The Whirlwind – Virtuosic Farming Layout for Town Hall 9

The Whirlwind is the new farming base for Town Hall 9 players, which was designed by mungoflago and being test for couples of months. With this unique layout, the enemy troops would be easily funneled and hit by all your key defenses.

When the attacker visits this base at the first time, they always keep eye their eye on exposed Storages, this always lead those attacks to be failed. Regardless of the troops, it is very hard to take more than 3 Storages per raid. Once the enemy troops get into the core, the deadly path can lead them go around the base and get ripped by not only defenses but also well-placed traps.

The Whirlwind Farming Base for Town Hall 9

And the images below show you how the key defenses protect the base:

How The Whirlwind Works

As we can see, The Whirlwind is not a typical Town Hall 9 farming layout at all. All storages are spread out so If someone raids yours, the risk will be mitigated. I can see that my Queen can easily take all Storages with just 1 Jump Spell dropped in a lot of farming layouts but that can’t happen on this base.
The funnel utilizers Spring Traps, Giant Bombs and Skeleton Traps. Small Bombs are well placed outside for cleaning Wall Breakers.

Pros and Cons


  • Symmetrical style.
  • Two outer layers protecting the core.
  • Well placed traps.
  • Maximum protection for Storages, attackers can’t get more than 3 Storages with ease.
  • Overlapping defenses can protect your Dark Elixir Storage perfect.
  • Unlurable Clan Castle.
  • Giants/Hog Riders always hit the Spring traps and tons of other defenses.
  • Wall Breakers can’t break multiple compartments with ease.
  • Heroes can lure the enemy troops away from the core.


  • No Double Giant Bomb spot, can be get ripped by Hogs. Truly I don’t get attacked by Hogs much. (1-2 times a week).
  • Non-centralized Heroes.
  • 1 Freeze Spells can get 2 X-Bows at a time.

Defenses Logs

I hope you can be satisfied with these impressive defense logs!

Enjoy this farming layout and don’t forget to post your defense logs here guys!

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