How to Backup and Restore Clash of Clans

If your device is broken, lost, reset, you will lose your Clash of Clans account data. Do you know that you can backup and restore your Clash of Clans village easily to other new smartphone or tablet?
To use this feature of game, you need to link your account with your Google Account (on Android) or your Apple ID account (for Game Center on iOS).


  • One Google Account just can be used for one village.
  • You can’t save your village with Facebook, it just brings your Friend into this game.

Backup and Restore Clash of Clans with Google+


To link your profile with Google+, just follow these steps:

  1. Open Clash of Clans.
  2. Open Settings Option.
  3. Click to the Disconnected button next to Google+ Sign In:
  4. Then click to Sign In button to complete:
  5. You’ve done.


To restore your village in a new device, just download this game, go to the Settings in game and sign in to your Google+ account. The server will sync your data automatically!

For iOS:

With players who are using iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod), you need to use Game Center to do this. You can see more at How to Backup and Restore Clash of Clans on iOS tutorial.

  • prince hemanth

    anyone here?

  • prince hemanth

    if anyone is hearing me then plz help me

  • prince hemanth

    i don`t hav gooogle play store and i hav forgotten the month i started

    • Will Potter

      I am so sorry henmanth,
      You need to remember that date! Otherwise, you can give the support the name of the device you used for creating the account.

      • prince hemanth

        sry I didn’t understand that

      • prince hemanth

        and more bad is that I don’t remember my correct xp lvl

      • prince hemanth

        anyways thnx fr ur help will

  • prince hemanth

    so plz help me

  • Klutz

    Uhmm…How can i send a mail through the help and support tab? pls Help cuz i lost mine 🙁

    • Will Potter

      You can easily see the Send icon button at the top of your screen buddy.

  • Klutz

    Guys Help Me! I lost my village and got a new one because of the latest update…I deleted my CoC cuz of the update bugging me … Then I tried to recover it back but I Didnt have Google+ account connected in the village…So i connected my NEW Google+ account in my new village..So,Will I still get my old village back even if I had my FaceBook and Google+ signed in my new account? Pls Help :'( Im Very Sad :'(

    • Will Potter

      You can take it back regardless. Just follow this tutorial buddy:

      • Klutz

        I already saw that Tutorial since I lost my village. . .
        I already had messaged Support in CoC and still haven’t recovered it. . .
        It sometimes say “New Message from Support!,” but theres nothing . . . Please help with my problem…

        • Will Potter

          There is something wrong with your device. That’s why you can’t read the messages from Support.
          You should try again on another device.

      • Klutz

        And Also! Thank You for helping me Mr. Will for your Website. . . It Helped A LOT! AND AS I MEAN ALOT I MEAN A LOT OF PEOPLE IN THE WHOLE WORLD playing COC

  • Klutz


  • Yuvraj Jassal

    I have a account at google+ but I ll try again and again but my account cant login with this coc

    • Will Potter

      What happened Yuvraj?

  • Yuvraj Jassal

    Please anybodyntellmme

  • Francheska Sarmiento

    Hi how to recover my coc acct that i accidental delete my data

  • sniperblue

    is it possible to change the apple id of my coc to google+?

    • Will Potter

      Why you need to do that buddy?
      Just use the Link Device option!

  • anderson ytter

    Hello, how can i sign in my game to google+, i already in th8, and when i tried, they say iwll back to level 1

    • Will Potter

      Make sure that the current village is linked to a Google ID.
      After that, it will be fine If you Sign In with the new Google ID.

      • anderson ytter

        Thank you Will, but my game is not linked to any google id, i just play the game when I started in level 1 without signing in, i just want to play in another device at mymschool.

        • Will Potter

          Just Sign In will Google ID and you will be fine buddy!

          • anderson ytter

            But when I tried, they say they will load chief haajos village……..all progress will be lost….. back to th1….., so Im afraid.

          • Will Potter

            You need to Sign In with a Google ID which doesn’t contain any Clash of Clans village.

      • anderson ytter

        Thank you Will, but my game was not linked to any google id, i just play the game when begin without signing in, i just want to play it in another device at mynschool

  • junia

    hi… how can I recover my account, may phone was restart and I forgot to link it in google account, what should i do to recover my account in coc… thanks plss help me!..

  • loyd cajade

    Guys please help me my coc account is lost and I dont have a gmail account because google play service and play store is not compatible to my device thats why idont have a gmail account what is the way to return back my account:(

    • Will Potter

      Hi mate,
      You can’t load/save your account If your device doesn’t support Google Services.
      I am so sorry about this!

  • Samir Dvrma

    I have lost my coc without account…how can I get back…will potter…plz help me.

  • john noel

    Pls help how to get back the clash of clans of my mom

  • john noel

    Will help me how?

  • john noel

    This is picture

  • Ivailo

    i link my profile but nothing happend..

  • Att Sardar

    Hlo guys my iPhone5 is lost which contains my coc account and now i have andriod device how i can use my ios account on andriod plzz help me

  • hailey

    how do i transfer my acct from an android to an ios without the android device

  • Mayong rebate

    I have a problem my coc account please help me. I forgot my password

  • Sadaku Omeda

    i have my froblem , how to open again may acct coc,coz my coc is lost ,i dont know to open again

  • Johnn Ong

    How to get back my th7 ….pls fix them

  • Ahmad Al Sheikh

    Please i am facing a serious problem. I cannot connect my vilage to my google account because maybe i connected it previously to an account that i forgot. What can i do?

    • Will Potter

      The fastest way now is creating new Google account for connecting it with your Clash of Clans village buddy!

  • John Patrick Ubaldo

    help me i can”t load my old village plz help me

    • Will Potter

      What happens when you load it buddy?

  • Zee

    How much time does it take to get your village back using the above mentioned help??

    • Will Potter

      Hi Zee,
      Normally it takes about 3-5 days. This is the fastest way till now!

  • Don

    Hello Will Potter, recently i lost my old coc village without sign in google + . Bt i go to Help & Support and tell them about than. At last conversation they ask me 9 question. And I answer al of them. bt now they don’t reply. bt why???

    • Will Potter

      It takes time for them to answer yours buddy, don’t worry, If everything you give they is good enough, you will receive your account back after a few days.

  • Joe Maanak

    they didnt reply

  • Mizanur Rahman

    I want to replace my email so i sent a message through help and support then they replied me that i need to add purchase and some other thing i did not understand what they wants please help me

  • cisa cabansag

    I try to create a new one coc account..but my old account was lost..and scant connect to old can I reset my old account?

  • Fretchie Ann Tan

    Will Potter i need your help …

  • froilan pallesco

    Hi im using ipod ios to play coc when i try to put some music on my ipod on my laptop automatic get sync and my coc lost how to recover it. your help is highly appreciated thanks….

  • Jb Vini

    Hey guys, I don’t have Google services (Google+) in my phone Nd its impossible to download. So is there any other way to save my account? If so, text it soon.
    Thank you!

  • sunil

    I have also same problem what I do

  • manjul rawal

    i just start coc on my laptop(bluestack) i reached level3 townhall but after that coc give me new village can anyone tell me why??

  • Divyanshu Das

    same me

  • Sam Radnosh

    Hello sir my clash of clans have some problem with the connected to gmail account, i update the google play service then update the google play game, but it is not connect to gmail, help me please.
    contact me: Skype: prince.samir.sam
    fb: anoori836
    email: [email protected]

  • ilias

    Mr.Will i send my phone for service and after that i lose my village i send the messages but they asked me for the exactly day that i start the game but i can’t remember it and they don’t help me more…how can i take back my account?

    • Will Potter

      Can you remember the month when you started playing Clash of Clans ilias?

  • Cali Cukka

    anyone can help me.,

    i got banned massage after maintenance a week ago about the the true ownership then i know my village was stolen., and the stealer change name village and out from myclan.,

    yesterday, i’ve been remove all device from google account., the download CoC again., but im surprising found my village rollback to th1., my current village is th9.,

  • Cali Cukka

    anyone can help me.,

    i got banned massage after maintenance a week ago about the the true ownership then i know my village was stolen., and the stealer change name village and out from myclan.,

    yesterday, i’ve been remove all device from google account., the download CoC again., but im surprising found my village rollback to th1., my current village is th9.,

  • Katelyn Cooper

    do you know the $25 tech Support 25dollarsupport

  • Jyoti Sharma

    do you know the $25 tech Support 25dollarsupport

  • mc ktm flow

    I replace into new clash of clan app from old clash of clan app
    here I lost my old village here showing new village I allready did sing in google id but still showing new village

  • Jhen Yalung

    Hi, i have a problem connecting with my google acount. My game in coc is already th8 then i noticed that it is not yet sign in my google account. I tried to connect it but it always appear disconnected. Even when i already sign in into my google account. When i try to log in to my tab and connect with my account it says that do you want to load your th2? Instead of loading with my previous game. Please help. 🙁

  • Shrabon Rasel

    I lost my account on Coc last 2days ago.can you please help me recover my account.
    Lost village name: shrabon
    Clan name:BD EMPIRE 2
    Town hall: level 8
    XP:level 59
    Thank you…

    • Will Potter

      Hi Shrabon,
      Please follow my introduction above and send this to the support in game!

      • Shrabon Rasel

        Please tell me,what to do now?
        Thank you..

        • Will Potter

          Did you read my comment buddy?

      • Shrabon Rasel

        Thank you so much…

  • Shrabon Rasel

    Hi will I lost village back.I follow your buddy & send my information…
    Thank you will potter…

    • Will Potter

      Great. You will take it back after a few days buddy!

      • Shrabon Rasel

        Thank you so much will potter.
        I take it back my lost village… For u & full credit your.

        • Will Potter

          This is awesome. I’m very glad to hear that Sharabon!

          • Shrabon Rasel

            Plz I take your fb id…
            & again thank you so much….

  • Chiu Chi Hang

    Hello mr Potter, I am Chi Hang.

    Well, I told clash of clans support but they didn’t respond to me?! what can I do?

    • Will Potter

      Hi mate,
      Normally it takes a few days to receive the reply. Please be patient!

  • Shrabon Rasel

    Will potter hi..I back lost my village but my new village lost …

    • Will Potter

      Of course. Because you have over written your new account. You have to connect your lost account with another mail buddy, not the one you are using.

  • Jaye Ryan Marasigan

    I’ve already send a message on their support and they asked me when did i started playing but the problem is i forgot when i started playing clash of clans. Help me please 🙁

  • peedus rai

    will potter I need my village back. I went through the help and support method . I am not getting any response . I mistakenly remove logged apps for my Google settings. Help me

    • Will Potter

      Hi mate,
      Normally it takes 2-3 days to receive the reply from the support team.

      • peedus rai

        Will i get it back?

  • kashif

    dear sir i lost my coc village..when am opening again its coming new village my old village is not coming plz help me how i can get back my village my clan name is mt.8848 my village townhall level 8 and my village name is kashif and my xp level is 75….plz help me..

    • Will Potter

      Hi buddy,
      Please try to follow my tip above and contact the support in game!

  • Milind Gymnast

    bro will potter ….i have graphics problm in my COC
    tropps are not show properly…can u plzz help me..

  • Naveen


    sir i have so many problems in my mobile, when i was in town hall 5 my mobile was working well & now i’m in town hall 8. but the problem is google+ & google drives are not in my phone now so i can’t able to do backup now. i need to give my phone to servers if i give my phone to servers then i’ll lost all my data even clash of clans also so what to do now places replay to my qus. its my requst.

    • Will Potter

      What is your phone mate? You can’t install Google Services on it?

  • M.abdullah

    Th 8
    Pak heros
    Lenovo tab( i can,t download coc new game)
    I don’t know which month

  • M.abdullah

    Plz help me I can,t download new coc

  • miksen rai

    They are not responding my message….how much time do they usually take to respond? i have sent all the details about my village

    • Will Potter

      Normally it takes 3-5 days. Please be patient mate!

  • Brandon

    Help. So I wanted to make a second account on my phone so I watched some videos made a new account and cleared coc data. I open it go through tutorial and try to connect that new village to a new Google plus account but no success. I’ve cleared Google play and Google play services but no help. I couldn’t even do it on another device. Help.

  • Paul Atienza

    it is possible to make a new account in old have already Clash of clan acoount help plss

    • Will Potter

      No, you just can’t do that buddy! 1 Google Account = 1 Clash of Clash account.

  • Paul Atienza

    after i format my phone.then i download the coc..the first guide will apeared. i cant see the sing in in my phone,,the i play after that the name will show and i log in to my gmail account already have th11 lvl138..then now everytime i click my gmail account th2 will appeared plssss help me bck my account sir will potter,,,i need your feed back,,ill contact gmail support but noone will reply me..

    • Will Potter

      I think you didn’t connect your account with your Google ID before :(.
      Please be patient mate. Normally they will reply after 2-3 days!

      • Paul Atienza

        I connect sir I don’t know what happen…my th11 was lost and new th3 will appears in my gmail that I been playing in along time,plss help sir

  • Jahn

    the support is unbelievable. They absolut don’t like to help if you
    lost a village. My son lost his village after a cellphone repair and
    supercell tells him he is not the owner of this account. And i know it
    better. he is the owner. Guy’s better we look for other similar games,
    with a really good support

    • Will Potter

      I know that buddy, but they need your son to answer their questions to verify the ownership. Sometimes rules are rules and we just can’t break it. There isn’t any decent way for them to know it’s your son’s account except this.

  • Anil

    Someone help me pls ….
    I unlinked my coc data from my google plus a/c.Now i need that a/c.How can i restore that acc…help me…

  • Brendon Evans

    Is There Any Way i can play clash of clans on pc without any android emulators

    • Will Potter

      No, there isn’t any way as Clash of Clans supports iOS and Android only!

  • RaNa MaYa

    I have lost my clash of clans Google account and my lost clan of clan village so pleas help us how can back my old village my old village name RaNa MaYa

    • Will Potter

      Please follow my tip above mate!

  • Sanskar Choudhari

    Hello! I had clash of clans on my android phone and i uninstalled it but i am now in need for playing the game can i get back to my old coc village!?

    • Will Potter

      Of course! Please follow my tip above buddy!

  • Sidharth Jawale

    Will this trick work on Micromax A47 ??? It has only 256 MB RAM, that’s why Play Games didn’t open in my phone. Please reply ASAP…

  • jerwin

    Good day! actually i want to ask if how can I recover my account or village if i forgot m Google account and password. I really want to recover my village, I hope you can help me please…

    Thank you

  • Josephine Mary Joseph

    Hi i have just lost my village. I can’t get it back in Google account. So plz help me in some solution

  • pradip

    i Have Get Code But not Load My Village Please Help me

  • jannat naeem

    i lost my tab and in this way my account also please help me to get back my coc

    • jannat naeem

      i dont know my password but i only remember my email and google play id contact with me

  • MD Masum

    hi..plz help me…i have lost my coc id ..i think someone removed my clash of clan account from my gmai…what should i do now ?plz help me as soon as possible

  • Ch Haris

    I have lost my village please backup my old village

  • ŤärễĶ Ķäpoo

    اريد استرجاع قريتي كلاش اوف كلانس من علي حساب الفيس
    لاني فقدت حساب الجيميل
    ارجوا المساعده

  • Sajith Sajeevan

    hi. my gmail id is hacked . he changed passwod and phone i can’t play clash of clans …. what i can do for restor my clan

  • Sandhya Sinha

    by mistake i have remove the permission of playing coc from my google account what can i do to get back the permission for playing??

  • Moni Hang Subba

    Hii my account is not login how to login

  • chharis

    Sir will potter please get back my old village i lost my old village
    Th 9th
    Xp level 114
    Name chaudhary haris
    Clan name pak warriors

  • chharis

    Please return my village soon…

  • Noriel Larano

    Hi… how to recover my old vellege? I forgot my I’d connot sign in

  • waleed Jarral

    hi i am waleed my account is not opened googel play is not open it allow and deny came i click on deny its is not open again whe i clcik on deny