Barbarian King and Archer Queen, vice versa, you may not get even 1 star without them. That’s why how you upgrade them affect your game a lot…

Clash of Clans Heroes

In this guide, I am gonna show you an effective way to upgrade your Heroes for maximizing your army power and minimizing the loss while playing without them.

While upgrading Heroes, we always think about 3 ways:

  • Keep their level close together: 5 levels each at a time.~> This is the right way.
  • Upgrade them all at a time.
  • Focus on upgrading just one first, then work on another later.

Why you should do that? Here are some small reasons:

  • You always have at least 1 Hero ready for farming and doing Clan Wars.
  • After every 5 levels, your Heroes ability will be upgraded to the next level = more power.
  • Your 1 Hero level is not always low.

The graph below will show you how Barbarian King’s damage and HP with each level of Iron Fist (Many thanks to Eternal625):


Once the ability hits new level, It is also a big step of your Heroes. Their HP and Damage will be extremely boosted.
If your queen are at level 13 and your king are at level 14, upgrade your King first. Your army will have much more power than with Queen level 14 and King level 14.

  • B0$$ @$$ B!t<H

    thx this helped im sure 2 double think be4 i upgrade only 1 hero

    • Will Potter

      Ya, they are very important, we always need to plan how to upgrade them at first.

  • Hafíd

    Upgrade 5 level increment is good?
    Mine 10/13 now.

    • Sphinkx

      take your 13 to 15 then work on your 10 to 15!

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  • Deezy

    Will, say your heros are at the same level, both 10 for example, which do you start with? If I read above correctly it seems you would move your BK first from 10-15 then your AQ or vice versa? Thoughts? I’ve been leading with AQ following with BK

    • Will Potter

      Hi Deezy, I’d like to upgrade the King first :D.

  • Haidar

    I did 5 at a time to 20/20, now I’m going all the way to 30 with queen (going 27) also I prefer to have both down because each time they’re both down it means you get max 1 week earlier 🙂 can’t wait for them 30/30’s

    • Will Potter

      At level 30 they are the real beasts. I hope you can get them to level 30 soon mate!

      • Haidar

        Haha thanks a lot, King will be so easy as queens awesome at farming and he’s cheap