Anti 3-Stars War Base for Town Hall 9 and 9.5

This great war base layout is from Tomaster. This is one of my favorite base designs for Town Hall 9. It also has a version for Town Hall 9.5 Guide. Maybe after referring this base design, someone will decide to go to Town Hall 9.5 lol.

Here is our base:

Anti 3-Stars War Base for Town Hall 9

How does this TH9 war base work?

As we all know, it is not hard to have a 2 stars win in Clan War with a certain attack strategy but have a 3-stars win is the totally different level. The point of this base is preventing the attacker from getting the last star.

I have tested this bases with a few Clan Wars. In those wars, almost attackers tried to destroy the outer Air Defense and they all failed… This is the most interesting trick of this base but it still has plenty of more awesome features…

  • Centralized Clan Castle – hard to lure Clan troops.
  • A lot of empty areas, it is really hard to predict and test traps.
  • Hard to destroy an Air Defense with killsquad combo.
  • Archer Queen is inside and has high HP storage shields.
  • Air Bombs, Air Skeleton Traps and Wizard Towers focus on Balloons, not Hounds.
  • With Zig-zag AD placements, Balloons with need a lot of time to reach every Air Defense.
  • Double Giant Bombs between 2 defensive buildings.


And here is the version for Town Hall 9.5


And here are some sweet defense logs after using this base design (thank Luckybeast for sharing these screenshots)


This is an unique war base for Town Hall 9. I think all you guys should try to use or refer it at least a time!

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