Oregon 13: Farming Base for Town Hall 8

This farming base called Oregon 13 which was designed Pandanoid is a new perfect symmetrical base layout for Town Hall 8. It has a large number of compartment, perfect traps, no X Junctions, spread out storages so the attacker can get more than 2 storages each attack and many other awesome features of a decent farming base.

I have been testing this base design with my second account and everything is awesome so far.

Oregon 13 Farming Base for Town Hall 8

And here is the hybird version of this base with anti-3 stars feature. Perfect for Clan Wars and trophy pushing.


Pros and Cons

No X JunctionsNo Anti-Hog Riders
A lot of compartments = Anti GoWiPe
Good trap placements
Centralized Clan Castle
Spread out Storages
A lot of compartments = Anti GoWiPe
Triangular Air Defense + Wizard Tower

Defense Logs

Here are some most recent defense logs of this TH8 farming base. More logs will be updated soon!

I really like this base. What do you think about it?

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