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Hectorite – Phenomenal War Base for TH9

Hi guys! Today I’m going to give you a new phenomenal Town Hall 9 base for trophy pushing/Clan Wars. Although it looks like just a simple base with a few boxes but let’s take a look meticulously to see how actually this base works. You will love it!

Hectorite War Base for Town Hall 9

Hectorite’s Features

  • Anti-Hog Rider/Giants: No matter where the attacker sends the Hog Riders (Giants), they will always jump into the Double Giant Bomb spots as well as the Spring Traps. The core defensive buildings are well placed, pretty far from the outer defenses, the enemy Hogs and Giants will never go inside unless there is no defense outside.
  • Anti-AQ  Core: I can see that the Archer Queen can snipe the Town Hall of lots of base layouts over the walls, but not this one. She will never touch the Town Hall until the walls are down.
  • Plenty of possible places for placing Double Giant Bomb, the attacker is always confused when start attacking.
  • All buildings are protected.

Defense logs

These defense logs will tell you everything about this base.
Please note that this base is being tested at Master and Champion leagues, where are full of elite players with strong army compositions.

I hope with this stunning base layout, you can stay well at high leagues as well as in Clan Wars!