Best Clash of Clans TH8 Base Designs with 4 Mortars

As we’ve known, the new Clash of Clans Halloween update is out with plenty of new amazing features! And one of them is every village with Town Hall 8 has the 4th Mortar. This is really a big change, It breaks all our base design from TH8 to TH10. Working on it for an hour and I’ve found it’s really difficult to design a new one for my village. So I’ve just decided to take a look around on Facebook and Supercell forum. At there, I’ve found these great base designs. Maybe they cannot be the best in the future, but they are perfect they are the best!

The first one is from m0lt, here is the video, he has explained clearly how it works in the video:

The next one is from ChiefShadow, you can also see this base design in Top Clash of Clans Base Designs



If you have a great Town Hall 8 base design, please make do comment!

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