Soviet Stronk: Stunning TH6 Labyrinth Farming Base

The Soviet Stronk is a new prodigious labyrinth farming base layout for Town Hall 6 from GarlicAK. I didn’t see any labyrinth Town Hall 6 base before. The author created this based base on the new AI game mechanics after the July 1st update.

Soviet Stronk Farming Base for Town Hall 6

Because the author faced a problem when taking a screenshot of his base so we will see the base as an attacker. I have marked places for placing traps in the screenshot above.


  • 1 = Giant Bomb.
  • 2 = Small bombs.
  • 3 = Air Bombs.
  • 4 = Spring Traps.

Pros and Cons

Spread StoragesPoint Defenses are vulnerable
Mines are used as buffers
Perfect Giant funneling
Centralized Air Defense
Centralized Mortars

How Soviet Stronk TH6 Labyrinth Farming Base works

As other labyrinth base designs, this one works incredibly well at separating Giants from normal troops (Barbarians, Archers,…) and largely based on your armed traps.

As you can see in the images below, the Wizard Towers cover only non-defensive buildings. Giants are going to the Archer Towers nearby and will trigger your traps while normal troops such as Barbarians, Archers or Goblins are still working on these buildings.

How Soviet Stronk TH6 Farming Base Works

The Gold Mines and Elixir Collects are used as a shield for your Storages. The enemy troops can’t attack your Storages before finishing those Mines and being hit by the fireballs of your Wizard Towers.

Thanks for reading those who made it this far lol. This may seem like a troll thread and to be honest it sorta is gimmicky when considering the weak defensive nature of th6. But nonetheless this base has done well for me thus far. Sorry for not providing logs due to the same reason I was not able to give a better picture with trap placement, walls only etc. I will be more than happy to take any suggestions and feedback. All I ask is please be respectful and as always feel free to try it yourself!

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