Practicing ZapQuake with Goblin Maps

Since I posted the ZapQuake strategy, I’ve been receiving lots of questions like “If I can destroy these AD or not?” so I have decided to create this post which is gonna give you a pretty useful way to practice ZapQuake, the Goblin Maps in game. A big thanks to azmanz for sharing this great collection!

ZapQuake Strategy

For more details about this strategy, you can take a look at here.

Just simply click/tap on the text Show Image button to see the Goblin Map and choose the best one which fit your attack for testing/practicing.

Goblin Map NameInformation
Fort KnobsShow Image
ThroughfareShow Image
FikovaShow Image
Gobbo CampusShow Image
Steel GauntletShow Image
Queen’s GambitShow Image
Full FrontalShow Image
Triple AShow Image
Goblin PicnicShow Image
Choose WiselyShow Image
Mega EvilShow Image
Crystal CrustShow Image
Kitchen SinkShow Image
Rolling TerrorShow Image
MegamansionShow Image
PEKKA’s PlayhouseShow Image
Sherbet TowersShow Image

Note: Here is an useful tip for you If you want to repeatedly practice without spending Elixir and Dark Elixir which was mentioned before in the Clash of Clans Offline page:

  1. Open Game and visit the Goblin Map.
  2. Quickly enter the Airplane Mode (the Internet connection will be automatically turned off) and you will have about 1 minute to attack before getting kicked off.
  3. Turn off the Airplane Mode, open the game and repeat.

Hopefully this small tip can help you improve your game skills and better Clan War results. If you have any question, don’t hesitate to leave a comment!