How to play Clash of Clans on Mac with Genymotion

Till now, there are 3 ways to play Clash of Clans on Mac:

  • Install Windows via Boot Camp then use Bluestacks.
  • Install Windows on virtualization software like VMWare then use Bluestacks.
  • Use Virtualbox and Genymotion.

There are many players wanna play this amazing game on their Mac. So in this post, I will show you how to play Clash of Clans on Mac OS X step-by-step. The third is the easiest and simplest way! I am going to talk about it.

You can install Bluestacks on Mac, but you can’t install Clash of Clans on it. I do not know why. Please reply if you know how to fix it.

Play Clash of Clans on Mac

 Install and play Clash of Clans on Mac OS X:

    1. Download Genymotion:
    2. Download VirtualBox for Mac:
    3. Download Genymotion ARM Translation (do not extract):
    4. Download Google Play (do not extract) for Android 4.3:
    5. Install both Genymotion and VirtualBox and open them.
    6. At Genymotion window, click Add to add new device, choose Samsung Galaxy S4 4.3 (strongly recommend) then click next to install.
    7. (Optional) Open Virtualbox. In Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager, go to Settings ~> System ~> Display and set the Video Memory option up to 128MB. Click OK button to save this setting.
    8. Click Run to run this phone:
    9. Install it like your smartphone, use your Google ID for recovering your Clash of Clans later.
    10. Drag and drop which you have downloaded onto your Genymotion VM homescreen, you will face this popup, just click OK.
    11. Download apk file of ROM Toolbox Pro, drag and drop it onto your device to install. You can type “ROM Toolbox Pro apk” on Google to find it.
    12. Open ROM Toolbox Pro, choose Reboot for restarting your device:
    13. After rebooting, drag and drop the file onto your device homescreen. Click OK when the popup show.
    14. Reboot your device again.
    15. Now you can use Google Play smoothly, search and install Clash of Clans:
    16. Enjoy!

I have made a small tutorial video about this for all of you:


Zoom-in and zoom-out:

  • Hold Command button, Left click + Move mouse to the Left: Zoom In
  • Hold Command button, Left click + Move mouse to the Right: Zoom Out
  • Without mouse: Control button + Press trackpad and slide finger right or left.

Enter full-screen mode: Press Ctrl + Fn + F11.

Troubleshooting: Genymotion problems

How to fix Files successfully copied to: /sdcard/Download/ problem:

These days I’ve been getting some reports from you guys about this problem. Just follow these steps to fix it:

  1. Open Genymotion, start your Virtual Machine.Click on the Genymotion on your screen:fix-genymotion-problem-1
  2. Check the Always allow su access(bypass Superuser app) line:
  3. Save
  4. Done!

If you cannot find Genymotion icon on your Home Screen:

  1. Download and install Root Explorer for you Virtual Machine.
  2. Open Root Explorer, go to your /sdcard/Download/ folder then extract the zip file of Google Play.
  3. Copy the extracted folder on top of your /system folder.
  4. Overwrite.
  5. Reboot your device and you should have Google Play now.

“An error occured while deploying the file. Error: device not found”

If you get the message “An error occured while deploying the file.
error: device not found” when trying to move the Google Play store (

Create a new shared folder (any location will do, I chose downloads) from the Virtual Box settings and check the “auto-mount” box. Reboot the android device and try moving the file again.

Failed to import OVA file Problem:

To fix this problem, just open your Genymotion, go to Settings menu, at the Misc tab choose Clear cache and everything will be ok!

Have fun with Clash of Clans with your Mac!

  • Honghao Su

    Thank you mate, that is exactly the answer I was looking for weeks!! Thanks agian!

    • Will Potter

      You are very welcome buddy.
      Why you couldn’t find my blog weeks ago? lol

  • Russkiy Smiffy

    what the hell is

    • Will Potter

      Please read my tutorial clearly buddy. You have to download that file at starting.

      • Russkiy Smiffy

        Doesn’t matter, it’s one of those worst games in history that make you pay to speed things up. I hope the makers kill themselves or die in a messy accident.

  • Tiago

    Its possible to use xmod after this on mac? Cant root with kingroot and kingoroot.

    • Will Potter

      You can’t use Xmodgames on Mac/PC buddy. I am so sorry!

      • Tiago


  • Chris Best-Kaye

    I’m in need of some assistance. I made it up to step 14 and then I hit a wall. I got the “copied to sd card” problem. I used the first trouble shoot and realized I didn’t have the Genymotion icon on my home screen so I used the second trouble shoot. I downloaded Root Explorer and followed the directions. I didn’t get step 4 overwrite when I copied it to the system folder but I didn’t get any error messages either however I still can’t get google play. I’m not sure if I copied it to the correct system folder at this point. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

  • Max Heimdahl

    can’t download the gapps file?

    • Max Heimdahl

      never mind it worked!

    • Will Potter

      Just press on the Begin Download button buddy!

  • John Dao

    Hey, When I try to link my clash account to my google account, it says, “This app requires the latest version of the Google Play Games app.” should I install the latest version? Would this delete my account? I’m just making sure. thanks for the help.

    • Will Potter

      Just install the latest Google Play version buddy. That won’t affect your account. Don’t worry1 John!

  • that one guy

    when i try to download the file from mega it says that the content isn’t there anymore

    • Will Potter

      Can you try to download again buddy?

  • dipesh

    what should i sign in asking select anew virtual device

  • dipesh

    i mean with what should i sign in when it asks sign in

    • Will Potter

      Just use your Google ID buddy!

  • Jeff Yap

    we need to pay for the apps????

    • Will Potter

      No, it’s totally free Jeff!

  • Caetano Riverón

    Umm, i installed Bluestacks on my mac and had no problem at installing and then playing Clash of Clans.

    • Will Potter

      yea the new version of Bluestacks is now working fine on Mac!
      Thanks for sharing Caetano!

  • James Clifton

    I tried running Samsung Galaxy S4 4.3 and it won’t let me do google play because it says the browser is no longer supported. I tried running S4 4.4 and S5 4.4, but now there’s a different problem. I can run google play, but not cash of clans. It says my device isn’t supported. For some reason, google play thinks I’m running a Verizon Wireless Casio C8114G. Help me, please.

  • James Clifton

    How do it register a device that doesn’t actually exist with google play so I can play clash of clans?

  • Kyle WILTON

    Hi there, I can’t find Clash Of Clans on the Google Play store. Everything else works perfectly though.

    • Will Potter

      Can you try to download it on Google? There are lots of apk file there!

      • Peter Donald III

        I have the same issue, says that device is incompatible….

        • Will Potter

          Did you try to download another version of game on Google buddy?

  • Jagan Srinivas

    No compatible to your device. I did everything from the instructions and in the end I got that.

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  • Maddie Robertson

    Everytime I download my MAC changes it to and it is no longer a .zip how do I prevent this?

    • Will Potter

      You can’t rename it?

  • Youngun Cho

    Hey man, I succeeded in downloading the Google Play Store but I can’t find COC on it. I tried to find it on Google but it says that the device is incompatable with the app. Any help?

  • Joe Flaherty

    When I search for Clash of Clans in the play store nothing comes up is there anyway to fix this or do I need to use a newer operating system?

  • Dragon89

    i make it! run clash of clans with bluestack on mac!!

    • Will Potter

      Cool! Glad to hear that mate!

  • m pkaye

    Help I don’t know how to extract the file from the sd card cause i don’t understand and this is my last hope to ask one of you technology wizes. thx and please reply to my email : [email protected]

  • Madhav Mahajan

    Dude clash of clans doesnt show up in the play store help me bro pleaase!!!

  • Madhav Mahajan

    It now says not compatible with this version help guys plz

  • christopher

    Hey @windmm:disqus It comes up as “Unfortunately, Google Play services has stopped.” Anyway to fix?

    • Will Potter

      Hi Christopher,
      Did you try to reset your virtual machine?

  • Neil Torres

    hi guys.. is “”? the same with “”? thats what the download button gives me… TIA

    • Will Potter

      Yes, they are the same mate!

  • Neil Torres

    i ran into these errors .. need some help please..

  • Pierce Choi

    I can’t find clash of clan on my virtual device google play market…

  • how to fix this?

  • i am stucked at “andriod” how to fix it?

  • ClasherF

    Is there a way to play a village saved in Game Centre (iOS) this way? Or is this method only available for villages saved on Google accounts?

    • Will Potter

      Of course. After installing, you can use your Google account to load your village mate!

      • ClasherF

        Nono, I play CoC on an iPhone, so Game centre safeguards my progress, not Google. Am I still able to play my account from my iPhone on my Mac?

        • Will Potter

          Of course,
          You can follow this tutorial to move your account from Apple ID to your Google ID:

          • ClasherF

            Thanks man! Last question, is it possible to use xmod if I play CoC on my computer? I use a Mac. Thanks!

          • Will Potter

            Hello mate,
            I am so sorry. Xmodgames doesn’t support PC/Mac :(.

      • ClasherF

        Could you provide a download link for Root Explorer please? I’m stuck at step 10 because that pop-up won’t come up 🙁

  • RB

    Hello, This has worked for me for several months but yesterday (after about a minute of play time) I started to get an “Unfortunately, Clash of Clans has stopped” error. I get kicked out of the program each time I try to play. Any suggestions?? Thank you.

    • Will Potter

      Hey RB,
      Did you try to install another Android version?

      • RB

        No not yet. I will give that a try.

    • Matthew

      This happened to me too. I tried downloading it again but I still get this error. It’s weird because Clash Royale works fine.

  • Gristel

    Since a few days, without changing anything, CoC just keeps crashing. Is anybody else experiencing this? I tried every solution listed below but nothing seems to work 🙁

    • Matthew

      I think a lot of people are having this issue. 🙁

    • Harit Raghunathan

      Yeah, after 1 minute of gameplay, I get an error saying Clash of Clans has stopped.

      • Gristel

        In addition, I can’t even update google apps anymore

    • Harit Raghunathan

      Will Potter, any updates on the issue? Thanks in advance 🙂

      • Will Potter

        I am contacting the Genymotion support. Let’s see If they have any solution for this. I am so sorry dude!

    • Harit Raghunathan

      Hey guys!

      Although I haven’t found a solution for fixing genymotion, I’ve recently found out that bluestacks is now available for mac! It’s much more simpler to set up and clash of clans is working for me on it! Here’s the download link,

      • Matthew

        I downloaded a different device on genymotion and it seems to be good now. I downloaded bluestacks too and it works nice, thanks!

      • Will Potter

        Thank you very much for sharing this Harit!

  • Clasher

    My google+ has stopped working and I cant find coc on play store and I cant open ROM

    • Will Potter

      Please give Bluestacks a try. It supports Mac now :D.

  • smrtp

    help, for some reason my virtual machine doesnt come with the genymotion icon…and i need to use it to correct the saved to sd error

    • Will Potter

      Please try to use Bluestacks man. It is now supporting Mac!

  • Max

    Can you use and apple iphone 5 with this ?

  • Lola

    Impress till working thanks a lot!

  • Mohamed Osama

    keep calm and 1-download coc apk from here
    2-drag&drop to genymotion

  • DJ Spoiledmilk

    i cannot get the google play store to install to the phone emulator. In the instructions its says but when I followed the link to install it in downloaded I didn’t think much of it until when I drug it to the home screen it transferred successfully but no google play store. What do I need to do?

  • Ashish Kumar

    i have macbook pro mid 2009 with 4gb ram and processor with 2.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo and graphic card with NVIDIA GeForce 9400M 256 MB and my problem is that it running quite slow can you fix my problem

  • John Dao
  • zain khan

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  • zain khan
  • Jack Bunning

    I’ve done everything step-by-step and I get right to the end and the whole google play app is not updated etc etc and it doesn’t work and I’ve now wasted 3 hours of my time… thanks a lot. 🙁

  • Emil Hein

    PLEASE HELP!!! There is just text saying ”android” with a black background, how do i get further? PLEASE HELP!!!

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