Spell Radius and Tips

Although we have discussed a lot about Spells in Clash of Clans but I have been receiving some questions from new Town Hall 8 and 9 players lately about the spell radius and when they should be used. Today, I am going to show you the exact range of 3 spells in Clash of Clans: Freeze, Earthquake and Jump Spell (obviously most players don’t care about the radius of the others). By knowing exactly the radius of them, you can easily find out there you should drop your spells in the battle to create the sweet funnel,…

Spell Radius and Tips

Why I should remember the spell radius?

  • To access into multiple compartments.
  • To Freeze multiple key defensive buildings at the same time.

Freeze Spell

In Clash of Clans, because the Freeze Spell has a radius of 3.5 tiles, you can freeze all defensive buildings 7 tiles in a row. This is extremely important and you should keep this in your mind all the time. I have seen couples of raids when attackers could freeze both Inferno Tower but they just didn’t.

Jump Spell

Like Freeze Spell, Jump Spell has a radius of 3.5 tiles. Keep this in your mind and you can jump into multiple layouts at a time, as long as they are max 5 tiles in between (or 7 tiles in total). As you can see in the screenshot below, you can easily bypass the center compartment by dropping the Jump Spell at the very center of it.


Also, do you know that the Jump Spell still gives your troops the “jump effect” for 0.6 more seconds after they leave the spell arena? By understanding this, you can couple the Jump Spell with the Rage Spell or Haste in order to give your troop a better movement speed, help them jump over a layer of Walls during that 0.6s. To read more about this, please take a look at here!

Earthquake Spell

Earhtquake Spell has a radius of 4 tiles. That means you can destroy 8 tiles in total. Always keep in mind this “8 tiles” because you will use it a lot while playing:

I know this is very basic but I hope it can somehow help you in Clan Wars!

Do you have any tip for using these spells? Please comment guys and help us improve cocland! You rock!

  • Pranjul Yaduvanshi

    what is the use of skeleton spell in any attcking strategies

    • Will Potter

      We are figuring it out xD xD

      • Pranjul Yaduvanshi

        ok sir i will also try.

    • Daniel M. Ramos

      In my opinion the skeleton spell has an advantage as a cleanup troop at the end of a raid since it can ignore all walls and traps, but you better hope the defenses in the area you are targeting are down.

  • Jeffrey Lam

    Can you give examples of what the freeze spell can/cannot freeze?

    • St3wart

      Freeze spell can freeze all the builds, since they are in the range the spell

    • Will Potter

      I will try to do it soon mate!

  • Preetam Ghatak

    shouldn’t the title be spell diameter, if i am not wrong (LOL)

  • Daniel M. Ramos

    I have been trying three heal, jump, and poison for my valk attacks. The valks are often so fast and unpredictable that the jump is difficult to place. The valks are also so powerful and fast that they chew through cc troops before the poison has much of an effect. I like the extra reach and permanence that eq spells provide in cracking walls. For a th 9 you still end up taking three heal spells. The heal spells are what really make the attack successful.

    • Will Potter

      Practice makes perfect my friends! Keep playing and you will master it soon!

  • Pranjul Yaduvanshi

    see his receiving and attacks won..XD

  • Pranjul Yaduvanshi

    see the members of the clan……..