Clockwork: Farming Base Layout for TH5

Hi all Clashers! This is the first post of me for Town Hall 5 players. Truly, I think you don’t need to care about your Town Hall design unless you reach Town Hall 7. But because of the number of your requests, I present to you this base layout, the Clockwork from ReplEH! He also has a base design for Town Hall 6 which is called Clockwork6. You can use it in the future as well!

This base layout has Mortar and Wizard Tower, two key defensive buildings in this level in the core for protecting your village with maximum performance!

Clockwork: Farming Base for TH5


Barbarians, Goblins and Giants are the main troops for raiding at this level. Giant-Healer is also a terrible combo that can 3 stars almost TH5, but with this base layout, it will be a hard job:

clockwork-farming-base-layout-for-th5-7 clockwork-farming-base-layout-for-th5-6 clockwork-farming-base-layout-for-th5-5

And here are some defense logs for you guys so we can see how well it works:

Enjoy you beautiful time in Clash of Clans my friends!

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