MEGACube Layout – Maximum DE Protection for TH8

Hi guys,

It’s such a long time to see a good DE farming layout for Town Hall 8, right?
Today, I’d love to introduce the MEGA-Cube layout, which was designed by jlam2, with lots of unique features which will give your Dark Elixir Storage a maximum protection, stop most attacks with ease, including attacks from Town Hall 9 players. After couples of weeks, this layout have been only destroyed 2 times.

MEGACube Layout

Note: There are 2 versions of this layout, based on your need, choose the best one for you!

MEGACube Layout Features

Anti-AQ Core

As you can see in the screenshot below, the enemy Archer Queen can’t touch the DE Storage from outside and walk around the core until surrounding walls get destroyed.


Note: The Archer Queen attack range is 5.


The surrounding resource ring will prevent the enemy Giants from targeting the core. They won’t target the core until all defenses outside get destroyed.


As we all know, Giants and Hogs just focus on defenses in game and just attack the non-defensive buildings once all defenses get destroyed. This buffer layer between the core and the outer defense ring can force the Giants and Hog Riders to walk around the defense ring and take lots of damage as well as trigger traps.


With the perfect trap placements, almost 100% of the time 3 Giants will be flying off the map. With 6 Spring Traps in total along with Skeleton Traps and the Barbarian King, there is no chance for the Giants and Hog Riders to survive.


The Wizard Towers and the Mortars are well placed in the defense ring. They can not only protect all Storages but also cover all outside buildings. It’s really hard for the attackers to get a 50% win but you always can easily get the shield.


Since Dragon is one of the strongest troops at Town Hall 8, all Air Defenses are well placed in a near-equilateral triangle in the core. Of course elite players can 3 star this layout with a well-planned Dragon Strategy but they only have 30 seconds for planning the attack so this is not a big deal at all.


With the help of the resource ring with high HP Storages, Dragons always get locked on Storages while getting hit by the inside Air Defenses and Archer Towers.


This Anti-Wizard feature is pretty new for most players.
As we can see, the walls outside are arranged specially as they are 3 tiles away from the defenses. With this trick, Wizards just can’t target the outer defenses without walking around and your defenses will have enough time to take them down.


This makes it extremely harder for the attackers to funnel their Giants.

Other Features:

  • Unlureable Clan Castle: The attacker need to spend a decent amount of troops for luring the Clan troops out. This is such an advantage for the defender!
  • Extremely easy to get 12-hour shield but it’s not easy at all for the attacker to have a 50% win.
  • Perfect trap placements.
  • Isolated Town Hall: The TH is very important because it works as the fourth Storage and store 20% of your Dark Elixir. Placing it inside the core will minimize the loss a lot.
  • Unpredictable trap spots.

Recommended Clan Troop Compositions

  1. 6 Wizards + 1 Barbarian/Archer.
  2. 1 Dragon + 1 Balloon
  3. Minions + Archers
  4. P.E.K.K.A

Defense Logs

MEGACube is absolutely a stunning DE farming layout. Hope you guys will love it! And don’t forget to post your defense logs here to help the author improve the base!

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