Tropical Loot Forest: Town Hall 10 Farming Base

This Tropical Loot Forest is a new farming base design for Town Hall 10 from Yango with solid defensive layers, perfect traps placements, gives the maximum protection for not only your resources but also a decent part of collectors. This base layout has been testing for months in Crystal leagues. Attackers who use common farming strategies like Barch, B.A.M or GiBarch usually press the Next button or snipe your Town Hall when they face this base. Everything is perfect so far.

TLF TH10 Farming Base


How this TH10 Farming Base Work

This TH10 base layout puts all your storages inside the base to prevent the enemies from kissing them as much as possible. Other non-defensive buildings are placed next to key defenses so If the attacker use Giants, Golems, Hog Riders or Balloons, those defense lovers will go around the base (blue arrows) and leave normal troops back with normal buildings.

Not like many other farming bases, Dark Elixir Drills are well protected in the second layer with this base layout. You can swap your Barbarian King and Archer Queen with those Drills while your Heroes are being upgraded. It is impossible to lure troops from the Clan Castle without Golems or couples of Hogs.

This base also have plenty of possible places for you to place traps and make your own trapping style.

The 9×9 core


9×9 core is not a new style but very effective in giving the attackers the highest firepowers. Once the attackers enter your second layer, all high DPS defensive in the core can easily take down enemy back line troops. The skeleton traps will be activated once the enemy Heroes want to go further.

Solid second layer

The second layer works perfectly at breaking Wall Breaker waves with a fortified anti-WB mechanism (green circles below). If the enemy troops can open the second layer, they will be hit immediately by 3 high DPS barrages (red arrows).


If the attacker attacks from the corner, the enemy defensive targeting troops will be lured into the 2nd layer easily (blue arrow below) and will be demolished by all your core defensive buildings.¬†Enemy troops can’t destroy this layout unless the attacker deploys couples of Golems. The other normal troops can’t go inside and stuck outside because of normal buildings and will be removed by outer defensive buildings.


This base gives the Inferno Towers the best role to play. All healing effects can be disabled easily because your Inferno Towers can cover almost the whole base.


Defense Logs

Here are some recent logs of this base. As I said at the starting, attackers with common strategies can’t do anything and If they have strong compositions, It will be really hard to get more than 2 storages. Just try it and you can see!

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