Barbarian King Guide

The Barbarian King is the most handsome man in Clash of Clans and he is the leader of all Barbarian junior. Why is he so huge? He love drinking Dark Elixir! You can bring him to every raid and use him as a guard for your village.

Clash of Clans Barbarian King

Barbarian King Summary

  • Basically Barbarian King is a larger and more powerful Barbarian. You can buy him at TH7 with 10,000 :de:.
  • He doesn’t have house, he lives on a Altar and usually walk around for protecting your village.
  • He is undying, he is just summoned once and never dies.
  • If he is injured (HP goes to 0) in the battle, just let him sleep and his HP will be regenerated automatically after a period of time. The amount of time you need to wait to use him again is based on his lost HP in the battle. Once hit HP is full, you can use him again.
  • If you just can see the Altar in a village without the King, its mean the enemy Barbarian King is sleeping or being upgraded.
  • The higher his level is, the more time you need to wait while he is regenerating.
  • You can boost your King for 2 hours with 10 Gems just like the Barracks and Spell Factory.
  • He doesn’t protect the whole base but a certain are around his Altar.
  • You can unlock the Iron Fist Ability of Barbarian King once he hits level 5. After every 5-level, this ability will be upgraded to the next level.
  • Once you active the his ability – the Iron Fist in the battle, he will be recovered a certain amount of HP and he will summon a certain number of Barbarians and increase speed and damage for all Barbarians around him (purple ring), just like the Rage Spell. This ability doesn’t stack with the Rage Spell.
  • The Iron Fist Ability lasts for 10 seconds at all level.
  • The Iron Fist Ability just can be used once every battle.
  • Till now, the highest level of Barbarian King is 40.

Barbarian King Defferences

Barbarian King’s Statistics

Attack TypeMovement SpeedAttack SpeedAttack
Search Radius
Ground161.2s1 tile9 tiles
LevelDPSDPS in AbilityHPRegen Time from 0 HPTraining CostTraining TimeTH level
4127N/A183036m175001d 12h7
6132188192340m225002d 12h8
8137193202044m300003d 12h8
10143244212348m400004d 12h8
12149250223052m500005d 12h9
14155256234356m600006d 12h9
1716431125231h 2m750007d9
1816831525861h 4m800007d9
1917131826511h 6m850007d9
2017436927171h 8m900007d9
2117837327851h 10m950007d9
2218137628551h 12m1000007d9
2318538029261h 14m1050007d9
2418938429991h 16m1100007d9
2519343830741h 18m1150007d9
2619644131511h 20m1200007d9
2720044532301h 22m1250007d9
2820444933111h 24m1300007d9
2920845333941h 26m1350007d9
3021351134781h 28m1400007d9
3121751535651h 30m1450007d10
3222151936551h 32m1500007d10
3322652437461h 34m1550007d10
3423052838401h 36m1600007d10
3523558939361h 38m1650007d10
3623959340341h 40m1700007d10
3724459841351h 42m1750007d10
3824960342381h 44m1800007d10
3925460843441h 46m1850007d10
4025967344531h 48m1900007d10

The Iron Fist Ability

Ability LevelDamage IncreaseHealth RecoverySpeed IncreaseSummoned BarbariansAvailable Time

Barbarian King Modes

Barbarian King Strategies

Offensive strategies

  • You can active the Iron Fist Ability right before ending the battle so he will return in your village with full HP, you don’t need or can minimize the regenerate¬† waiting time.
  • Don’t use the ability too fast, wait until the lost HP is more than the recoverable HP so you will not wait a single drop of HP. But you don’t always need to do that, once you hit the core and there are plenty of Barbarians nearby, just active the Iron Fist so your troops can work faster.
  • Come with him, Barbarians will be much fearful because of the Ability.
  • If you use air attacks, use him for clearing the outside building. Deploy him wisely in order to not be attacked by any defensive buildings.

Barbarian King and the Iron Fist Ability

Defensive strategies

  • If you place your Barbarian King outside the base, you shouldn’t let him guard the base because he won’t do too much, the enemies can take him out easily. Just let him sleep.
  • If you place him inside the base and near other defensive buildings, he can lure the enemy troops into your base and ruins the attack. There are plenty of base layouts use him as a trap.
  • You can kill him with just a Minion. He can’t attack air unit.
  • He can’t not be lured to the edge like Clan Castle troops. He will come back to the Altar of the enemy troops go too far.

I hope this small guide about Barbarian King can give you all important information about our handsome Hero for increasing the effective of not only your raids but also your defenses.

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