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How to make 4 Million Loot in 1 Hour

Hey guys I’m Ash and I’m going to share how I make around 4 million loot in just 1 hour with GiBAM farming strategy. I’m going to make this guide short and concise and as easy to understand as possible.

GiBAM Farming Strategy

How to make 4 Million Loot in 1 Hour with GiBAM

GiBAM Army Composition

Why GiBAM? It is one of the fastest-to-train army compositions in the game and is very effective. It only takes about 14 minutes to train a full army with GiBAM, while it takes about 20 minutes with Barch. So you’ll be doing more raids in less time, so you’ll make more resource in the long run.

giant Barbarian Archer minionqueen rage spell healing spell poison spell

  • Barrack 1 = 4 Giants, 2 Wall Breakers, rest Barbarians
  • Barracks 2 to 4 = 4 Giants, 2 Wall Breakers, rest Archers
  • DE Barrack 1 & 2 = Minions
  • Spells = Rage and Heal Spells and Poison. You may also choose to use Earthquake Spells if you are not in need of Dark Elixir.

Note: If you wish to profit better from Dark Elixir, then train no more than 20 Minions. This will reduce your overall Gold and Elixir gain (due to longer wait time), but increase your Dark Elixir profit.

What Leagues to Farm In:

  • Town Hall 7 – Farm in Silver Leagues
  • Town Hall 8 – Farm anywhere from Silver to Gold Leagues
  • Town Hall 9 – Farm anywhere from Silver to Crystal Leagues
  • Town Hall 10 – Farm anywhere from Silver to Master Leagues
  • Town Hall 11 – Masters 3 and higher
  • Do not concern yourself with maintaining trophies. The fastest way to make loot is by just forgetting that trophy leagues exists. As long as you don’t fall to Bronze League, you will always find good loot. If you’re not finding good loot, then that just means it’s a bad time to farm or you’re just unlucky or you need to be patient and search more rather than impatiently attacking a low offer base.

How much resource should I target?

  • You must target at least 300,000 total resource.
  • At least 300,000 total resource must be attainable. If you believe that you may only be able to get around half that, then skip it and keep nexting.
  • Don’t give up on nexting. And don’t go back to your base, as your Barracks are training troops while you are nexting. If you go back to your base, then you will reset all the troops your Barracks trained, slowing your efficiency!

How do I attack?

  • Watch my video for examples on how you should attack.
  • GiBAM is a multipurpose army composition, and so it is the BEST army composition to farm with in the game. Why is GiBAM the best army to farm with?
  1. One of the fastest-to-train army.
  2. Unlike Barch or BAM, GiBAM has the capability of effectively attacking the inside of a base to get the storages. While Barch or BAM will die too quickly from splash.
  3. Barch or BAM are mostly just good for attacking outside collectors, and if you only focus on that, then you will be spending a lot of time searching (and gold). While with GiBAM, you can attack both these collector bases and storages inside bases so you will search less and find a base to attack quicker, and so you will make so much more in the long run.

Conserve Troops

  • Sure troops cost Elixir to make, but what’s really important is that they cost TIME.
  • Don’t waste all your troops. Only use as much as needed to get all the resource. This way you’ll save time because it takes time to train troops, even if they are just Barbarians and Archers.

When to Next:

  • Always make sure to fill up your barracks up before deciding to next.
  • Start pressing that Next button when your Army Camp is about 75% full. And search for any dead bases you can steal quick loot for with your 75% army. If you’re boosting all your barracks, then you can wait for a full army just because it won’t take long to have a full army with this method and all barracks boosted.
  • If you do not find any dead bases after a few nexts, then go back to your base to find that you’ve now have a full Army Camp. Then go back to nexting, but this time do NOT go back to your base until you find a base and raid it, because your Barracks are training your troops while you’re nexting. You can read more about that in this guide.

Your Goal: Maximize Loot Efficiency

Loot Efficiency = Resource/Time = (Gold + Elixir + DE + Loot Bonus)/(Training Time + Search Time + Raid Time)

Your goal is to maximize loot efficiency. Some factors are uncontrollable, like the time it takes to find your target resource. However, some factors controllable, such as training time for a full army. You should minimize training time as much as possible to maximize loot efficiency.

I hope this guide could help you somehow. Please share it with your friends If you like it. You rock!