Dark Elixir Farming Guide – Town Hall 11 Update

Hey guys it’s Ash! Many of you guys may know me from my Level 40 Heroes Journey and Ultimate DE Farming Guide. And with the new update and changes, many of guys have been asking me for a strategy to get Dark Elixir easier as I know many of you guys have been struggling to find Collectors and inactive bases. So this is going to be a short guide showing you guys one of the best and fastest methods of farming Dark Elixir.

Dark Elixir Farming Guid

Before I get into explaining the whole method, I also highly recommend that you guys watch my YouTube videos on this. In which I farm 100,000 Dark Elixir in 5 hours and record and commentate every raid live. These videos span for a total of 7 episodes, going through all my attacks. I began making an YouTube account and videos after my Ultimate DE Farming Guide due to the interests of the forum community here and I have continued to upload more great strategy-based content on my channel as a hobby.
The attacking part of this guide is also the most important part, and I go in depth explaining the many ways of attacking many different bases. So I really recommend watching them for anyone eager to master this strategy.

Army Composition

giantBarbarianArcherWall Breakerhealing spellrage spelljump spellpoison spell

The ideal method of farming with strategy requires that you have the Archer Queen for farming as she is the best troop for farming Dark Elixir with her long range.

With the Archer Queen, you should train:

  • 16 Giants and 8 Wall Breakers (Cook them evenly through your Barracks. If you’re boosting 2 Barracks, then cook 4 Wall Breakers and 8 Giants evenly on the boosted Barracks).
  • Fill one Barrack with all Barbarians and fill 3 Barracks with all Archers
  • Spells = 2 Rage, 1 Jump, 1 Heal (sync in this order). Be sure to carry Poison Spell for safety.

If you’re farming without the Archer Queen:

Then you’ll experience a drop in DE production per hour. This is obvious as you are lacking the best weapon for farming Dark Elixir. However, if you’re not farming with the Archer Queen, then you should not use any Giants. The main purpose Giants is to shield the Archer Queen (not just Archers), but Giants should not be used in conjunction with Archers if you lack the Archer Queen. Why? Because Giants are unable to shield Archers from splash damage, especially Mortars. Not only that, Giants eat up a lot of your housing space. So if you’re farming without the Archer Queen, then instead of Giants, use more Barbarians or Archers. Or what I like to do is integrate about 16 Minions as they provide more versatility and efficiency (quicker full army) in your attack. Use Minions last, as a last resort option, which means you won’t always need to use them if you can get the DE without them (saving DE as Minions do cost DE to train).

FAQs about this strategy

Who is this guide for?

This guide is for Town Hall 9, 10, and 11 players. However, the methods and strategies of attacking can also be used by Town Hall 7 and 8 players.

How much Dark Elixir can I farm using this strategy?

  • With boost (boosting barracks and spell factory), you can farm well over 20,000 DE per hour if you’ve mastered this method.
  • Without boost, you can make around 10,000 to 15,000 DE per hour (if you’ve mastered this method).

What bases can I attack using this strategy?

With the Archer Queen, Giants, Wall Breakers, Barbarians, Archers, Rage Spell, Jump Spell, and Heal Spell, you are able to steal Dark Elixir from any TH9 base and below. Regardless of whether that base is a maxed TH9 base. If you master this strategy, then you can steal DE from any TH9 base (and I go through a lot of these bases in my videos).

What should be my target?

  • With the Archer Queen, you should aim for at least 2,000 Dark Elixir per raid.
  • Without the Archer Queen, you should aim for at least 1,000 Dark Elixir per raid. Aim for easier bases with weaker Mortars and Wizard Towers and a decentralized Dark Elixir Storage.

What Trophy League should I farm in?

There is no “best league”. League does not matter. Anywhere from Silver to Master is a good league to farm in. What matters is:

  • You should not be afraid to lose trophies. Your main goal is the Dark Elixir, not trophies. You will farm for DE a lot quicker if you focus more on attacking the DE Storage than obtaining a small loot bonus.
  • The matchmaking system pairs you up with other Town Halls of your level or close to your level. However, the easiest bases to raid storages are in Gold and Silver Leagues (at a small cost of no DE loot bonus).

Maximize your intake

An advantage of farming in Silver or Gold League is the “no concern for trophies” principle. In which you can freely snipe outside loaded Dark Elixir Drills for quick DE without concerning yourself with maintaining trophies to remain at a high trophy league for loot bonus.
An advantage of farming in Silver or Gold League for players who do not boost is that you can go “scrap hunting” for Dark Elixir by searching while waiting for a full army. Search and snipe any easy to get Dark Elixir drills outside bases with as few troops needed.

Tips on Attacking

  • The best way to learn how to attack with this strategy is by watching me attack live in my videos. So I recommend watching them if you wish to master this technique.
  • I usually start by locating and triggering the Clan Castle as that can be one of your biggest threats.
  • I then decide on the direction of my attack, which is usually the easiest path towards the Dark Elixir Storage and Town Hall.
  • I check the path that my Giants will roam (like connecting the dots of defenses leading them close to the DE Storage). For full protection of your Archer Queen and Archers, you must keep your Giants in front of your Archer Queen and Archers at all times.
  • I then create a straight path to the Dark Elixir Storage with some Barbarians and Archers by creating space, creating a funnel.
  • When deploying, always spread your troops so splash defenses and bombs do less damage or kill less troops.
  • Always check and test for bombs outside the base and always be wear of empty 2×2 spaces inside base that may occupy Giant Bombs. Giant Bombs are the biggest threat to Barbarians and Archers. While Mortars and Wizard Towers are the 2nd biggest threat, but can sometimes be subsided by Heal Spell.
  • Speed and precision and timing of your deployment is important, so always use multiple fingers when deploying Barbarians and Archers.
  • Always try to keep the Archer Queen at at least 80% health so you can use her every raid.
  • Conserve troops if you don’t need to use all your troops to get the DE. But be safe, don’t use too little troops or you risk not getting the DE. As your attack is strongest when you have a large army of troops deployed.
  • Be confident. If you’re not confident about attacking a tough-looking base, then skip it rather than risking the loss.
  • Practice makes perfect. Keep practicing and keep practicing. The best way to improve is by failing. The best way to learn is also by failing. When I first started learning how to break down bases, I would target challenging bases, knowing that I might fail. I attacked these tough bases so that I could learn from them and learn from my mistakes. I would get a good understanding of my potential, what bases I can and can’t attack, as well and learn from my mistakes. Whenever I fail, I would always go back to watch my replay over and over again to find out why I failed and try not to make that same mistake again the next time I attack a similar base.

Clash on!

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