Connect BlackBerry 10 with Google ID

As we all know, we can play Clash of Clans on BlackBerry but can’t move your villages to Android and iOS devices or connect it with Google and Apple ID.

But yesterday, I read a tutorial about connecting Clash of Clans on BlackBerry 10 with Google ID, I followed that tutorial with my father’s Z30 and It worked. I think there are a lot of players are looking for this tutorial.

Clash of Clasn on BlackBerry 10 with Google ID


Firstly you need to download these applications:

  1. Google Account Manager
  2. Blackberry Google ID
  3. Google Play Store for BlackBerry
  4. Google Play Services
  5. Google+ Whitelist
  6. Google Play Games
  7. Clash of Clans (modded) This is the latest update – 24/5/2016.

Note: If your game crashes when searching for opponents, please install OS 10.2 (using Android Runtime 4.2) then update all new Google Services above. I am farming well on OS 10.2.

Move your Clash of Clans account from Android to BlackBerry 10

After downloading, install all those apk files on your BlackBerry 10 phone:

Note: Ensure that you have linked your Clash of Clans village with your Google ID.

  1. Install Google Account Manager, after installing, don’t open it.
  2. Install BlackBerry Google ID, open it, follow the introductions and Log In with your Google account.
  3. Install Google Play Services.
  4. Install then open Google Play Games to check your Google account. It should be working fine on BlackBerry now.
  5. Install the Clash of Clans modded apk file.
  6. Open Clash of Clans, go to the Settings menu and Sign In with your Google ID.
  7. You can play Clash of Clans on your BlackBerry now.


As you can see in the image above, my Clash of Clans account on Z30 has been connected to Google.


The Clash of Clans modded apk file you have downloaded above was removed the dependence of it on Google Play Service. When Supercell releases new update for CoC, you can’t update the game via Snap, you should bookmark this page to download the new modded apk file for the update. You can also remove the dependence on the new update yourself as well by using Lucky Patcher.

Connect Clash of Clans on BlackBerry 10 to your Google ID

It is very easy to connect your current Clash of Clans village on your BlackBerry 10 device to your Google ID. Make sure that you haven’t linked your Google ID with other village because 1 Google ID just can only be linked once.

  1. Follow this tutorial to back up your BlackBerry device. You don’t need to backup the whole phone, just backup this game!
  2. Follow all steps above to install Clash of Clans modded and Google Service on your BlackBerry 10 device.
  3. Restore the backup file at the first step.
  4. You have done.

Don’t be hesitant, ask me any questions and I will help you. Don’t forget to say thanks and share with your friends If you find this tutorial useful.

  • Onk

    What about last version 8.332.14 updated on 15.6.2016?

    • Will Potter

      It just doesn’t work :(. I am so sorry Onk :(.

  • iWardhana83

    when i try to login (just like in #2 instruction), it always said that it couldnt sign in.

    “there was a problem communnicating with google servers”

    any solution mate?

    • Will Potter

      You should try to Wipe Out your device then try again. I am so sorry but that is the only way to fix this!

  • Ahmed Wael

    Hey will ca you answer this question please I know that you are working hard to help us, how to downgrade to 10.2?!!! What everyone in every discussion told me is that once I am on 10.3.2 I can’t go back to 10.2 so if you got the solution share with us please.

    • Will Potter

      Hey mate,
      I am so sorry but seems like that method doesn’t work anymore!

      • Ahmed Wael

        Thanks for the reply buddy and for this awesome site

  • Jett Knives Malazarte Ampoloqu

    Hello how to fix coc, evertime im searching an opponent always crashing..

  • Jett Knives Malazarte Ampoloqu

    Please help, when searching an opponent its always crash.

    • Will Potter

      I am so sorry Jett but currently Clash of Clans doesn’t support BlackBerry well!

      • Jett Knives Malazarte Ampoloqu

        Ahh Okay, Thanks Harry!:) please let us know if there a solution 🙂 thank for the reply.

  • prasun

    please update it…. multiplayer is not working…. this whole process will be a waste if we can’t attack in multiplayer….

  • Srv

    same problem still in new moded apk. everytime it crashed when trying to play in multiplayer mode.

  • Ayman ElGohary

    Hello guys,
    please find the below link for the clash royale last update 1.4.1 patched for blackberry

  • Sumandip Khosa

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    Please fix the play store link it’s broken

  • Nitin Dahiya

    Sir, from where can I update Google prevent crash of game during finding match

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    Why clash of clan loot attack is not working on blackberry device how to solve it

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  • Varun Shah

    I have uploaded all the required patched apps, Check out:

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  • Blayd LC

    New Clash update from 1 mobile market is working properly. I can search for opponents and attack. All features are working. Wood Hooo!!!!
    I am using. BlackBerry z30

  • Kelvin Ojukwu

    Good news for bb10 clashers…with the new update. We can now go back to farming.
    match finding now work perfectly fine.
    And I’m so loving these new update

  • sadan sayyad

    guyz new COC update is working fine on blackberry 10. We can now attack with “find match” also.

  • Asad

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    I have patched the latest version and uploaded it here:

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    Happy Clashing 🙂

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