HellCat – Hybrid Layout for Town Hall 6

Hi Town Hall 6 fellows,

After a long time, today I’m going to give you a new stunning base for protecting both Gold and Elixirr with lots of awesome features. Hope you will like it!



  • Completely centralized Town Hall since it can store loot as 1 Gold Storage and 1 Elixir Storage.
  • Gold Storages are protected better than Elixir Storage because we don’t need Elixir that much at Town Hall 6. You can replace Gold Storages with Elixir Storages as a new Town Hall 6.
  • T-Junctions: A perfect way for dealing with Wall Breakers, prevent the attackers from opening more than 1 compartment at a time.
    T-Junction in Clash of Clans
  • All Storages and Town Hall are placed in different compartments.
  • Splash damage defenses (Mortars and Wizard Towers) cover the whole base.
  • Hard-to-lure Clan Castle. We know that it’s not impossible to lure the Clan troops at Town Hall 6.
  • The Air Sweeper protects the Air Defense and 2 Storages.

Hope you like the HellCat! Don’t forget to post your defense logs here guys! Thank you!

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