How to fix – Can’t Sign In to Google+ in Clash of Clans

I can see that a lot of players can’t Sign In via Google ID in Clash of Clans. The button keeps showing Disconnected now matter how many times it get hit. This a pretty popular problem and due to this, plenty of other problems arise such as losing account, can’t connect account to iOS device,…

Can't Connect to Google in Clash of Clans

Troubleshooting: Can’t sign in via Google+ in Clash of Clans

I have tried couples of given methods, some of them work and other ones don’t. I am going to write down all working method below. If you don’t understand any step, please comment and I will do my best to help you out!

  • Ensure that you are using the latest Google Play Services version by open Google Play and visit the My Apps menu.
  • Try to double-tap on the red Disconnected button. I’ve found that sometimes this works.
  • Open Settings => Application Manager => Google Play Services => Clear Data/Cache.
  • Open Settings => Accounts, remove your current Google ID account, re-add it then check the Sync App Data option.
  • Open Google Settings Application => Connected Apps => Clash of Clans => Disconnect and then open game and try again!
  • Sometimes it is also because of your connection. Try to use Google DNS ( and then connect to Google again.

How to fix can’t Sign In to another Google ID after the Google Play update on March 22, 2016

Please follow these steps:

  1. Open Google Settings ~> Play Games ~> Delete Play Games Profile (Don’t worry, just make sure you have connected your village with your Google ID).
  2. Open Clash of Clans.
  3. Open the Settings in game, connect to Google and create new Play Games ID.
  4. Done.

Otherwise, there is another way to fix this:

  • On your phone, go to Settings > Accounts > Google.
  • Remove all current Google accounts and re-add them again.
  • Everything should be okay now.

Otherwise, You can use this method:

Thanks Dario Neves for sharing this!

  1. Open Google Play Store.
  2. Go to My Apps & Games menu and open the tab “All”.
  3. Look for the app “Google Play Games”.
  4. Enable it.
  5. Everything should be OK now.

I will update this page once I’ve found any new solution. If you have any other way to fix this annoying problem, please do a comment!

  • mitul333

    help me guys…i don’t know some how my base is overwrite with new base. so when i try to open my base using my old gmali id that new base is open..plz help me

  • Lexia Mystique

    Hello guys, Im really upset coz I can no longer access my coc accounts. Before the update last March 21 I am having the same issue but was able to resolve it after downgrading the version of coc. Trouble starts again when new update begins, downgrading is no longer working. I don’t even have option to delete gamer profile on my Google play and in new coc account I can no longer contact coc support. What’s really weird is other gmail account works perfectly fine on my phone. I’ve try to log in to my other device but still unknown village is being loaded. It looks like SC is taking setting this issue aside. Solution not found yet. I have done all the TS steps I’ve found here but no success. Any help would be much appreciated.

  • Janet Lee

    We have had multiple problems with switching from account to account on our android devices. Supercell has been NO HELP AT ALL…. we have lost multiple villages and takes us weeks to recover them only to lose another account. It somehow is also unlinking our villages from our google ids and starting new villages under those old accounts. Anyone have any ideas on what’s going on or how to fix this? My email is [email protected]

    • Will Potter

      Did you try to load your accounts on other devices buddy?

  • Nom Nom

    Was a Th8 now a Th3 :/ Can’t switch back to main account. I contacted SC but they only sent one message :/

    • Will Potter

      Did you answer their questions mate?

      • Nom Nom

        Yes it’s been like 1 day already

        • Will Potter

          You need to wait at least 2 days mate :D.

  • kamran

    plz coc help me I am playing with my account [email protected]…. in gamer id am just confused … i choose the option delete play games profiles.. by this i lost my village and xp from this account …. plz help me how to recover my village and xp as well…. my village code is #2C2UCL9U9 its name shenshah kamran

  • Swaranjit Banerjee

    My coc account still doesnot connect with Google Play Games by using almost all the methods above. If anyone have a fair idea to fix this problem then please help

    • Will Potter

      Did you try to factory reset your device man?

  • Bala D Bozz

    How can I contact supercell?

  • Bala D Bozz

    How can I check whether my google account is linked to coc?

    • Will Potter

      If you can’t load your account with your Google ID, it means you didn’t link it before!

  • Poteto Aiman



    LINK ->


  • dd hamzter

    Good Day, I cant open my village when my google+ has been suspended, can you please help me for my situation, i really love this game. thanks

    • Will Potter

      Did you try to factory reset your device man?

  • Sajib Hsan

    When i uninstalled and tried to install its showing like this. I had signed in with my account then also its showing like this other apps are running with this account but not coc plz plz help me!!!!!!

  • Feelr

    I cant sign in googe account using data evendough i have internet connection,but if i use wifi i can sign in.where do you think is the problem?

    • Will Potter

      I strongly believe it’s because of your carrier!

  • CoC Knight

    Guys I’m new and every single tip is not working for me

    • Will Potter

      Then you should try to factory reset your deceive buddy!

  • Prahlada Jhari

    I’m not able to sign in using parallel space or 2 accounts apps
    When I double click, it’s taking me to create new account screen

  • Nipuni Subasinghe

    Accidenty deleted my google play game profile.I don’t have old village in my device.what should I must do?Can I recover my old village?

    • Will Potter

      How did you delete it?

      • Nipuni Subasinghe

        Google Settings ~> Play Games ~> Delete Play Games Profile

  • aina

    hi how to make new account on coc? because i cant connect i have already email and password but its not working.

  • Rob.

    Hi…can anybody please help me.My phone recently broke and I’ve been trying to transfer my village to my new phone. I have been given a code by coc and they have asked me to save my progress, so that I can enter the code. However, when I press Google sign in…it asks me to add an account and it then creates a gamer profile for me, it then asks if I wish to load a town hall level 1 village, I then press no (as my lost village is TH9) and I’m back to the game screen, the village has not saved and I’m still not signed in to Goggle. No matter how many times I try, I get the same results. When I first attempted to recover my lost village, I downloaded the app to my new phone and started the game….in the top left corner I saw a button, saying “already have an account…sign in Google +”. I pressed this button, however it didn’t work….so I deleted the app, reinstalled it, contacted coc for help and now I’m going around in circles. I would really appreciate any help.

    • Erin Owen

      I am having the same issue now with my son’s new phone. On the old phone, I can see all of his progress. When I go to settings, the “Google Play Sign-in” is red, and no matter how many times I click on it and select our Google account, it says red.

      On the new phone, when I start the app, it has the green “Sign-in” icon, comes up and asks to select a Google Play account, I select the only one we have ever had, and then it does nothing. It has me at the very start of the game, and there is NO setting icon for me to go to. Help!


    • Erin Owen

      I believe i have pretty much tried all the things that you have tried. Around in circles, indeed.

  • Raghavendra K

    I have 4 accounts…of coc I can’t able to open my main account…other 3 r loading…plz help me to load my th9 village…plz guys

    • Raghavendra K

      Plz tell me as soon as possible I can’t able to open from yesterday..18-12-16

  • sumsel 3

    This guide shows up with a top google ranking and it is DANGEROUS. Needs a big disclaimer. Think about people who play more games than just coc, you could wipe ALL their progress in ALL their other games. Apart from all the issues people experienced just getting their coc accounts back. Please dont make people run into an open knife by making such data killer suggestions as ‘delete your profile, don’t worry’.

  • Maricris Campbell

    i need some help. my gamer profile was deleted already. how will i get back again to my previous data? thanks

  • Shahil Kattel

    I cannot connect to another account of clash of clans . what should i do to connect it ??????

  • Baßy-Iı’eɱ Yəwʀ’Nəxt ßøy’frñd

    fuck you admin now my all villages got disconnected after deleting gamerifd

  • Simarjeet Singh

    I deleted my play games account in google settings…and now it is connected but from th1…u gave a very bad suggestion..please dont try it.!.:(

  • Aravindan Aniruth

    pls help me… i can’t connect to my account… unfortunately i uninstalled my app and reinstalled… now iam out off my village… my account can’t load

  • Dipanshu Sharma

    thanks bro i hope this helps,i didnt try this yet but i hope any of them will help me.thnks bro lol

  • Aryan Jaiswal

    in coc my old gmail account is delect so how i can connect with new account

  • Nathaniel Keef Mckee

    i go to sign in and it lets me choose my acc then whne i press it itll do the logo from the top for a split second then disappear so its really pissing me off

  • john

    doenst help

  • Moniesh Sonigra

    If google sign-in is not allowed by COC and it shows as disconnected in red go to Google Settings>play games>sign in to games automatically.

    This will automatically log you in and your village will be loaded

  • Youcef Guenaoua

    What a shitty game… Just to back your game up in Google play service you need methods… Wonder what makes this game lovely…

  • Manav Taak

    still, i can’t sign in to google+

  • Nael Khan
  • Darren Dheil Austria

    fuck you, you fuckin maggot, you deleted all my progress. fuckin know it all, fuck you and your whole family

  • Jabel Acenas
  • Djkillmore

    Pls help…I accidentally delete play games profile in my google I.d…I can’t load my village anymore…how can I recover my village and my play games profile? Pls help me