Air Sweeper Strategies

After the new Clash of Clans update, we all need to get acquainted with the Air Sweeper but It is not that easy… But don’t worry, this detailed Air Sweeper guide from akiyume will help you know and find the best ways to use it!

After reading this guide, you can see that the protection value of the Air Sweeper is overestimated these days. Truly, it is not really good at real time protection, it just can protects one-third of its radius at a time and You can learn how to focus on that one-third of the Air Sweeper radius later in this guide. In addition, It need 5 seconds to start the next wave and it’s just 3.5 second to reach the outermost range of Air Sweeper…


The purpose of the Air Sweeper in Clash of Clans is not really to protect but it is perfect at deterring and stalling the time of the attacker. The Air Sweeper doesn’t need to protect the remaining 2/3 because you can make it be better (2 Wizard Towers for example). The best defensive strategy with it is that it needs to feint protection on the 1/3 side but truly it is watching the remaining 2/3, the attacker will attack the 2/3 side and activate the trap.

Three Uses of the Air Sweeper

As we all know, the main purpose of the Air Sweeper is pushing the enemies away to protect the covered buildings but by using that air wave, we can protect our base with 3 different ways:

To deter the enemy

In the example screenshot below, If the Air Defense didn’t exist, all those territories would be equal. In fact, the Air Sweeper covers a certain territory. As the attacker, you can see that the owner of this village want you to stay away from a certain place by observing where the Air Sweeper is pointing at, you know how it will ruin your raid.


The intention of setting up the Air Sweeper is proving a barrier to warning the enemies and controlling the attacker’s movement, you can predict where the attacker will start from and have some advantages…

To protect your friend

The Air Sweeper is made to protect and cover other buildings, and give them more time to protect themselves. For example, in the screenshot below, the AS can protect the Queen from Lava pups.


The intention of this use is using the AS as a shield for certain buildings…

To stall the enemy

Sometimes, If the enemy decide to attack from the front, the AS can mess up the timing of those troops and incorporate other two uses to a degree… Lavaloon combos always hate this one:


How to use the Air Sweeper Effectively?

Because the air wave has 5 tiles wide so the AS just can control 1/3 of its radius. Because it can only lock on one target so the remaining 2/3 can’t be protected simultaneously and there are still a lot of players doesn’t know about it and still think that the Air Sweeper can protect 1/4 the base.

All we need to do is controlling the remaining 2/3 and predict the first step of the attacker by using those 3 different uses of the Air Sweeper!The Air Sweeper has 3 elements:

    1/3 protected area.2/3 unprotected are.The back side.

The center is the worst


In the screenshot below, I am trying to protect my Air Defense with the Air Sweeper but the attacker still can come from the left and right side of the AS. Two Wizard Towers will be removed out quickly because everything is distracted by the Lava…

Don’t protect 2 Air Defenses with the Air Sweeper

Protecting 2 Air Defenses at a time with the AS is worse than protecting just only one. Two ADs can also cover a half of your base.


In terms 1/3 protected area, the Air Sweeper can stall the enemy rather than deter them. While the AS is locking on the Lava Hound and push it away, Balloons can still carry on as normal.

Air Sweeper should protect 1/3 on one side

This is the most effective way to use the AS in Clash of Clans. Just give the enemy this section but still control the 2/3 and the back side. By doing this, you can enforce the strict separation between Lava Hounds and redirect the Balloons to the 2/3 area. Pace an anti-loon system on the 2/3 side and they will be done!


Protect both front and back

By following the idea of the screenshot below (from Edpgolfer), we can protect the front side fully and bait the attack to attack from behind. You can lose the Air Sweeper but you will force the enemy to decide between straight push or come from behind. If the attacker does a straight push, you will win the defense. If the attacker comes from the back, don’t worry, there is a trap there to absorb the raid from behind…


If you have any suggestions for this guide, please comment and help us improve it :D.

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