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Choosing the Best League and Farming Composition


In game, choosing the best league and the right army composition for farming are two important things which determine how well you can farm. In this guide, Ash (Eternal625) will show you how to do that the right way!

We often see players using powerful attack strategies such as Balloonion or Mass Hog Rider for farming because it is very easy to break into the core by using  them, BUT they take a very long time to train and you just have a small amount of profit after each raid. In contrast, you sometimes see a lot of other players farming pretty well with the same Balloonion in the same league. Why? Because they boost their Barracks. If you don’t have Gems or time for boosting your Barracks, you shouldn’t go with expensive army compositions.

The way for farming fast and efficiently is not the same for all players. Each Town Hall level has its own farming leagues and the best farming strategies.

Best Leagues and Arm y Strategies for Farming

There are a lot of ways to find the best leagues and farming strategies for you and they depend on how you play Clash of Clans:

  • Do you boost your Barracks frequently?
  • Are you using and boosting your Archer Queen?
  • Are you a hardcore farmer, or a casual farmer?
  • What resource are you looking for?

After answering these questions, just take a look at the spreadsheets below and you can find the best places as well as strategies for farming.

These spreadsheets are for all types of players and Town Hall levels in Clash of Clans.

Here are some attack strategy abbreviations in this page:

We will discuss about 3 types of players:

  1. Low = Play under 2 hours a day, casual farmer
  2. High = Play over 2 hours day, hardcore farmer
  3. Sporadic = Play on an off, waiting on full army while logging off after every raid

Okay, here we go!

Best farming ranges and farming strategies in Clash of Clans

Click on the images for bigger size.

Town Hall 2-6

Farming League and Army for Town Hall 2 to 6

Town Hall 7

Farming League and Army for Town Hall 7

Town Hall 8

Farming League and Army for Town Hall 8

Town Hall 9

Farming League and Army for Town Hall 9

Town Hall 10

Farming League and Army for Town Hall 10

For having an effective farming strategy, you should follow not only all those detailed spreadsheets above but also this guide about best time for farming. If you are new player, I think you should also read this guide to learn how to deploy your troops properly.

Thanks Pratyush Yadav for helping me improve the quality of this guide.

Don’t forget to visit cocland everyday for new Clash of Clans tips and tricks. Clash on!

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