Golden Planet: Early-Mid TH8 Farming Base + Air Sweeper

Golden Planet is a farming base design for early-mid Town Hall 8 by Adow and it was posted on Supercell community by Bourbon. Almost the base designs on can find on internet are for mid-late Town Hall 8, when the Elixir Storages are not really important anymore. You are at the early game of this stage, you need to protect Elixir for your Lab upgrades!

With centralized Clan Castle, It’ll be hard to lure your Clan troops. This base design has perfect storage placements too, they are equally protected with triangulated Air Defenses, Wizard Towers and squared Mortars. Barbarian King and Dark Elixir Storage are also in the core. Air Sweeper can cover both Dark Elixir Storage, two Air Defenses and Barbarian King.

Here is it:


And here are some defense logs for you:

Good luck and have fun! You can see top base designs for all level at: Top Clash of Clans Base Designs

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