Grand Warden On Defense In-depth Explanation

Like the King and the Queen, our Grand Warden can be set to defense our base but the way he works is totally different. Let’s take a look! I’m going to give you guys some in depth explanation as well as speculative features of this new defense.

He has 2 modes on defense: Ground or Air

We don’t know for certain yet, but it’s possible that if you set him to Ground mode, he will avoid targeting air troops. And if you set him to Air mode, he may avoid targeting ground troops.

Life Aura on Defense

He provides the same Life Aura ability on defense as well and gives a shield coverage that reduces damage by about 33% onto your Barbarian King, Archer Queen, Skeleton Traps and Clan Castle troops on defense. Your defensive troops must be within the 10 tile radius of the Life Aura to obtain this increase in shield coverage.

He transforms into a point defense tower

When the attacker drops a troop, the Grand Warden on defense turns into a petrified statue. Thus, he remains stagnant with his Life Aura ability intact. However, if he is destroyed, then the Life Aura also wears off

While in the form of a statue, he has a 7 tile attack range. At level 20, he does 110 DPS. His form of attack is point, not splash. A point defense targets 1 troop at a time. To get a good understand of how he will benefit you on defense, think of him like a Hidden Tesla. A Hidden Tesla also has a 7 tile attack range. A level 8 Hidden Tesla does 99 DPS, so you can think of a level 20 Grand Warden on defense as a level 9 Hidden Tesla.

Grand Warden On Defense

The Grand Warden on defense is a defensive building

Unlike the other Heroes on defense, the Grand Warden acts as a defensive structure, which means that troops such as Golems, Giants, Hog Riders, and Balloons will all target the Grand Warden on defense.

Now let’s talk about some defensive strategy with the Grand Warden

  • The best use of his defensive capabilities is to have both your Barbarian King and Archer Queen as close as possible to his 10 tile radius of his Life Aura.
  • Don’t forget, he also provides a shield coverage to your Clan Castle troops. So it’s vital that your Clan Castle remain unlurable. Otherwise, a smart attacker will do his best to trigger your Clan Castle and pull your troops out of the range of the Life Aura.
  • Since the Life Aura provides a percentage boost on defense, the best troops that can take advantage of it are troops with high HP.
  • However, the Life Aura doesn’t increase the HP of any troop. It just gives them more shield, meaning they incur less damage. This is important to understand because even under the Life Aura, Balloons will still be taken out pretty easily with level 4 Poison Spell, as the Life Aura will do nothing to deter or reduce the damage of the Poison Spell.
  • Thus, the best Clan Castle troop to take advantage of the Life Aura would still be a Lava Hound on defense. A Dragon and Golem on defense also won’t be too bad while they’re shielded by the Life Aura.

That will be all for now, but I will have more videos talking about more strategic uses of the Grand Warden on both attack and defense. As well as more in depth explanations of sneak peeks. So don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t and I’ll see you guys again soon. Later!

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