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Farming Dark Elixir in Master with Barch


Master league is the sweetest place for farming Dark Elixir because of its sweet loot bonus and it is not really hard to reach the Master leagues within couples of days. You can get 560 Dark Elixir Dark Elixir for every win match at Master III, it is 740 Dark Elixir Dark Elixir at Master II and 920 Dark Elixir at Master I.

There are plenty of attack strategies you can use for farming at Master but If you are looking for an effective and efficient strategy, I’d like to recommend using Barch. If you just focus on the win bonus, it is not hard to clutch a 50% win with Barch and Lightning Spells.

Farming in Master with Barch

Sweet bonus at Master leagues:

LeagueTrophy range:gold: Maximum Bonus:elixir: Maximum Bonus:de: Maximum Bonus
Master III2,600 – 2,799110,000110,000560
Master II2,800 – 2,999135,000135,000740
Master I3,000 – 3,199160,000160,000920

Barch Army Composition

Set 3 Barracks for training only :archer: and 1 Barrack for training only :barbarian:. You can bring some :minion: Minions as well (optional) for removing unprotected buildings at the end of the raid.

With Spells, 3xlightning spell + 1xrage spell +1xpoison spell is a good pack for you. If you are at Town Hall 8, just bring lightning spell and poison spell!

Because you can earn up to 230 Gems every month, boosting your Barracks, Heroes and Spell Factory is always worth it. If you don’t boost your Barracks, you have to wait dozens of minutes to be ready for the next raid. Always boost If you have about 1 free hour to play.

How to attack with Barch

Try to find a base with a large number of buildings outside for an easy 50% win and use your Lightning Spells when you are in need of getting some last percents. It is not really hard to destroy couples of buildings with 2-3 Lightning Spells. You can see how actually lightnings work at this guide for more details. Only use :king: and :queen: If you can’t get 50%.

The table below shows you how many buildings you need to destroy to have a 50% win. After couples of days farming with Barch, you will know If you can win or not immediately by observing the number of buildings.

TH LevelTotal buildingsNumber of Buildings For 50%Defensive buildingsOther buildings + 5 builder huts
866312437 (42)
976383140 (45)
1084423843 (48)
1190454144 (49)

With level 7 Barch, you can farm easily at Master II (2700 – 2850 trophies) or even at Master I. With level 6 Barch, I think the best place for farming is at Master III. Make sure you are above 2540 trophies before closing Clash of Clans to prevent your village from being dropped to Crystal I.

Some examples for you to attack and avoid with Barch

Base layouts you should avoid

If a base has walls surrounding and protecting the Wizard Towers and Heroes inside like this one, just press Next button. You can’t get 50% from this base layout style by using Barch.

Don't attack this type of base with Barch

The village below is a rushed base with weak defensive buildings and seems like very easy to get 50% from it with Barch. No, this base is quite harder than it looks. You can see at the left side, the Barbarian King and Wizard Tower are protected by walls and other defensive buildings and almost buildings are inside the walls. It is not that easy to get 50%, better Next!

Don't attack this type of base with Barch too

Base layouts you can attack

This is one of my favorite base layouts to attack because there are a lot of non-defensive buildings outside and protected by not many defenses, Heroes are inside and Wizard Towers can’t protect outside buildings. Easy 50% win!

Easy 50% win with Barch

You can also have an easy win when attack the base below. All Wizard Towers are inside and Heroes are inactive, I can quickly count the buildings outside and I know that Barch loves this.

Another easy base with barch

Other tips:

  • The more Next buttons you hit, the weaker bases you can face.
  • Visit the Base Layout Section and choose the best one for your base.
  • High level Wizard Towers and Mortars are the nightmares of all Barchers. Try to avoid them If they are protecting the outside buildings or you will lose your army within seconds.
  • Sometimes you can face villages with 4 Mortars placed close together. Just drop 3 Lightning Spells there to remove them all.

Do you want to share any other ideas and suggestions about doing Barch for other players here?

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