The Art of Deploying Troops

Hey guys! Today we will discuss about “Clash of Clans and fingers” and the questions is “Are you using your fingers to deploy troops properly?”. When I started playing Clash of Clans, It took me months to control my fingers properly while raiding.


The way you drop your troops is very important. If you do it wrong (not at the right time, too fast, too slow, wrong places,…), it can ruin your attacks anytime.
Normally, when we start loving and playing this game, most of us use just 1-2 fingers to deploy troops. If you don’t know, your device screen allows you to do more than that, you can use 3-4 fingers at a time,… and even slide your hands on the screen.

 Advanced Clash of Clans deployment tactics

Deploy troops with one hand

You can use 2-3 or even 4 fingers at a time to deploy your troops quickly by tapping them all on your screen. This allows you summon a bunch of troops in a line of a side to overwhelm and distract defensive buildings easily. This manipulation is most popular and I always use it when I want to break inside via 2 directions for Storages.

To Slide, just use 2-3 fingers, hold down on the screen for 1-2 seconds then slide. By sliding, you can summon and spread your troops out faster. I always use slide when I want to take down outside buildings and attack the base from one direction. You can see more details in this video:

Deploy troops using 2 hands

I think this method is pretty new with a lot of players.

Four fingers: This is the fastest way to deploy all your troops on all sides of the base within seconds and with the best balanced distribution of troops. This method works perfectly when you want to overwhelm a large number of defensive buildings at the first layer around the base. By using this method, you also can take down all collectors and mines around the base for ultra saving your time.
Ensure that all bombs and traps outside are gone before deploying your troops. You also need to beware about the enemy Heroes because they can lure your troops and ruin your attack anytime.
To use this method, you need to use 2 hands, 2 thumbs and 2 index fingers, hold done your index fingers on the top and your thumbs on the bottom of the base then slide back and forth throughout the corners of the base, gently and swiftly.

Multi-Tap and Slide
After trying all methods above, you are ready for learning this most effective deployment methods: Use your right hand to summon troops and use your left hand to switch between different kind of troops and vice versa.

We can’t do this well at the first times for sure. Keep practicing and you will be a master finger in Clash of Clans!

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  • Mr.Frank

    Brilliant, never knew you could do that as well (I only knew about sliding)

    • Will Potter

      Ya I can see that most players don’t know all about these tips, just some of them.

      • Deepanshu Belwal

        Thanku very much for this guide….and i request u for a good th6 trophy base layout !!!

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  • MPM

    When I try to slide with more than one finger it starts zoom in/out. No chance I can do 3rd tutorial with 4 fingers. Playing on Samsung tablet btw. Maybe ipad is different?

    • Will Potter

      There is no different between Android and iOS buddy. Try to hold your fingers on the screen for about 2 seconds before sliding them.

      • MPM

        Yea, got it. I was rushing to slide cause being afraid too many troops will spawn in one spot 🙂

        • Will Potter

          Ya lol. It takes a while to notice that you don’t want to zoom lol.

  • SGT.Brown

    I have an Iphone4, could I still use 4 fingers on a big base without it glitching out

    • Will Potter

      I have no idea mate. Why don’t you just try it? 😀

      • SGT.Brown

        Just didn’t want to mess up an attack but there is only one way to find out

  • Franck Dissard

    And here I am on BlueStacks clicking my screen repeatedly to deploy my troops…

    • Will Potter

      LOL I am so sorry mate.

    • CG McHeaven Turks

      i feel you mate same 🙁 ….

    • Arifuzzaman Shuvo

      I use bluestacks too. Just click the left mouse button and hold it and slide it around/or up and down, whatever the direction the screen where you want to deploy your troops.

      • Will Potter

        Yeap that’s right but It just can’t be good as on a real device.

        • Sinister 0ne


  • I guess I’ll try this out on an iPad, but it’s so slow..

  • Garret Clarey

    I knew there was more to the basic point and slide, cus I would see ppl attack me and deploy so fast, so I had to google it, thanks heaps, very handy tips.

    • Will Potter

      You are very welcome Garret! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  • Sinister 0ne

    COC land is now my favourite COC blog site

  • mohd maaz

    Always teachs me a new thing this website is just awesome